Gemini Rooster

Bright, extraordinary Gemini-Rooster know how to draw attention to themselves. They are cheerful, carefree, free: they do not hesitate to express their emotions and feelings openly. They are inconstant, they behave as they see fit at a given moment in time. Easily adapt to new conditions and quickly get used to people. According to the combined horoscope, Rooster-Gemini is an interesting, charming personality with a complex character. Do not be afraid to be unlike the others, do not care about the impression made on others. Although very sensitive to criticism and dependent on the opinions of loved ones. In a familiar environment, he is calm and reserved, does not seek leadership. Just enjoying the communication with friends and family, does not try to impress them with its unusual.

Gemini Rooster Traits

The main feature of the Gemini-Rooster sign is a changeable temper. It is impossible to foresee its actions and understand the motives of actions. There are so many ideas in his head that he does not have time to develop a strategy of behavior. In addition, dependent on external circumstances: the mood of the Gemini-Rooster changes with lightning speed. He is not inclined to introspection, does not count the further steps, but simply follows his feelings. Therefore, relatives must be especially sensitive and attentive to it. One carelessly thrown word in his address — Rooster-Gemini is mortally offended. Although quite quickly forget about the conflict and behaves as if nothing had happened. This is the nature of the Gemini-Rooster: childish spontaneity and sincerity.

Stubborn, emotional Roosters-Geminis often find themselves in embarrassing situations. They do not consider it necessary to hide their opinions, they always speak directly what they think. They are active and tireless in their desire to prove their rightness. Gemini-Roosters are ready to endlessly find out the relationship with others. And in the process of dispute they forget about the reasons for their discontent. The first go to reconciliation and do not conceal a grievance: the scandal is not a reason to stop communication. Geminis-Roosters are adorable and spontaneous, at least, make such an impression. However, they are reasonable, intelligent and firmly believe in their success. They are able to conclude profitable transactions, they strive to improve their lives. Men and women of this combination love comfort and luxury, especially pay much attention to their wardrobe.

The Rooster-Gemini is a fine speaker: he is very persuasive in his speeches. Let him not always give a report to his actions, but firmly believe in a bright future. Positive, active and friendly to others — easily leads people behind him. True, he does not insist too much on the role of the leader, he knows how to take the right position, depending on the situation. He knows when it is possible to be carefree and cheerful, and when it is necessary to show one’s best qualities: responsibility, sharp mind, discretion. Gemini-Rooster loves to dream, it is distinguished by a rich imagination and developed imagination. If necessary, easily changes his point of view. He is capable of doing ordinary things and believing that this is his dream. Easily adapts to new conditions and never faint.

Gemini Rooster Compatibility (Love & Family)

Amorous Geminis-Roosters are impermanent in their preferences. Today, enthusiastic about one person, and tomorrow — to others. And they sincerely believe in their feelings and plan a marriage. Windy, unstable Gemini-Roosters not only do not fulfill their obligations, but do not require it from others. They are not jealous, they are not owners. They commit reckless acts in the name of love, they are able to draw attention to themselves. With the Gemini-Rooster is not boring and even a short romance with him will leave the most pleasant impressions.

The love horoscope reveals the main secret of compatibility with this quick-tempered person — no criticism. Despite its pride and obstinacy, the Gemini-Rooster is very dependent on the opinions of close people. In his life, many difficulties and problems — this born fighter is always on guard of order and justice. The family should become his protection and support. In dealing with loved ones, he is soft and pliable, easily concedes to them the role of leader. True, he does not tolerate remarks and emotionally reacts to the most harmless criticism: instantly losing his temper.

Gemini Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

An enterprising, active Rooster does not always manage to cope with unpredictable Gemini. It is difficult to foresee the actions of these frivolous representatives of the air sign. As a result: Gemini-Rooster is not distinguished by responsibility and seriousness. Fountains of ideas, prone to rash actions and bold experiments. Gemini-Rooster is difficult to call an ideal employee — it is quite capable of leading the team. He likes to argue, often does not fulfill the tasks assigned to him.

Unruly Gemini-Rooster is best suited to work with a flexible schedule. Needs freedom, does not endure strict control. Is able to create only in an atmosphere of benevolence and full trust. This person with a developed speech and rich imagination is capable of capturing anyone with his ideas. Can become a writer, artist, art historian, actor or successful businessman. Energetic, mobile, the fighting spirit is strong in him, so he will not be mistaken if he seriously takes up sports.

Gemini Rooster Man

Emotional Gemini-Rooster men react equally to both pleasant and bad news. Absolutely do not take criticism, fiercely resist any attempt to remake themselves. At the same time, there are quite sensible people who perfectly report their actions. Of course, their original behavior can not leave any woman indifferent. Gemini-Rooster is a man of great interest to the opposite sex. But it is rather difficult to please him, he is too free-loving and capricious. He is looking for a dream, an ideal, and his ideas about an impeccable partner often change during life. He will be happy with a patient woman, capable of reconciling himself with his erratic nature.

Gemini Rooster Woman

Gemini women, born in the year of the Rooster, is not too frank with others. They lead an active lifestyle, talk with great pleasure, but carefully guard their secrets and secrets. Bright, independent women Gemini-Roosters make the most pleasant impression, men like to spend time in their company. Emotional, a bit erratic person does not mind getting married and finding a reliable defender. True, there are no guarantees that they will become exemplary housewives. All their lives they are looking for their vocation, they will be able to take place in any profession, if they show even a bit of persistence. Easy to get carried away, just as quickly disappointed, but do not lose the presence of the spirit.

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