Sagittarius Rat

Energetic Sagittarius-Rat are in a hurry to live, sometimes they do not have a day to realize all their plans. Always cheerful and cheerful, it’s a pleasure to communicate with such people. After all, they will not complain and whine, on the contrary, they will try to entertain the interlocutor. The mobility of Sagittarius supplements the activity of the Rat, so these people love to travel. Ready to go to the end of the world, if only not to lead a boring, monotonous life. These are great optimists and inventors, while firmly standing on their feet. Are extremely reasonable and collected, if it comes to solving business issues. If necessary, they can give valuable advice and support with a kind word. Rat-Sagittarius are good and devoted friends.

Sagittarius Rat Traits

The curiosity of the Rats and the cheerful attitude of Sagittarius help people of this combination of signs to endure troubles. Moreover, they skillfully avoid obstacles, always have a spare plan ready at hand. Sharp mind, strong intuition more than once help them out in difficult situations. Sagittarius-Rat is a charming man, there are always a lot of people around him. Has a great sense of humor, loves to invent funny jokes. Always happy to spend time with friends, but not particularly in a hurry to help them. He does not like to take on additional obligations, as a last resort, can give advice. Rat-Sagittarius is more concerned about his own future. With all his strength he strives to achieve material prosperity.

Sagittarius-Rat — fairly independent nature, although many consider them to be people without ambition. After all, they have the reputation of merrymakers. In fact, these are ambitious people who are ready to go to the end for the sake of their goal. If necessary, easily forget about the fun, fully focus on the matter. Despite his peaceful nature, Sagittarius-Rat can seriously quarrel with close people. Of course, there will be no scandal over trifles, but it is quite capable of expressing one’s opinion directly. Completely forgets about good manners, if it comes to their own interests. As all Rat is distinguished by frugality, it tries to accumulate as much as possible reserves. And for the good of the cause all means are good.

Cautiousness and curiosity Rats allow you to happily bypass obstacles, and the cheerfulness of Sagittarius helps to maintain a positive attitude, if problems still caught up. Even the most serious troubles these people try to endure stubbornly, do not complain and do not ask for help. On the contrary, they pretend that everything is just fine: it can not be better. People like to communicate with Rat-Sagittarius, because they are generously sharing their positive attitude. At the same time, they quite strictly approach the choice of friends, among a number of acquaintances prefer only a few people. But in relation to relatives behave very decently and honestly. Sagittarius-rats are devoted people.

Sagittarius Rat Compatibility (Love & Family)

In love relationships Sagittarius-Rat fully reveal their creative potential. Ready to surprise your soul mate with endless surprises. They do not spare neither time nor energy to come up with something special. Banal rendezvous with the bouquet of flowers on duty make them bored. Rat-Sagittarians are capable of more: flying in a balloon, dinner on the roof of a skyscraper. Fall in love, absolutely lose sense of proportion, spend money left and right, laugh and joke a lot.

In marriage Sagittarius-Rat can quickly get tired of a boring life. He strives to diversify family life, tries to travel as much as possible. At the same time it differs in economy, it spends money reasonably. He spends a lot of time with children, tries to entertain them with funny stories. Cleverly smoothes family conflicts, does not want to spend his life on quarrels and clarification of relations. This is a good family man, although sometimes he can not restrain himself from ties on the side.

Sagittarius Rat Business (Career & Goals)

For the Sagittarius there are no impossible tasks. They are very purposeful and ambitious people, so they always succeed. Most often they choose professions related to financial activities, they like to work with money. They have the ability to find the shortest way to solve the problem, so they feel great in the role of leader. In addition, they are able to communicate with people, skillfully bypass sharp corners, quickly establish contacts with employees and partners.

Sociable Sagittarius-Rat easily make new acquaintances, are not afraid to act in public, are always ready for adventure. If you choose a creative profession, you can quickly achieve fame. Charm, cheerfulness, curiosity are qualities that contribute to their success. These are very industrious people, although they give the impression of lucky ones, who are given everything too easily. They just walk around life with a happy smile and firmly believe in their own destiny.

Sagittarius Rat Man

Cheerful Sagittarius man, born in the year of the Rat, generously shares his good mood with others. At the same time he is a realist, giving an account of his actions. It is distinguished by a practical approach to life, knows how to not only make money, but also to spend it wisely. The chosen one should be prepared for the fact that the Sagittarius-Rat man uses every opportunity to not take responsibility. Can arrange romantic surprises, present gifts, but does not want to create a family. He believes that first you need to achieve success in life, organize comfortable conditions for your partner, and only then make a marriage.

Sagittarius Rat Woman

The Sagittarius-Rat woman has a complex character. Sociable person, but sometimes — too aggressive, can offend close people with a careless word or flare up because of a trifle. Under no circumstances she will apologize, considers herself entitled to act as she sees fit. To men makes high demands, so it experiences difficulties in communicating with them. But the woman Sagittarius-Rat decides with great enthusiasm about business issues. It is considered an impeccable worker, the bosses appreciate an executive, disciplined employee. Can take place in a profession related to money. She strives to provide himself with a comfortable future, so she works hard.

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