Virgo Rat

This combination of signs is inherent in strong people, firmly confident in their rightness. They do not fuss, trying to prove their own worth, they just live as they see fit. Virgo-Rats are intelligent, attentive and restrained in the manifestation of their emotions. You can not call them insensitive people, on the contrary, they have a passionate temperament. Just perfectly own themselves, in addition, the Virgo-Rat are well brought up to bother the people around their problems. Always look great, carefully monitor their appearance. Not less demanding of others, they are quite capable of making a remark in case of their dissatisfaction. Intolerant of other people’s shortcomings, they strive to achieve an ideal in any business.

Virgo Rat Traits

Virgo’s practicality and Rat’s caution give birth to a unique combination: reasonable prudence. This person in any situation retains the ability to think soberly. First of all he thinks about the matter, therefore he controls all his thoughts and actions. The Virgo-Rat is fully focused on one single goal: the desire to achieve perfection. In every way trying to become an example for all. Therefore, others should not know that the Rat-Virgo is an ordinary person with weaknesses and shortcomings. This solid and strong personality evokes a sense of admiration for the willingness to work tirelessly on oneself. Although he does not mind fighting with other people’s vices, he loves to make remarks, give advice.

There are always a lot of people around the Virgo-Rat: real friends and just good acquaintances. The surrounding people value their honesty, sincerity, and responsiveness. These people, regardless of gender, are of a good character, they are not characterized by envy and anger. Usually women slopes to gossip, they like to sew on a variety of topics. But not in this case, the Rat-Virgo will not waste time on empty conversations, but will try to help. Men of this combination of signs manifest themselves as real knights: fewer words — more action. Although sometimes they focus so much on the result that others begin to accuse them of callousness. However, such behavior is a rarity, they are the kindest and caring people in the world.

Rats-Virgo are hardworking people who are ready to work for their purpose for days on end, despite the fatigue. Truth and others will not be let down, they will not listen to complaints and excuses: dedication is above all. They have the talent to notice any little things and inaccuracies, so they carefully control their actions and colleagues’ work. It is not only attentive, but also economical people, try to spend money on really necessary things. Close people must accept this feature of their character, because thrift is inherent in both Virgo and Rat. Therefore, changing the attitude of these people to money is an impossible task. But the Virgo-Rat does not need anything, their financial position is always stable.

Virgo Rat Compatibility (Love & Family)

Even a strong love will not deprive the Rat-Virgo of the ability to think soberly. To the choice of a life partner comes very seriously, trying not to miss a single trifle. This person is not inclined to easy intrigues, is aimed at a strong marriage. His second half should have a mass of virtues: mind, beauty, charm, patience. Any Rat-Virgo, regardless of gender, can not get along with a frivolous person. Will not pretend, but will directly declare a break in relations.

These people do not tolerate loneliness, try to spend all their free time with their relatives. The Virgo-Rat is usually aware of all the events taking place in their family. They can not express their feelings emotionally, but they act decisively. They show their love with attentive, caring attitude. Love your house, keep it clean and tidy. We are pleased to do household chores. A lot of time is devoted to raising children, although sometimes they are too strict and exacting.

Virgo Rat Business (Career & Goals)

High business abilities of Virgo-Rats cause admiration, even competitors recognize their superiority. For people of this combination of signs, there are no barriers to the desired goal. High efficiency, purposefulness, practicality — qualities that contribute to success. Do not spend their energy in vain, completely devoted to your favorite business. To these people, on the shoulder, any activity, equally responsibly, work both as a leader and in a low position.

In the solution of the working questions of the Virgo-Rat they show prudence and sober calculation. Therefore, best of all, they are given painstaking work related to calculations. Usually they become bank employees or financial analysts, from them successful managers can turn out. These outwardly calm people are quite capable of taking place in creative professions. Perhaps they have a poor imagination, but they are very emotional. If desired, they can reveal themselves as talented actors.

Virgo Rat Man

The Virgo man, born in the year of the Rat, is endowed with a lot of talents. His distinctive qualities: diligence, determination, pedantry, sharp mind. Extremely demanding of themselves and those around them, the man tries to bring any business to an ideal result. Easily finds contact with colleagues, prefers to act independently, but not at the expense of public interests. Therefore, at work is considered an indispensable employee. In family life manifests itself as a faithful husband and a loving father. The Virgo-Rat is a man worthy of attention and care, a more devoted person can not be imagined. Sincerely worries about loved ones, tries to do everything possible for their comfortable life.

Virgo Rat Woman

The Virgo-Rat woman has a strong will, is not inclined to whims and rash decisions. Her analytical mind is able to calculate the possible outcome long before the end of the business started. It manifests itself as an excellent worker in management and finance. The combination of bright appearance and inaccessibility draws the attention of men to her, but it is very serious to choose a life partner. A Virgo woman, born in the year of the Rat, will give her heart only to a worthy partner who can appreciate her intellect. She has no interest in housekeeping, although it keeps the house clean. In the education of children shows rigidity and authority, but sincerely loves and acts in their interests.

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