Taurus Rooster

A solid, practical Taurus is a conservative who avoids global changes in life. Under the influence of an energetic, impulsive Cock, it becomes more sociable and sociable: it easily comes into contact. In turn, Taurus gives the Rooster stability, teaches to be responsible and loyal to others. This combination gives people a lot of positive features: restraint, reliability, discretion. On a combined horoscope, Taurus-Rooster is a strong, independent and versatile personality. The person of this combination is distinguished by sincerity, responsiveness, and methodically achieves its goals: prudent, practical and very obstinate. Strives to look impressive, not partial to beautiful things.

Taurus Rooster Traits

The active Taurus-Rooster is distinguished by irrepressible energy and enthusiasm: he is ready to help everyone on his way. It’s hard for the environment to sustain such a frantic pace of life, so they sincerely admire his perseverance, the ability to overcome difficulties. Rooster-Taurus is not an ordinary observer, but an active participant in all events that take place. Correctly prioritizes, competently plans its future. Practicality of Taurus balances the adventurousness of the Rooster: the man of this combination adequately assesses his abilities and knows how to give advice to others. He is full of self-esteem, noble in relation to others. It’s hard to pass by such a spiritual person: Rooster-Taurus is always at the center of everyone’s attention.

Taurus-Rooster is a vain person, but with adequate ambitions. Do not want to stand out from the crowd and loudly declare your own exclusivity. She simply tries hard to achieve her goals, while still doing the work of others. Full of energy, set to work seriously. This reliable person causes respect and trust: it is easy and peaceful with him. The main feature of the Rooster-Taurus sign is an innate nobility. In any situation, remains calm, firmly believes in their strength. Holds with great dignity, extremely honest and truthful, does not omit to intrigue and gossip. Nature has endowed him with the ability to soberly assess his strength, although sometimes he spends a lot of energy wasted trying to determine his vocation.

This elegant person knows how to submit himself: makes an indelible impression. The eccentricity of the Rooster in combination with the rationality of Taurus allows him to look spectacular, but not to violate the limits of what is permitted. He has good taste, is not indifferent to beautiful things, likes to dress up. However, everything that Taurus-Rooster does is thorough and meaningful: every detail of his image is clearly verified and is in its place. Can look attractive in any circumstances. Not stand out from the crowd, but always in sight. The Rooster-Taurus is not ready to be content with the small, striving to achieve a high position in society. It achieves its own by such gentle, gentle methods that it maintains good relations with everyone: surrounded by well-wishers and admirers.

Taurus Rooster Compatibility (Love & Family)

Externally attractive, energetic Rooster-Taurus rarely miss loneliness. They have a lot of advantages, so they feel quite confident. These people are not only sociable, active, but also very reliable. According to the love horoscope, Taurus-Rooster is the responsible person with the most serious intentions towards the chosen one or the chosen one. Do not waste time on short-term, meaningless connections. It manifests itself as a gentle, romantic partner, completely given to the feeling.

The family horoscope promises Taurus-Rooster a strong and happy marriage. This rational person correctly prioritizes: fully devotes himself to the family. He spends a lot of energy and energy on his relatives, sometimes he takes care of them too much: he deprives them of freedom and the right to choose. It is demanding and categorical, but only for good purposes. Does not differ in sentimentality: love is a concern. Expresses his feelings with deeds and deeds, not with words. This is a loving but strict parent.

Taurus Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

Active, workable, and most importantly, resistant to life’s failures, Taurus-Rooster is able to build a dizzying career. In any circumstances, does not lose a positive attitude — completely focused on the matter. It is distinguished not only by purposefulness, concentration, but also by brilliant analytical skills. Easily remembers large amounts of information, observant, prone to analysis. Taurus-Rooster suits work in the financial or legal sphere, here he will be able to realize his mental potential.

Hardy Taurus-Rooster can do any job. Caution, foresight of Taurus — the qualities that can cope with the most difficult tasks. Adventurism and fearlessness of the Rooster do not let him get bored in one place. Taurus-Rooster is not afraid of physical labor, often chooses working specialties. Although no less organically looks in the leader’s chair: vain, self-loving and confident in his abilities. Although it is difficult for him to agree with his subordinates. Not everyone can match his pace of work, but he does not accept weakness.

Taurus Rooster Man

In the life of the Taurus-Rooster man reigns full order, for him there are no small details and minor details. A serious, thorough person in all matters tries to achieve an ideal result. He prefers to think about pressing problems, but he does not shy away from merriment. He can not be called a homebody completely devoid of interest in life. He pays much attention to his appearance, likes beautiful, expensive clothes. With passion, he takes part in disputes, desperately tries to insist on his own. Although the defeat takes quite calmly, it can laugh at itself. In a romantic relationship, he shows himself as an attentive, sensitive partner, and strives to create a strong family. Taurus the Rooster is a reliable man, his wife can fully trust him.

Taurus Rooster Woman

Active Taurus-Rooster woman energetically tackles any problems. Strives to help all people, regardless of the degree of acquaintance. It is not without vanity, so it does not just provide support, but waits for thanks in return. Taurus-Rooster is a kind, intelligent, hardworking woman, but fussy. Acts out of good motives, just too zealous in her desire to make the world happy. Quickly attached to people, and this behavior can scare away suitors. In a romantic relationship, she manifests herself as a temperamental partner, at the same time very economic, caring, devoted to the interests of the family. She happens impatient and quick-tempered, but her vagaries do not last too long.

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