Aquarius Rat

Live, direct Aquarius-Rats are fascinated from the first minutes of dating. Have a rich imagination, constantly gushing with ideas, in every possible way try to diversify life. They are not bored with them, their fantasies and inventions have no end. The eccentricity of Aquarius, combined with the caution of the Rat, determines a rather peculiar character. These cheerful people sometimes show impatience and obstinacy. They are able to bring to tears their quibbles and discontent. They differ in freedom-loving character, behave extremely independently. They are gifted people, they have high creative potential. Rat-Aquarius are special people living in a world of dreams and fantasies, they are attracted by the world of art.

Aquarius Rat Traits

Aquarius-Rat is absolutely devoid of mercantile spirit, ready to sacrifice own interests for the sake of close people. This is a tremendous friend, his devotion can not be doubted. It has a cheerful character, a passion for adventure, and often finds itself in dubious stories. At the same time it may well fall into depression because of problems at work or in private life. He does not like to share his feelings and doubts, often even the closest people do not know him well. Aquarius-Rat is full of contradictions, impulsive and unstable in its preferences. Fortunately, the period of suffering does not last too long, he knows how to endure trouble. Still, this is a great optimist and clever.

Aquarius-Rat even in the most difficult moments of life do not lose the presence of the spirit. Full of energy, enthusiastically take up every opportunity to realize their secret desires. Rat-Aquarius is extremely hardworking, literally live in the workplace, if you are very keen on your business. True, the tendency to change does not allow them to sit in one place. Instantly addicted to new ideas and with all the ardor of their rebellious soul immediately undertake to implement it. Especially, the Aquarius-Rat work not for the sake of money, but simply go for their dreams. Absolutely indifferent to material goods, for them the greatest value in the world is human relations. Too fond of life, to spend it on empty chores.

People around surprise the antics of Aquarius-Rat, because he behaves like a big child. He likes to fantasize about a variety of topics, not only thinks up, but also talently tells fascinating stories. There are always a lot of children around this amazing person. From the Aquarius-Rat could get a good teacher, but he often lacks patience and endurance. Too independent and inconstant character does not allow him to concentrate on one thing. Does not feel the need to give advice, read moral teachings. He likes the free way of life, does not like to commit himself. Even surrounded by a lot of people is left alone and misunderstood. In fact, he has few true friends.

Aquarius Rat Compatibility (Love & Family)

Vigorous Rat-Aquarius are easy to climb, always ready for new adventures. Fall in love, lose sleep, peace and appetite, stop thinking about anything other than their feelings. In their head, a bunch of ideas are rife, how to entertain your soul mate. Able to come up with a whole theatrical performance to win the heart of a loved one. They are very creative people, the relationship with them is like a fairy tale. In the period of courtship, Aquarius-Rat is an ideal romantic hero.

In a marriage, this creatively gifted person can lose his positive attitude a little. After all, it was created for a vibrant life filled with various events. Of course, he loves children, loves to play with them, but that does not mean that he likes to take care of the kids. Aquarius-Rat agrees to the role of mass-entertainer, and the fulfillment of boring duties tires him. He strives for diversity, is quite capable of making a novel on the side, and he will not be ashamed.

Aquarius Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Nature has endowed these people with a tremendous literary talent, they are simply created for literary work. High intellect, rich imagination, developed imagination — the dignity of Aquarius-Rat. A day in his head sweep hundreds of stories, and he knows how to translate them into reality. After all, he is able to work hard for his own sake. From people of this combination of signs can turn out good writers, actors, artists. Any creative work is suitable for them.

Without a doubt, Aquarius-Rat are mysterious people. So absorbed in their ideas that they do not pay any attention to what is happening around. They can not think of anything except their work. They are real fans of their business. If only the desire for change does not force them to quit their work halfway. But they will quickly find a new, no less important matter, which they will immediately want to devote their whole life to. Of course, they will cope with any work, but it is better for them to refrain from leading positions.

Aquarius Rat Man

Aquarius-Rat is a man who keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries. It is characterized by cheerfulness, a positive attitude, but it can easily fall into depression. Strives to take place in the profession, has all the necessary qualities for this: hard work, mind persistence. At the same time he is not confident in himself, fear prevents him from acting swiftly and decisively. The most faithful and loyal friend of all representatives of the sign of the Rat, for the sake of close people is ready for any sacrifice. But in a love relationship she shows lightheadedness, she can not find an ideal woman in all respects for a long time. The chosen one should take the initiative in her hands, otherwise the date of the marriage union will be postponed indefinitely.

Aquarius Rat Woman

Windy coquette, purposeful careerist - this is the woman of Aquarius-Rat. She has a talent for successfully combining work and personal life. Does not tolerate boredom and monotony, travels a lot, often breaks into unplanned trips. At the same time she manages to carry out her official duties, quite successfully manages her own business. In a romantic relationship, she seeks ease, does not hurry to bind himself by marriage. Fans will have to show considerable imagination to attract the attention of the original person. The elect must correspond to her ideas of life. Too serious man, controlling all actions and actions, calling for order, can drive her depressed.

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