Virgo Rooster

Intelligent, smart and discreet Rooster-Virgo produces the most favorable impression: a reliable, honest person. Behaves impeccably, perfectly brought up, can hold any conversation. He has a strong intuition, rarely makes mistakes in his assessments. Distinguished by friendliness, gets on well with others, understands and shares their feelings. On a combined horoscope, the Virgo-Rooster is a charming, cheerful person. People of this combination are eloquent and persuasive in their arguments. Sometimes they are too chatty, but they know how to pull themselves together in time. Insightful, intelligent, so do not annoy people with their reflections. Although not always can refrain from criticism, than much offend others.

Virgo Rooster Traits

This Virgo, under the influence of the fervent, merry Rooster, becomes more tolerant of the shortcomings of others. Although he makes remarks, but only on business. He does not consider it necessary to hide from the people around the truth, or rather, he does not know how to lie. The main feature of the Virgo-Rooster sign is honesty. He does not like to brag and embellish his dignity, he is no less frank with respect to people: he will necessarily express to his interlocutor everything that thinks about him. Rooster-Virgo bribes his honesty and sincerity, he wants to believe and share his secrets. This man is so good-natured and trustful that he does not expect fraud from others. People are drawn to it, seeking support and understanding. The Rooster-Virgo has many friends, although he is selective in acquaintances.

Curious, active Virgo-Rooster is open to new knowledge, strives to achieve perfection in all spheres of life. This person should be the best among his surroundings: a wonderful family man, a good worker, a loyal friend. I am ready to work hard, depriving myself of rest and pleasure, but I will definitely achieve my goal. Principal and categorical: in his life there is an ideal order. Rooster-Virgo — a sympathetic, attentive person, with great willingness helps others. True, it does not take into account one circumstance: not everyone strives for perfection. It happens to be boring and intrusive, and even worse — too keen on criticism. Sometimes people do not know where to hide from this champion of justice and morality.

Sociable Rooster-Virgo likes to talk on a variety of topics. He does not tolerate silence and loneliness, but he will not impose his society on unfamiliar people. Trusts only close friends, needs associates and reliable partners. Strongly developed intuition allows him to avoid serious mistakes in communication. Rooster-Virgo is perceptive, observant: rarely mistakes in people. He knows how to be self-centered, always polite and tactful. He tries to understand a person and help in solving his problems. True, expects others to love and care, needs support. Despite his unflappable appearance, the Virgo-Rooster is not too sure of his own strength. He is afraid of loneliness, painfully worried about betrayal of close people.

Virgo Rooster Compatibility (Love & Family)

In a romantic relationship, a reliable and stable Rooster-Virgo remains faithful to his principles. Not prone to frivolous connections, although he does not mind flirt and flirt. Attentive to people, immediately feels cold and indifference towards themselves. He is proud and proud: he will not forgive humiliation. Rooster-Virgo is a suspicious person. Suspects others in unseemly acts, especially when it comes to personal relationships. Only a sincere person can trust himself, to whom he will devote himself without a trace.

According to love horoscope, the Virgo-Rooster is an ideal partner: a caring and devoted person. Completely focused on his family, trying to please and surprise loved ones. Practical, businesslike and economic, while not forgetting about leisure. Likes to organize grandiose family holidays. He knows how to plan his time, competently distributes his forces. The Rooster-Virgo is full of tenderness and love, ready to pamper his loved ones indefinitely. True, he does not forget to control their lives, constantly makes comments, makes many demands.

Virgo Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

This person — a realist and a practitioner, is not distracted by lengthy reflections and empty fantasies. Has an analytical mind, is well versed in financial matters. Easily digests large amounts of information, is diligent and attentive to small things. The Rooster-Virgo is aimed at the result: it works a lot and with great desire. He adheres to the strict schedule, always clearly fulfills his duties. Cold-blooded, judicious and very disciplined — never fails his team.

Practical, hard-working Rooster-Virgo does not waste time on trifles, but immediately begins to work. Sometimes it is unrestrained: it conflicts and argues with colleagues, but only on a really serious matter. The Virgo-Rooster is a good leader, enjoys authority from his subordinates. Is able to adjust the workflow in such a way as to achieve the maximum result. Is able to organize a successful business is a good opportunity to prove to others their worth.

Virgo Rooster Man

A materialist, a pragmatist, an intellectual — all this is the man of the Virgo-Rooster sign. Very serious, always assembled, as if waiting for any trouble. Do not lose the presence of the spirit in any circumstances, shows fighting qualities. Doubtful, but able to control feelings and emotions, therefore gives the impression of self-confident person. The Virgo-Rooster is pleased with himself, his whole life is painted for years ahead. He is looking for an ideal companion worthy of his attention. He looks beautiful, spares money for entertainment and gifts. Having made a choice, he remains faithful to the end of his days. He is more interested in work, not in novels on the side. Although female attention flattered his self-esteem, it is a delicate connoisseur of beauty.

Virgo Rooster Woman

Fragile Virgo-Rooster women are really very stubborn and persistent in achieving their goals. Clever and cold-blooded, easily cope with any life’s troubles. Discerning women perfectly see the tricks and deception of men, but prefer not to aggravate the situation. Vivid emotions manifest only in the case of a strong love. Virgo-Roosters are devoted women, ready for any feats for the sake of the family. They perfectly cope with domestic duties, take care of their husbands and children with pleasure. But they will never betray their favorite business, they feel great pleasure, achieving excellent results at work. They are good organizers, they often occupy a responsible position.

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