Sagittarius Rooster

Cheerful, bright, active Rooster-Sagittarius — the soul of any company: sparkly jokes and contagiously laughs. For this energetic person, the main thing in life is a constant movement. Sagittarius-Rooster is always at the center of everyone’s attention, people like his looseness, artistry. Eloquent, sociable, likes noisy companies and gay parties. According to the combined horoscope, Sagittarius-Rooster is a fickle, addictive nature. Straight and sincere, does not hide his emotions and feelings from others. He often gets involved in disputes, becomes a participant in conflicts. And it acts not on malicious intent, but simply can not remain silent. True, he can smooth out embarrassing moments, asks for forgiveness and calmly continues to communicate.

Sagittarius Rooster Traits

The addicting, inquisitive Rooster-Sagittarius is open to everything new, needs bright impressions. He likes to travel and communicate, no matter who and under what circumstances. Do not tolerate loneliness — suffocated by sadness and anguish. Impulsive, unpredictable, but at the same time practical: it is not inclined to superfluous spending, it intelligently manages its time. The pragmatic Rooster does not allow windy Sagittarius to commit rash acts, protects from serious mistakes. The man of this combination is confident, resolute and very emotional. Impatient, excited and full of enthusiasm: striving to make the world better. So sincere and simple-hearted that the people immediately understand his mood. He does not know how to lie, except he likes to brag.

Honest, open Sagittarius-Rooster does not consider it necessary to pretend. He cherishes the opinion of people close to him, appreciates friends, but will not surrender to anybody, trying to gain mercy. The main feature of the Sagittarius-Rooster sign is straightness. Without hesitation, says what he thinks, regardless of the reaction of others. He considers it his duty to open people’s eyes to everything that is happening around. She loves to argue, she proves her point of view with inspiration. Easily makes ill-wishers and enemies, and sincerely puzzled: how did you deserve such an attitude to yourself? Such is the nature of the Rooster-Sagittarius: irrepressible energy, enthusiasm and honesty. People should be sympathetic to the characteristics of his character, the more he does not want anyone to be evil.

The good-natured, sympathetic Rooster-Sagittarius genuinely empathizes with people. It differs not only sincere, but also financial generosity. With a willingness to share with people all that he has. Although he enjoys praise, but helps not out of self-interest, but at the behest of the soul. Sagittarius-Rooster is engaged in other people’s affairs, takes on additional duties, even if he is not asked about it. Sometimes the breadth of the soul hinders the realization of his plans. Too active, active, takes several cases at once, as a result — chaos and confusion. Rooster-Sagittarius is not inclined to experience, calmly refers to failure. He believes in himself and does not lose a positive attitude, even if things do not turn out very well. Rarely sad: there are so many interesting things in life.

Sagittarius Rooster Compatibility (Love & Family)

Emotional, temperamental Sagittarius-Rooster falls in love once and for all, at least, he thinks so. Dreams of an ideal relationship, but very often disappointed in his partner. Rooster-Sagittarius is attracted by new meetings, vivid impressions. He just can not stay focused on one partner for a long time. And he sincerely believes that he met his ideal and is ready for marriage. But quickly enough cooled to a chosen one or a chosen one, with a head plunged into a new relationship.

Men and women Sagittarius, born in the year of the Rooster, treasure their family very much. Whatever strong passions are not boiling in their lives, first of all they think of close people. On the love horoscope, Rooster-Sagittarius is a good family man. True, he has an explosive character, is quick-tempered and not too restrained in his assessments. He likes to argue and prove his point of view. But it’s not boring with him: Sagittarius-Rooster knows how to surprise loved ones. Arranges meetings, thinks out entertainments for her half, gives a lot of time to children.

Sagittarius Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

An inquisitive, active Sagittarius-Rooster is greedy for new impressions. He will not be able to do business for a long time, which does not carry him. But after finding his calling, he will devote his whole life to him. By nature, passionate, assertive, seeks ways to translate their ideas into reality. Rooster-Sagittarius is a creative person, he is not attracted to heavy physical work. Developed imagination, rich imagination, irrepressible energy — qualities that attest to the uncommon nature of his nature. Sagittarius-Rooster on the shoulder the most ambitious projects, but with a simple work that requires assiduity, he can not cope.

This ambitious man with an active lifestyle is not used to being on the sidelines. Rooster-Sagittarius is always in the forefront of supporters of new progressive methods of work. Hot, straightforward, convincing in their arguments - people follow him willingly. Although he does not aspire to leadership positions, he is able to lead the team. True, others will have to get used to his frankness: he argues a lot and makes remarks at all. But hardworking, responsible, able to achieve the set goals.

Sagittarius Rooster Man

Straight, honest Sagittarius-Roosters men enjoy the well-deserved respect of the surrounding people. These are great lovers to argue, but they never go beyond what is permissible. Calmly admit their wrong, always protect the weak and offended. Colleagues appreciate them for their adherence to principle and diligence, close ones — for their warmth. Work takes in their lives is not the last place, they want to build a successful career. Sagittarius-Roosters are vain men, like to listen to compliments in their address. They do not mind bragging, but they do not have malicious intent. Just desperately want to attract the attention of the girl you like. In romantic relationships they show themselves as gentle romantic partners, they dream of creating a strong family.

Sagittarius Rooster Woman

Sagittarius-Rooster women bright and ambitious, do not hesitate of their desires. They try to realize all their plans, too high a view of their business qualities, to stay at home. Industrious Sagittarius-Rooster woman wants to take place in the profession, for the sake of his goal is ready to work days on end, forgetting about lunch breaks and weekends. In love relationships she seeks understanding, she needs a husband rather than a passionate lover. Selfish, does not want to yield even in small things, clearly delineates family responsibilities. In family life, she behaves like a careful housewife, strictly controls spending. She likes to mess around with children, she considers it his duty to raise real people from them with firm principles.

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