Gemini Rat

In the life of Gemini-Rats, the most incredible things can happen, because they love adventure so much. They are cheerful optimists, every new day for them bears amazing discoveries. They love vanity and movement, quickly find a common language with a variety of people, adapt easily to new conditions. The most terrible punishment for this person is loneliness and professional lack of demand, when there is nobody to talk to and nothing to do. The physical activity of the Rat in combination with Gemini’s restlessness is determined by his excessive curiosity. Sometimes impulsiveness and ardor stirs him to bring it to the end. In general, the Gemini Rat is an energetic person with an active lifestyle.

Gemini Rat Traits

Enthusiast, adventurer and a great workaholic — all this is the Gemini-Rat. Always breathes life deeply, very willingly takes on the most complex cases. Difficulties do not frighten Gemini-Rat, on the contrary, cause excitement and a desire to test their strength and capabilities. Caution and developed intuition Rats repeatedly help to out in difficult situations. True restlessness of Gemini does not allow to focus on a specific goal. Often takes several cases at once and loses interest in them very quickly. But if the Gemini-Rat really caught fire with some idea, it means that it will finish it. This is a keen man, his inquisitive mind needs constant feeding. Completely does not tolerate boredom and monotony.

You can not suspect these people in frivolity and squandering, because the practicality of the Rat successfully smoothes the carelessness of Gemini. As a result: the ability to make the right decisions. To any question they approach quite sensibly, they try to avoid wasting losses. Even the love of beautiful things can not force them to waste unnecessary. Do not mindlessly spend money to surprise everyone with its consistency. Rather, they will try to attract attention to themselves in some original way. Rats-Gemini — interesting interlocutors, jokers and merry men. There are hundreds of ideas in their heads for a wonderful time. Being with them in one company is a real pleasure.

Thanks to his mind and highly developed intuition, Gemini rats are perfectly guided in life. Even a strong desire for adventure will not make them risk their health and finances. Thin feel the mood of the interlocutor, have the talent to maintain friendly relations with all around. Gemini-Rats can be called good strategists, if you do not take into account their excessive fussiness. Quickly start to get bored without a really worthwhile cause, because the stormy energy requires a way out. They are in constant movement, they work hard, and quite successfully. With no less enthusiasm rest, try to enjoy everything that happens. The liveliness of their nature can not but delight.

Gemini Rat Compatibility (Love & Family)

Charming Gemini-Rat quickly find a common language with the opposite sex. In relationships, they show themselves as tender partners, capable of romantic actions. These are real artists, they can easily play the performance for a single viewer — a loved one. They try to surprise their chosen one. True, do not differ in constancy, so often change partners. Not being able to cope with their feelings, it’s easy to get short-term romances.

The family life of Gemini-Rat is filled with a variety of events, it is possible romances on the side. However, they never lose their presence of spirit. In the event of a family quarrel, they will find an opportunity to settle the conflict. It is impossible to imagine these people, constantly scandalous and clarifying the relationship. Gemini-Rats are wonderful parents who adore their children. With great enthusiasm participate in childish games, indulge all the desires of the kids.

Gemini Rat Business (Career & Goals)

If desired, Gemini-Rat can build a successful career, but only in case of full interest in the matter. As any addicting nature often change their place of work. It is quite possible to take place in the financial sphere, in construction, but they are best suited to creative professions. Need communication, have excellent communication qualities. They get on well with colleagues, they are on good account with the management. Energetic and assertive in achieving their goals.

Gemini-Rats are not distinguished by a painful ambition, although they do not mind sweeping a grandiose project. Peace loving, not capable of betrayal, so they will not seek their own, destroying the lives of others. Even if the conceived could not be carried out, without unnecessary torment they will start a new case. For them, the main thing: the implementation of their own plans, but without prejudice to colleagues. Usually Gemini-Rats are respected for their high professional qualities and friendly character.

Gemini Rat Man

A cheerful Gemini-Rat man knows how to arrange for himself, in his arsenal of jokes and jokes. Always ready for new adventures, seeks to fill life with bright emotions. His activity and energy can be envied, while he has the talent to spend his powers wisely. In the sphere of interests of men, not only entertainment, but also professional activity. Completely laid out at work, he is not interested in the financial component, but the process and the results of labor. Women love to be in the company of a charismatic man. But it can not be considered an impeccable partner, there is a high probability that an insanely enamored girl will unexpectedly find herself a selfish husband.

Gemini Rat Woman

The Gemini woman, born in the year of the Rat, is distinguished by an easy, sociable character. Loves to spend time in cheerful companies, attracts the attention of fans with their unpredictable behavior. But serious men are frightened by her frivolity, the desire for constant change. Most often she chooses work related to creativity. Colleagues do not consider her a responsible employee, she easily forgets important meetings and urgent matters. The Gemini-Rat woman does not have a love for home affairs, her apartment almost always has a mess. Ready to offer to a beloved man her rich inner world, but not tasty food and ironed clothes.

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