Cancer Rat

Sensitive Cancer-Rats like to indulge in dreams. Try to avoid noisy gatherings, prefer a narrow circle of communication. Although this feature is known only to close friends, from the outside they seem to be sociable people. Beautiful storytellers with a sense of humor, quickly gain the attention of others. They have a sharp mind and observation, subtly notice details, are well versed in people. Strongly developed intuition helps them make the right choice. Therefore, for the Rats-Cancer can not be worried: they are waiting for a happy fate. Perfectly do with what they have, they do not build unrealistic plans. Despite their dreaminess, they are sober-minded people, standing firmly on their feet.

Cancer Rat Traits

According to the Cancer-Rat horoscope - this is balanced person, completely immersed in his thoughts. Slightly closed, although quickly adapting to the new conditions, gets along well with people. He prefers a quiet home environment, when you can safely rest from the bustle. Does not differ in his talkativeness, he feels disgust with respect to the gossips. He can be trusted with any secret, this is a responsible and honest man, not capable of lying and betraying. The combination of Cancer’s vulnerability and Rat’s activity makes it unnecessarily sensitive to other people’s problems. Sometimes his desire to help is perceived by others as intrusive care. Disappointment makes Cancer-Rat an even more cautious and withdrawn person.

In the lives of these people, the family occupies the most important place. Rat Crabs are deeply committed to their loved ones, caring and attentive to their needs. Cautious and prudent, try to penetrate into the smallest details, double-check all the facts and only then draw conclusions. Therefore, people around them consider them to be excellent advisors, to whom one can turn for help in any situation. These clever, hardworking people try to achieve success in any business. Usually the Rat-Cancer is a fairly well-off person, not inclined to excess spending. He can always help his relatives not just with advice, but with money. The truth is capricious, irritable, can behave unrestrained. At such times he needs care and attention.

Natural caution and strong intuition help Rat-Cancer make the right decisions. This man is extremely lucky in business, and he does not have to work hard and perform labor feats. He can calculate the consequences, come up with new unusual solutions. However, if you put it before the choice: a house or hard work, most likely, prefer a quiet lifestyle. Carefully protects personal space, adores his home, looking for shelter in him from all troubles and troubles. Even the opportunity to get incredible profits will not force Cancer-Rat to leave his native walls for a long time. This smart enough and resourceful person will try to find a more sparing way to get rich.

Cancer Rat Compatibility (Love & Family)

Perhaps it is difficult to find a person more devoted to his family than the Rat-Rat. She strives for a serious relationship, dreams of a strong marriage. Needs care, can not feel completely happy, if there is not a loved one nearby. Ready for your second half for any sacrifice. He will not trust the first person he meets: carefully chooses a partner, seeks a person close to him in spirit. He is not attracted by frivolous and unessential people.

Cancer-Rat does not like to change his life dramatically, so do not expect from him especially original courtship. But this is a very gentle, sympathetic partner, ready to care endlessly for a loved one. He will try to do his best so that his family will not need anything. He devotes much time to children, likes to tell them various instructive stories. Rat-Cancer is not a strict parent, rarely punishes and scolds children. Relations with the offspring he builds on respect and trust.

Cancer Rat Business (Career & Goals)

These hardworking, responsible people are not afraid of work, they can be entrusted with business of any complexity. They are clever, resourceful, find easy ways to solve the task. Do not tolerate criticism, too close to the heart accept the most innocent remarks. Therefore, they prefer to work alone or in a small team. From the Rat-Cancer, good leaders are obtained, moderately demanding and responsive. Always with great attention to their employees.

These people have a strong intuition, they are able to calculate the actions of their partners. They can take place in the financial sphere or organize their own business. However, Rat-Cancer need approval. It is important for these people to feel their own importance, they crave universal admiration. For Cancer-Rats, respect for relatives, recognition of colleagues is the best reward, and not money. Close people should support them, endlessly praise and inspire new achievements.

Cancer Rat Man

The Cancer-Rat man has a reputation for being an extremely decent person. Has a set of positive qualities: the mind, insight, diligence, modesty. He has the gift to foresee events, so he does not take rash decisions. Thanks to dedication and perseverance reaches unprecedented heights in the chosen profession. Only close people know how difficult it is to succeed: A Cancer-Rat man is prone to fears and doubts. Too sensitive nature needs family support. Very attached to the house, will be happy in alliance with a calm woman, devoid of leadership ambitions. Trembling with children, giving their upbringing the most careful attention.

Cancer Rat Woman

The dreamy Cancer-Rat woman is not very interested in real life, she is attracted by the magical world of fantasy. Likes to be in the company of fans, loves to receive compliments and gifts. But her thoughts and feelings open only to close people, for the rest she is a sweet chatter. Excessive activity of the Rat is mitigated by the cautiousness and slowness of Cancer, so the woman is able to find a reasonable balance in any issues. It works just enough to have the money necessary for life. To choose a partner is very serious, thanks to innate intuition rarely makes mistakes in people. Strives to create a strong family, touchingly cares for her husband and children.

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