Libra Rat

Funny, open to communication, Libra-Rats like people. Always nice and friendly, behave politely and tactfully towards all those around you. They easily win people’s trust, they have the ability to look decent in any situation. Diplomacy of Libra in combination with the irresistibility of the Rat gives them an extraordinary charm. These are so interesting personalities that invariably attract attention. Rat-Libra love to be in sight, people like to watch them. Communication with them leaves a pleasant impression, and they do not just argue, but express good thoughts. These wise people can give valuable advice, suggesting a way out of the most difficult situation. You can rely on them completely.

Libra Rat Traits

These people are characterized by a cheerful nature and a positive attitude. Libra-Rats are great optimists, ready to share their joy with everyone around. Possess the gift of suggestion, they are able to settle any conflict. To their words it is impossible not to listen, they are so convincing in their arguments. Libra-Rats are wise people, do not pursue their own interests, but just want to help. Nature has endowed them with the ability to see the essence of the problem and the ways to solve it. For them, above all else — the triumph of justice. They strive to achieve harmony by any means, they can not accept cruelty and evil. The people around appreciate their efforts, treat them with great respect. These people have practically no enemies.

Sociability, tactfulness Libra smooths the secrecy and mercantile of the Rat. People of this combination of signs like to make broad gestures, do not mind spending time in a cheerful company. They like to attract attention, so they are ready to commit insane acts, spend a lot of time on entertainment. Rat-Libra — the soul of the company, a favorite of society. True, this person is far from ideal: he likes to gossip, sometimes abuses good attitude of people, tries to load them with his problems. In addition, lazy and adept to flattery, adores compliments. Not indifferent to luxury things, likes to be in the company of beautiful people. At the same time, he tries to maintain a reasonable balance, does not sink to baseness.

Good-natured Rat-Libra is not so simple: they will not agree with unfavorable conditions for themselves. They have practical wit and iron grip, they are quite successful in their business. Usually they are quite wealthy people who have achieved success in their field of activity. If, of course, they can cope with a small obstacle to success — laziness. Sometimes they are so immersed in thinking about the beautiful that they lose track of time. They are quite capable of shifting responsibility to other people’s shoulders. With great pleasure they work in pairs or in a large team. Easily adapt to new conditions, positively perceive any change, get on well with people. Undoubtedly: it’s nice to deal with Libra-Rat.

Libra Rat Compatibility (Love & Family)

Cheerful Rat-Libra easily make new acquaintances, enjoy success with the opposite sex. Not slopes to hysterics, do not like to find out the relationship, so it’s comfortable with them. In addition, these are romantic, sensual natures, able to beautifully look after. Truth and in return are waiting for luxurious gifts and spectacular gestures. They are whimsical and imperious, but they are still nice and charming people. They are able to competently build relationships, it is impossible not to fall in love with them.

In the family life, the Rat-Libra behave almost flawlessly. Quite skillfully run a family farm, try not to spend money without special need. Do not lose their positive attitude, but still get tired of life. Slopes to small intrigues on the side, too active and sociable to settle at home. Although over time they begin to appreciate more and more close people, they become exemplary family men. In general, the Rat-Libra are good partners, wise and non-conflicting people.

Libra Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Nature generously endowed the Libra-Rat with various talents. First and foremost, these are intellectually developed people. They prefer to engage in mental work, but physical work seems too heavy and ungrateful for them. Have a wonderful intuition, so happily avoid unpleasant situations. Easily find a common language with colleagues, are able to manage people. Rat-Libra — ambitious, energetic people, often occupy leadership positions.

Due to his talent, it is possible to feel thinly the mood of people, the ability to correctly express their thoughts, Libra-Rat can become successful psychologists. They are quite capable of giving wise advice, suggesting the right decision, possessing the fine gift of persuasion. In addition, they are clever, resourceful and pragmatic. Therefore, the profession of a lawyer or journalist is suitable for them. In any field of activity, Libra-Rats can achieve great success if they stop lazy and scatter over trifles.

Libra Rat Man

The man of Libra sign, born in the year of the Rat, makes a pleasant impression from the first minutes of acquaintance. A tactful person, endowed with strong intuition, knows how to gain trust, while never using it for selfish purposes. Distinctive features of character: responsibility, adherence to principles. Any sphere of activity, especially connected with constant dialogue with people, is suitable for him. He does not experience material difficulties, but tries to spend money on really necessary things. The Libra-Rat man is a good family man, responsibly approaches the smallest assignments of his wife. But his boring life weighs on him, so the chosen one should be ready for a marital life full of events.

Libra Rat Woman

The woman of Libra-Rat envelops the interlocutor with soft movements, a gentle voice. Men do not have a chance to escape from her captivity, but there is no need. This is the best wife: economic, faithful, easy-going. The only drawback is excessive talkativeness, although communication with her brings pleasure. A clever, well-read woman knows how to entice the interlocutor, but behaves tactfully, does not extol her erudition. Tries to take place in life, usually occupies a prestigious position. Therefore, it is financially secure, but will be happy with an expensive gift. She loves luxury things, travels, never saves on what brings her pleasure.

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