Capricorn Rooster

These Roosters are not very talkative, calm and restrained — true conservatives. Stubborn, serious Capricorns-Roosters are not inclined to compromise. They are distinguished by endurance and patience, they act decisively: they persistently defend their point of view under any circumstances. They make an impression of emotionally cold, closed people. However, behind the mask of equanimity lies a rather sensitive nature. People of this combination are looking for love and understanding, although they are not ready to admit it. On a combined horoscope Capricorn-Rooster is a leader: radiates strength and self-confidence. He possesses the gift of persuasion, easily enthralls others with his ideas. In the Rooster-Capricorn, there are so many charisma and charms that one can not believe it is impossible.

Capricorn Rooster Traits

This brave, resolute person is famous for his self-control, the ability to persistently endure all troubles. Distinctive feature of the sign of the Rooster-Capricorn — adherence to principle: true to yourself and your ideals. It can not be confused or misleading. If Capricorn-Rooster decided — it will. He is a deeply decent person, not in his rules to behave in an inappropriate way. Never violates the generally accepted norms of morality; on the contrary, it is on guard of order. Although the cocky Rooster adds to the judicious Capricorn unpredictability, but still this person is a role model. It has a lot of advantages: strength, courage, perseverance, responsibility. The people around do not just trust the Rooster-Capricorn, but admire his talents.

Capricorn-Rooster is a born fighter: fearlessly accepting the challenges of fate. I am ready to fight to the last for my convictions. Capricorn-Rooster is a successful combination, giving its representatives amazing power and purposefulness. These people clearly know what they want from life, they decide with whom to communicate, on what path to follow. They rely only on their own strengths and do not ask for help-they are too proud and self-assured. Rooster-Capricorn is perceptive, intelligent and logical, so it easily calculates all possible risks. Even failure, which happens to him very rarely, will not force him to retreat. Find a way to get around all obstacles and be sure to succeed. And it acts not only in its own interests, but also for the benefit of society.

Despite his employment, the Rooster-Capricorn likes to shine in society. It is a pleasant, easy-going person, although it gives the impression of arrogant. I do not want to please everyone without exception, but I’m always glad to hear something nice about myself. He is not indifferent to compliments, he needs support, although he is afraid to admit it. However, Capricorn-Rooster trusts few people, does not like obsessive people, avoids communication with them in every possible way. Carefully chooses friends, ready to become a reliable support, a faithful companion. But he will never give up the position of a leader, he can not relax and let go of the situation. Sometimes it is too restless and capricious — does not tolerate pressure and disdain. Still, being an ideal person is a difficult task.

Capricorn Rooster Compatibility (Love & Family)

Reasonable Capricorn-Rooster is used to responsibly approach all issues, his personal life is no exception. He does not hurry with the choice: he looks at people for a long time. On a love horoscope, Capricorn-Rooster is an elective, picky partner. It is very difficult to please this discerning person, but you can be completely confident in it. If he started courting — there is a wedding. However, the chosen one or the chosen one should be prepared for the fact that their opinion on this issue is not the main one.

Capricorn-Rooster loves his loved ones, carefully calculates all the details of family life: order, cleanliness, comfort. Do not listen to the opinion of the second half, always and in everything relies only on yourself. Capricorn-Rooster is ready to surround loved ones with love and care, the only condition: he is the leader. This temperamental and unpredictable person — affects the influence of the Rooster, so he inherent flashes of rage and aggression. But only in exceptional cases: comments and criticism from close people.

Capricorn Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

For an ambitious Rooster-Capricorn, it is important to be able to take place in the profession. He will never accept defeat: he achieves his goals with astonishing persistence. Do not fuss and do not try to avoid obstacles: the more difficult the problem, the sweeter is the success. Thanks to diligence and dedication, Capricorn-Rooster quickly reaches senior positions. But as a subordinate is not too convincing: he does not like to follow instructions. Although smart, judicious and very responsible — a professional in his business.

Rooster-Capricorns do not just work, but serve high purposes. Choose a profession that can benefit society, although they do not forget about their own ambitions. These people are closely within certain limits: the cock and fearlessness of the Rooster, combined with the discipline of Capricorn — the key to success in any field. People of this combination of signs become successful actors, sportsmen and businessmen. In addition, the Rooster-Capricorns are suitable professions related to calculations, planning or scientific activities.

Capricorn Rooster Man

These men prefer not to scatter words, but like to show off, try to make a favorable impression. Reliable, serious Capricorns-Roosters cause a lively interest in women. Seem as real men, able to support in difficult times. They are set up to create a strong family, short-term romances do not interest them. Capricorn-Rooster is a determined man, therefore he will certainly achieve the favor of his chosen one. In the family, the decisive word can belong only to him, it is a leader and an indisputable authority for his wife and children. He does not tolerate objections, especially criticism. But for their loved ones creates the best conditions, works hard, sparing no spiritual and physical strength.

Capricorn Rooster Woman

Purposeful woman Capricorn-Rooster by any means tries to achieve fame. It is important for her to take part in the profession, so she spends all her energy on work. The truth is very favorable to the courtship of fans. He likes to listen to compliments, will be happy if a man takes on himself the solution of all domestic issues. Capricorn-Rooster is a faithful woman, will not flirt and seek adventure on the side, is too absorbed in her favorite work. She can be trusted with any secret and secret, if necessary, will help in word and deed. Will be happy in alliance with a man willing to accept her superiority. Support of a loved one will give her strength in solving the most difficult problems.

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