Sagittarius — Combined Horoscope

Active, cheerful Sagittarius people have an uncontrollable craving for wanderings and adventures. They like to communicate, make new acquaintances. People of this sign are great optimists, they manage to maintain their positive attitude under any circumstances. Of course, each representative of this sign has an individual set of qualities. The temperament of man is affected not only by the position of the Sun in Sagittarius, but also by the year of birth. According to the eastern horoscope, every year corresponds to a certain animal, in its power the fate of people born in this period. Therefore, the combined horoscope contains more detailed information on the nature of the person.

A tactful, well-bred Sagittarius is a universal favorite. Cleverly uses his natural charm, can charm almost anyone. A fine speaker, resolutely defends his opinion, but does it tactfully. He has a huge supply of reliable facts, weighty arguments, so he has no equal in disputes. At the same time it manages to maintain excellent relations with people, it can not be offended. This behavior is demonstrated by Sagittarius-Rat. The charming person attracts people with his benevolent attitude. Has a great sense of humor, helping out in the most difficult situations.

Strong sides of the character of Sagittarius can be attributed dedication and determination. He wants to take place in the profession, he is interested in leadership positions. Does this not because of vanity, he likes to solve complex problems. Is in constant movement, feels the need to develop, improve their skills and skills. But sometimes he is too fond of brilliant prospects, becomes a callous person, ready for cunning and cunning in order to achieve his goals. An example of an excellent leader is the Sagittarius-Monkey, quickly grasps the essence of the matter, puts before the employees clear, important tasks that are achievable.

Restless Sagittarius try to solve several important issues simultaneously. They are keen on a career, travel a lot, so do not find time for a serious relationship. As the chosen one they see the person who was held. The partner’s appearance, his ability to submit himself are of great importance, but the inner filling for Sagittarius is no less important. For example, Sagittarius-Dragon in the relationship does not seek leadership, is ready to take into account the interests of the other half. But in return he expects mutual respect, the partner must be a faithful assistant in all matters.

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