Taurus Rat

For Taurus-Rats always on the first place is the benefit, and everything else — matters of secondary importance. They are pleasant to talk with, they are full of optimism, energy, while behaving gently and tactfully. They are kind, sincere people, ready to listen and help. Tranquil confidence of Taurus in combination with activity, even fussiness, Rat gives birth to the perfect combination: irresistible charm. Therefore, there are always a lot of friends and acquaintances around them who are not at all reluctant to ask for help and advice from Taurus-Rats. After all, these are extremely practical and economic people: they are firmly on the ground, they believe only in numbers and facts. At the same time they are passionate natures, which once again confirms their exclusiveness.

Taurus Rat Traits

These people live by the rules, in their affairs full order reigns. They differ in purposefulness, always follow their plans exactly. Practical every person of this combination of signs can take place in business, unless, of course, he chooses another path of development. Whichever decision Taurus-Rat takes will certainly achieve a brilliant result. Becomes either a successful manager, or a famous artist. Has the ability to notice any little things, accurately calculates the consequences of their actions. Therefore, he invariably achieves success, moreover, in matters to which immense charisma assists him. However, for all its goodwill, will not tolerate pressure, this person does not like to obey.

Taurus-Rat has a lot of advantages, among which pathological honesty. Friendly with all people, responsibly treats work and never lies. The truth is no less exacting to others, do not try to deceive him. Although even this shrewd person can get caught in the trick of a clever schemer. Too kind and presumptuous, does not want to believe in human malice and betrayal. However, once deceived, he will never trust a liar again. Stubborn and principled in addressing important issues. In general, the Rat-Taurus is a rather contradictory nature. For all its compactness, practicality, it is not always punctual. Can get carried away by some business and lose track of time.

People of this combination of signs are active and mobile, they are not afraid of change, the need to make important decisions. They boldly and confidently go through life without being distracted by unnecessary speculation. However, they need a comfortable and safe environment. From time to time, they try to hide from everyone to calmly think about pressing problems. Do not endure unnecessary fuss, act prudently and thought out. Taurus-Rat is a true conservative, firmly following his convictions. Although he can make small concessions for his beloved people. To the financial issue is very serious, trying not to spend money on trifles. He likes good things, first of all he pays attention to quality, and not to appearance.

Taurus Rat Compatibility (Love & Family)

Founding Taurus-Rat seek a serious relationship, try not to make short-lived romances. Of course, they do not sit alone at home, but they do not flip without thought from one partner to another. These people know how to like, so they do not have problems with the opposite sex. In addition, behind the mask of calm lies a powerful temperament: Taurus-Rat is a passionate, addicted nature. Simply, this person is too selective and demanding of his partner.

For Taurus-Rat family is the main value in life. It is impossible to imagine this man, idly spending time away from close people. The only thing that can tear him from the family is work. After all, all representatives of this combination of signs — workaholics. Therefore, even in dealing with children, Taurus-Rat is strict and demanding, tries not to spoil them. Deeply devoted to his family, his loyalty can not be doubted. He is especially attached to children, he easily finds a common language with them.

Taurus Rat Business (Career & Goals)

For Taurus-Rat, regardless of gender, work is of great importance. This hard-working, focused on his goals, people can achieve enormous heights in their careers. Loves, and most importantly — knows how to solve complex problems, is not afraid to take responsibility for himself. Rat-Taurus is a born diplomat, easily finds a common language with colleagues, works great in a team. He prefers to lead the process, and not act as a performer. He is respected, considered a good specialist.

Nature generously endowed Taurus-Rat with various talents. Among their advantages are: sharp mind, discernment, diligence. In addition, they have developed aesthetic taste, are well versed in art. Are able to achieve success in any field of activity. Natural curiosity does not allow them to stay long in one place, Taurus-Rats are always ready for experiments. At the same time, discretion and seriousness help to bring the matter to an end.

Taurus Rat Man

A reliable and strong Taurus-Rat man is able to beautify the life of any woman. In his presence, the most difficult problems seem small and easily solvable. A benevolent man treats close people with great attention, while rarely sharing his experiences, prefers to solve all the problems on his own. A woman can be completely confident in her partner, she is waiting for a cloudless family life. He will do everything possible to protect his wife from domestic problems. Hard-working, purposeful Taurus man, born in the year of the Rat, achieves great success in his field of activity, so his financial situation is very stable.

Taurus Rat Woman

Charming Taurus-Rat woman has to itself from the first minutes of acquaintance. Demonstrates benevolent attitude to all without exception, tries not to enter into conflicts. But she will not tolerate treachery, a man should remember that behind the calmness of Taurus, the caution of the Rat is hidden. She sees a reliable protector in the partner, she considers the model of the family correct: the husband is the getter, the wife is the keeper of the home. Easily solves financial issues, is considered an excellent professional, but does not seek a successful career. Woman Taurus, born in the year of the Rat, has a talent for needlework, loves to cook, her home is an example of perfection.

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