Leo Rooster

The self-confident, imperious Leo-Rooster generously hands out directions and advice to those around him. This is an excellent organizer: he knows how to find an approach, always clearly indicates his position. The regal Leo does not accept objections, is full of self-esteem, does not hesitate to lead people. A boisterous, ardent Rooster takes an equally active position: always in the limelight, in the spotlight. The union of these two signs with similar characteristics gives its representatives not only strength, but also a kind, sympathetic heart. According to the combined horoscope, Rooster-Leo is a charming man with a complex character. He is capable of decisive actions, extraordinarily brave and courageous. Strives to stand out from the crowd, ready for anything for compliments and attention.

Leo Rooster Traits

Charming, pleasant in communication Leo-Rooster like people. With him it is easy and reliable: it will help in a difficult moment, protect against unjust attacks. However, behind the mask of a noble person let rarely, but his second nature is visible: egoism and excessive vanity. The Rooster-Leo is compassionate to other people’s troubles, he will not pass by the person who calls for help, but he will not forget to collect the debt for the rendered service. These are not necessarily material values, although gifts are always in priority, but simply pleasant words. He considers that he deserves praise, therefore, with great pleasure accepts compliments. The people around should appreciate and respect this sympathetic and kind person, and he will try harder to establish himself as a benefactor.

The main feature of this sign is sincere generosity. Perfectly controls their feelings, does not lose self-control in a difficult situation. Kind and attentive to others, the first responds to requests for help. Likes to make gifts, do not skimp on compliments. At the same time, Rooster-Leo is an economical person, he is reasonable about his expenses. Is able to acquire really worthwhile things at a bargain price. He is proud of his talents, especially good taste. He does not hesitate to impose his opinion, he demands submission. Leo-Rooster often takes the initiative in those matters that do not concern him. Initially, it acts gently and tactfully, but over time, getting used to new acquaintances, ceases to reckon with their opinion, boldly dictates their conditions.

Rooster-Leo — a harmonious union that gives its representatives a lot of positive qualities: sociability, hard work, kindness. Powerful, ambitious Leo strives for the perfect result, and cheerful, cheerful Rooster does not allow to get bogged down in routine and deeds. People of this combination are born winners, easily achieve success. Do not be afraid of difficulties, undertake the most difficult projects. At the same time do not forget about the rest, like to travel, enjoy the communication with people. The Rooster-Leo does not tolerate loneliness, is too dependent on the society to lead a reclusive way of life. Ambitious and vain, he uses every opportunity to appear in public: he sees himself on the stage. Always achieves the set goals: his success can not be doubted.

Leo Rooster Compatibility (Love & Family)

The proud Leo-Rooster is selective in personal relationships: he is looking for the ideal partner. He is hot, romantic, does not hesitate to express his feelings. He attracts attention with his bright, brave deeds: he arranges unforgettable meetings, presents expensive gifts. However, courting the Leo-Rooster is not a guarantee of the seriousness of his intentions. He does not hurry to marry: he needs time to be convinced of the strength of his feelings. But deciding on the choice, will not ask the opinion of the chosen one or the one chosen — a wedding and nothing else.

Men and women of this combination take responsibility for loved ones. Seriously approach their duties: always guarding the family. They are especially worried about children, they want to be proud of their successes. Leo-Rooster is the head of the family, regardless of gender. The main secret of love compatibility with him is unquestioning obedience. Not only children, but the second half should fully support his decisions. Criticism and insubordination, he does not tolerate, the more he does everything possible for the prosperity of his family - what objections?

Leo Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

The resolute, hardworking Leo-Rooster is persistent in achieving his goals. He gives a report to his actions, clearly understands what he wants from life. This is an excellent organizer: he knows how to lead people, leads them, inspiring with his own example. He works much and hard, undertakes complex projects and brings them to the end. True, this attitude requires something from others: it does not want to understand other people’s weaknesses. Often comes into conflict because of the reluctance of colleagues to take risks and blindly follow his instructions.

The Leo-Rooster is open to new acquaintances, likes to be in the public eye and act in public. He is attracted by activities related to communication and frequent business trips. Charismatic, bright, knows how to draw attention to himself. Can engage in politics or scientific work — success is guaranteed. Artistic and charming Rooster-Leo is not mistaken if he chooses Melpomene’s ministry. Like no one else can convey the mood and express the feelings of the hero: organic in any role. Especially since his early days he dreams of popularity and fame.

Leo Rooster Man

The noble Leo-Rooster considers himself to be the ideal man responsible for everything that is happening around him. Touching cautiously close people, but his good attitude is too expensive: requires complete submission. A pragmatic, intelligent person knows how to set clear goals and knows how to achieve them. The Leo-Rooster is a self-confident man, he considers himself right in any situation, therefore he does not hesitate to dictate the conditions to others. In a romantic relationship behaves like a generous, courteous gentleman, but does not trust women too much. Waiting for admiration and words of love, in return ready to give the chosen one all the treasures of the world. His family will not need anything, however, the decisive voting right will belong exclusively to Leo-Rooster.

Leo Rooster Woman

Ambitious women do not hesitate to set themselves bold goals. Leo-Rooster without fear take on the most difficult cases, are able to overcome any obstacles. At the same time, they are not at all dry, hard-hearted ladies, obsessed with their work. They look for inspiration in a romantic relationship, they need compliments, adore gifts and surprises. However, they will never agree to give up the role of leader, even to a beloved man. Purposeful women do not consider it necessary to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of the family. But their loved ones feel protected from all troubles and adversities. The energy of Leo-Rooster women is enough for home chores, and for solving business issues.

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