Capricorn Rat

Vain Capricorns-Rats worry about their own reputation, try not to give reasons for gossip and rumors. They are holding with great dignity, they strive to make a favorable impression. Cold restraint Capricorn perfectly balances the impulsivity of the Rat. These people think quite soberly and practical. They carefully control their emotions, closely observe the behavior of people around them. Rat Capricorns are well-educated, intellectually shod, they are not ashamed to appear in any society. True to many people their behavior seems strange, especially the obsession to make the world perfect. Few can appreciate their desire for excellence.

Capricorn Rat Traits

They are very reliable people, but they are too serious and predictable. Rat Capricorns do not like to waste their energy in vain, any of their actions have a specific goal. It is impossible to see these people idly staggering during working hours, their day is planned to the smallest detail. With equal zeal try to accustom to the discipline of all around. And they do not take offense at criticism and remarks, they can smooth out sharp corners. They communicate smoothly, have a great sense of humor. Capricorn-Rat — a unique personality, always follows its principles, but acts gently and cautiously. He does not have ill-wishers and enemies, he enjoys universal respect. Although he does not curry favor with people, he does not try to buy their love.

Capricorn-Rat — a fair man, organically does not tolerate lies and deception. Up to the last one stands for truth, even to the detriment of one’s interests. In his environment, not so many true friends, much more just friends. He will not trust the first person he meets, he is too cautious and clever for ill-considered actions. But having made sure of the reliability of a person, he will become his true friend. Rat-Capricorn differs a rare permanence, the desire for stability and comfort in her blood. Therefore, one should not expect from the person of this combination of signs of enchanting actions. It is better to put up with his pedantry, painful accuracy, because these qualities characterize Capricorn-Rat as a reliable person.

Surrounding the Rat-Capricorn seems a cold man, not able to sympathize and empathize. Although these reproaches are completely unfair, people judge him too superficially. Indeed, Capricorn-Rat is inherent in some inhibition, it is difficult to see him excited, not giving an account of his actions. Always restrained, collected, does not like gambling and heated arguments. At the same time, he is quite an emotional person, who delicately feels the beauty of the surrounding world. Just does not consider it necessary to let outsiders into your inner world. It is easier for him to maintain good relations with all but non-binding ones. After all, communication at arm’s length is the right way to protect yourself from disappointments.

Capricorn Rat Compatibility (Love & Family)

This person is constant in everything, especially in his personal preferences. For him, love relationships are serious work, not a fun adventure. Capricorn-Rat from the very beginning of acquaintance is tuned for marriage. He can not be called an enthusiastic romantic, although a strong passion can deprive the mind, but for a short time. Will not associate his life with an unworthy partner, the first place is not external appeal, and material prosperity and social status.

Capricorn-Rat is an ideal partner for family life. He is a reliable person, he can be completely trusted. He loves his house, prefers to spend all his free time with his family, and not with friends. Quite sensibly manages the overall budget: he is not a miser, but he does not waste money on trifles. He tries not to buy meaningless gifts, and he himself wants to receive practical things. The second half and children should listen to his opinion, otherwise the scandal can not be avoided.

Capricorn Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Ambitious Capricorn-Rat sets himself ambitious goals. Perfectly understands, what talents possesses, is not scattered on trifles, but simply follows the vocation. This is a born leader, it is quite capable of leading a large team. Has a strong intuition, delicately feels the mood of the surrounding people. Perfectly oriented in any situation, it is difficult to confuse. Therefore, Rat-Capricorn is a good organizer and talented leader.

People of this combination of signs can not stand the chaos, therefore in their affairs the perfect order reigns. Do not be late for work, work until late at night. They have a brilliant knowledge of the art of correctly prioritizing. They have a good memory, they plan their behavior strategy in advance. The professions related to the sphere of management and finance are best suited to them. Even if Rat-Capricorns choose a creative path, they will spend most of their time dealing with organizational issues.

Capricorn Rat Man

An energetic Capricorn-Rat man quickly and easily makes decisions. First of all, he is interested in the material situation, the high social status plays an important role. From an early age, he dreams of entering the best educational institution, the ultimate goal is prestigious work. He has the talent to support the necessary acquaintances, tries to gain the patronage of important people. He never makes rash acts, does not risk his reputation. He draws attention to the spectacular beauties, but does not at all seek to pamper them. Passionate and easily addicted Capricorn-Rat man quickly loses interest in women, to keep his attention and to win love is extremely difficult.

Capricorn Rat Woman

The Capricorn-Rat woman deserves the most flattering words in her address. She can solve any problems. At work she is a strict boss, at home - an attentive wife. She has a subtle flair, is well versed in people. Therefore, happily avoids failures and disappointments. Rarely mistakes in their assessments, easily calculates the possible consequences of their actions. Pragmatically approaches the issue of marriage, she prefers to associate life with a reliable and predictable partner. Can experience a passionate attraction to the unworthy, from her point of view, a man, but easily cope with their feelings. In all life issues guided by logic and sober calculation.

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