Leo Rat

This proud and ambitious man with all his might tries to prove his own superiority. The main life values of the Leo-Rat: power and glory. Has all the data to achieve your dreams: mind, beauty, charm, charisma. Although sometimes the secretiveness of the Rat forces him to avoid people, to seek peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle. In general, this is a rather contradictory and uncommon person, which can not be driven into a certain framework. Often the Rat-Leo is a famous person, even if not to the public, but to a limited circle of persons. In any case, his appearance does not go unnoticed, communication with him leaves a lot of pleasant impressions. People are reaching out to him, trying to win his love and friendship.

Leo Rat Traits

It’s hard to find the Leo-Rat in a bad mood. Strong character combined with cheerfulness is the best defense against sadness and despondency. This person, full of energy and optimism, is happy to meet every new day. He is not afraid of difficulties and difficulties, he usually works with a great desire. The truth tries to occupy a prestigious post, loves, and most importantly — knows how to lead. Leo-Rat is born for great things, has a whole set of positive qualities: ingenuity, intelligence, purposefulness. Often people consider him a selfish and tough person, because he is so desperate for power. However, it perfectly suits demanding and kind-heartedness. This is a very sensitive and kind person.

The strong will of the Leo-Rat is admirable, he is able to fulfill any of his dreams. He is capable of decisive actions, courage and courage not to occupy him. At the same time, the Rat-Leo is a delicate person, respects someone else’s opinion, at least pretends. It is distinguished by responsiveness and sincere generosity, but the power that is inherent in all Lions is the dominant feature of the character. No matter how good he tried to seem, but the Leo-Rat is a royal person, it’s hard for him to reconcile himself with someone else’s superiority. But he gets along very well with people who are ready to obey him. In the role of a good and powerful patron, he is simply incomparable. Always ready to help not only advice, but also money.

Leo-Rat, like any proud and domineering person, will not tolerate a disdainful attitude towards himself. Does not tolerate ridicule, it is unnecessarily demanding and capricious. He does not like liars and scoundrels, although he is not always honest with respect to people around him. Sober calculating and intuition help him avoid mistakes, and in case of emergency he is quite capable of resorting to cunning and intrigues. She adores luxury things, often pampering herself with expensive purchases. Quite skillfully controls his funds, he is not flung with money to the right and to the left. In it, the generosity of the Leo and the practicality of the Rat get along wonderfully. This person knows how to live on a broad foot, spending not so much money.

Leo Rat Compatibility (Love & Family)

Relations with the opposite sex in people of this combination of signs are well-formed. They are able to make a favorable impression, try to demonstrate their best qualities. Before the charm of the Leo-Rat, it is very difficult to resist, it is almost impossible. Do not skimp on compliments, likes to present expensive gifts. In return, waiting for admiration, each of his steps should be accompanied by a storm of enthusiasm. But any remark is perceived as an insult.

In marriage, Leo-Rat is a devoted, caring but demanding partner. This is a real leader: only he decides how to lead the affairs of the family, and he does not need extra advice. People of this combination of signs, regardless of gender, love comfort: the house should sparkle with purity. In relation to relatives, the Rat-Leo is a generous person, tries to please everyone, but within reasonable requirements. Although it is quite selfish, it is still an important person, demanding an appropriate attitude.

Leo Rat Business (Career & Goals)

People of this combination of signs can achieve success in any field of activity. They are excellent organizers, capable of captivating people. They possess the gift of persuasion, they do not need to use force and threats. The ambitious Leo-Rat is ready to roll mountains for his purpose. He thinks positively, tries to find a way out of the most difficult situation. In cases, he shows reasonable caution, you can always rely on him. With all his vanity, this is a fairly sober person.

Leo-Rat has a high creative potential, if desired, can become a famous actor, artist, designer. For him, there are no barriers: this person is not just talented, but also is aimed at the result. Nature generously endowed him with many virtues, but there are flaws in the Leo-Rat. Is able to lose control over himself and sink to small intrigues, high-profile scandals for the sake of the desired position. Sometimes the desire to dominate takes over the mind.

Leo Rat Man

An ambitious Leo-Rat man sets great goals, strives for success and wealth. But his impatience and selfishness hinder the implementation of ambitious plans. Often creates conflict situations, falls out of favor with the authorities. Has the ability to move on, despite the emerging difficulties in life, so he achieves what he has conceived. The Leo man, born in the year of the Rat, shows leadership qualities in his personal life, a woman must obey him in everything. He does not consider it necessary to restrain his feelings, he needs an understanding partner who can tolerate his temper. At the same time, an emotional man is a tender and caring partner.

Leo Rat Woman

Effective Leo-Rat woman invariably attracts the attention of men. It feeds weakness to luxurious things, likes to rest in exotic places. On all its whims quite able to earn it. Has a mind and unbending will that, in combination with beautiful appearance, makes an indelible impression on business partners. She takes up a rather high position, she can organize her own business. As a life partner, he sees an exceptionally strong, successful man. She will not devote her life to him without a remnant, a woman Leo-Rat always has personal interests. She will prefer to go out more often than to spend time with his family.

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