Libra Rooster

Easy, pleasant in communicating Libra-Rooster positively looks at life, not upset over trifles. People like this nice, quiet person, not inclined to rash acts. He is polite, attentive to others, and he is distinguished by his courteous manners. The union of bright, cheerful Rooster and charming Libra gives birth to a harmonious personality. The man of this combination is impeccable, everything is in him: charm, charm, elegance. On a combined horoscope, Rooster-Libra is an aesthete striving for perfection. In his opinion, everything around should be beautiful: it can not stop until it achieves an ideal result. He tries to make a favorable impression on others, he talks a lot with different people.

Libra Rooster Traits

Diplomatic Libra-Rooster perfectly with all get along. Eloquent, convincing in their arguments and very polite. Communication with them is a great pleasure: these people know how to be sweet and charming. A distinctive feature of the sign of Libra-Rooster is benevolence. He loves communication, strives to be in sight, always among people. Refers to others with great sympathy, tries to find a special approach to each person. Distinguished sincerity: he sincerely sympathizes and helps in everything. Sometimes it is indecisive, in moments of spiritual weakness and despair becomes even more talkative than usual. At such moments, Libra-Rooster does not want to hear anything: she wants to speak out, share her doubts with others.

People of this combination are true friends: they are always the first to come to the rescue. Peaceful, avoid quarrels in every possible way, act as mediators in disputed situations. Rooster-Libra spend a lot of time to rally close people around them. They treat them with great care, they are not afraid to take responsibility for themselves. Friends can count on their help and support in any situation. Although Libra-Roosters, for all their external equanimity and restraint, are not as strong and invulnerable as they seem. They need care, they wait for kind words, they are not indifferent to compliments. Sometimes they are quick-tempered and irritable when faced with disrespectful attitude. They can be seriously offended and even stop talking for a while.

Optimistic, cheerful Libra-Rooster is not capable of aggressive behavior. He likes long-term confidential conversations, rather than quarrels and scandals. Such Libra remain reserved, tactful, kind people, thus gain a number of positive qualities peculiar to Roosters. They are energetic, active and very sociable, try to attract attention to themselves in every possible way. Libra-Rooster easily refers to change, does not lose the presence of the spirit, if faced with difficulties. Do not be sad, but trying to find a way out of a difficult situation. Perfectly owns himself, does not load others with his problems. Rooster-Libra admires his self-control: he retains his dignity under any circumstances.

Libra Rooster Compatibility (Love & Family)

Charming Libra-Rooster easily conquers the disposition of persons of the opposite sex. This cheerful, erudite and very attentive person causes not only interest, but also trust. However he does not hurry to open his heart. On the love horoscope Libra-Rooster — a shy and shy partner. For fervent confessions, he lacks self-confidence. It will take a long time before he is liberated and begins to give signs of attention. But he is not bored with him: he can entertain and amuse.

Having married, Rooster-Libra completely focuses on his family responsibilities. Supports all decisions of the second half, and if she does not approve of her actions, tries gently to hint at it. He will not allow any quarrels and scandals in his family. He is attentive not only to his partner, but also devotes much time to children. With him you can discuss any problem: comfort and give the right advice. Spends a lot of energy and energy on the arrangement of a family nest — this is an economic and self-motivated person.

Libra Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

This person will have the patience and patience to develop the correct strategy of behavior. Libra-Rooster will be able to reach huge heights in a career if overcome by shyness and embarrassment. Sometimes he is too polite and diplomatic: he can not point out to his colleagues mistakes and mistakes. But his benevolence and tactfulness help to win their trust. He is attracted by mental activity, and not by heavy physical labor. Rooster-Libra can take place in areas related to communication with people: pedagogy, jurisprudence, management.

Thanks to his industriousness, endurance, Rooster-Libra manages to achieve a high position, maintaining good relations with colleagues. He does not enter into conflicts, does not seek reasons for quarrels, but simply works honestly at his workplace. Responsible and disciplined, tries to perform his duties in accordance with the instructions. He has a rich imagination and a developed imagination, but still prefers to deal with concrete matters, rather than hover in the clouds. Is able to benefit people by engaging in public activities.

Libra Rooster Man

This man is passionate about social life, he is interested in everything that happens around him. Libra-Rooster does not tolerate quarrels and scandals, so he tries to reconcile all friends without exception. Likes to talk, loves to debate and argue on a variety of topics. And with great respect he listens to the opinion of others, he can not be accused of being ill-mannered. Libra-Rooster is a man energetic and hardworking, enthusiastically engaged in his favorite business. This is a real professional, he cares only about the result, so he does not go into squabbles and intrigues. He is able to control his feelings and emotions, he is very patient. Women can not resist the power of his charm, in addition, it is a reliable partner, capable of doing real manly deeds.

Libra Rooster Woman

Wise Libra-Rooster women are able to find a way out of any difficult life situation. Never get discouraged, do not give up, and always cheer others up. They can be contacted for advice at any time of the day, they will certainly help. Men appreciate in them not only their steadiness and tact, but their ability to submit themselves. They are spectacular women with a wonderful taste. Usually they say a lot, they wait for compliments. The suitors should remember this particular feature, otherwise the relationship will not develop. In a romantic relationship, they seek stability and reliability, they will not start a romance with a handsome but frivolous man. Libra-Rooster women who are inclined to create a strong family, with great pleasure, take care of her husband and children.

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