Aries Rooster

Emotional, quick-tempered Aries-Roosters have a reputation for bully and desperate brave souls. For them, the whole life is a continuous struggle: they are eager to fight, not thinking about the consequences. Moreover, they do not bother much to find out the details: they do not notice anything around the battlefield in the heat of battle. The union of these two signs, similar in their characteristics, gives rise to a strong, strong-willed personality. On a combined horoscope, Aries-Rooster is a determined, purposeful person with a shy character. To convince him of something is impossible, so do not even try to do it. But you can quarrel to the nines: he is inclined to eccentric actions, unpredictable in his behavior. Proud Rooster-Aries receives from life everything he wants, regardless of circumstances.

Aries Rooster Traits

Such Aries is more patient, soft and open to communication than other representatives of this fiery sign. True, everything is just as stubborn, ambitious and quick-tempered. Aries-Rooster is a fond of nature, lives in full force, does not limit himself in desires. He does not consider it necessary to restrain his emotions: directly expresses dissatisfaction and admiration. But others do not have to get lost in conjecture, in what mood he is. Rooster-Aries does not know how to lie, but he likes to exaggerate. He has a strong desire for boasting, he wants to shine in society and like everyone without exception. We must give it its due: it does not hide its shortcomings. It is completely harmless in its desire to be the most attractive and popular person among close associates.

Thanks to his charm, Rooster-Aries easily gets new acquaintances. People like this cheerful person, and his eccentric actions are perceived as innocent pranks. Aries-Rooster is so simple-minded and spontaneous that he is forgiven much. Although it can be difficult for loved ones to reconcile with his quick temper and fervor. The main feature of the sign is Aries-Rooster — a shrewd temper. Do not listen to the opinions of others, until the last one defends his point of view. With difficulty and with great reluctance admits his mistakes. He needs time to recover and ask for forgiveness. But it’s not boring with him: Aries-Rooster is an optimist and a cheerful person. He does not lose heart and does not lose the presence of the spirit, he knows how to find a way out of any situation.

Will-power Rooster-Aries is difficult to reconcile with defeat. Too proud and proud to admit his mistakes and abandon his plans. Will go forward, regardless of any obstacles. Nature has endowed him with a determined character — he will surely achieve his goal. Aries-Rooster is intelligent, has a developed fantasy, is sociable, therefore finds ways to avoid failures and failures. Although a little dreamy and inordinately ambitious — sometimes still gets into awkward situations. However, he does not tolerate interference in his affairs, he prefers to solve problems independently. He has extraordinary talents, among which one can distinguish an excellent sense of style. Rooster-Aries is not just an internally self-confident, but also an outwardly attractive person.

Aries Rooster Compatibility (Love & Family)

Such an attractive and charming person can not be ignored by the opposite sex. Usually Rooster-Aries does not take much time to win the favor of the chosen one or the chosen one. He is cheerful and witty, and his appearance is simply above all praise: always dressed with a needle. He behaves uninhibited — does not doubt his own success. On a love horoscope, Aries-Rooster is a reliable partner, although it does not produce such an impression. After all, for his external bravado, it is difficult to discern a tender, vulnerable heart.

In a circle of close people Rooster-Aries does not pretend, at least, tries to behave naturally. Of course, it’s difficult to do without shocking: likes to show off, often exaggerates his achievements. But in general, Aries-Rooster is a caring, devoted partner and a loving parent. He has no significant flaws, except for excessive temper. He does not take criticism, he even takes offense at innocent remarks. Close people must accept his stubborn character: no objections or moralizing.

Aries Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

Purpose-oriented Aries-Rooster rarely experiences difficulties on the way to the desired position. He does not just work, he gives all his mental and physical powers to his beloved cause. No less demanding of others: Rooster-Aries is an authoritarian leader. It is pleasant to communicate with him during off-hours: he is friendly with his colleagues. But as soon as it comes to business — no indulgence. Rooster-Aries works with great pleasure, does nothing through force. He does only what he likes, so he finds it easy to find.

Aries-Rooster loves to be in sight, loves to perform in front of people. This beautiful speaker and simply charming man easily keeps the attention of the public. If he does not choose the profession of an actor, he can take place as an organizer or a host of ceremonial events. Thanks to the developed aesthetic taste, Rooster-Aries can win the fame of a great artist or designer. Although so talented that can achieve great success in any field of activity: medicine, construction, music, consumer services, science.

Aries Rooster Man

The Aries man, born in the year of the Rooster, has a fighting, obstinate character, it is important for him to insist on his own. He is energetic and very active in achieving his goal. Aries-Rooster is a vain man, therefore he tries to occupy any position that allows him to be in sight. With great enthusiasm, he tackles the most difficult issues without thinking about the consequences, but almost always turns out to be the winner. He takes advantage of women, dresses brightly and tastefully, endlessly sops compliments. It is impossible not to believe in the sincerity of his feelings, but he does not hurry with the choice. He prefers to get to know his chosen one as best he can, his attention and courtship is not a confirmation of the seriousness of his intentions.

Aries Rooster Woman

To charm the woman of the Aries-Rooster sign is very difficult, it is an intelligent, pragmatic person. She sets ambitious goals and achieves them. But this does not prevent her from being a mischievous flirt and fashionista. She adores bright outfits, in her wardrobe you can find a strict suit, and an ultra-short dress. She likes to shine in society and take courtship of numerous admirers. Aries-Rooster is a cheerful, active woman, if necessary she can play any role. Everything depends on what interests she pursues. She is looking for a reliable, confident man who calmly reacts to women’s whims. Of the representatives of this combination of signs are usually obtained loving and caring wives.

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