Scorpio — Combined Horoscope

Scorpio is the strongest sign of the western horoscope. The sun in Scorpio creates an interesting, but rather complex character. People of this sign have a powerful internal potential, follow firm beliefs and principles. All their life they struggle with internal contradictions, they try to gain control over their feelings. Finding a common language with them is quite difficult, but some of the Scorpions show softness, pliability. According to the eastern horoscope, the character of the person is influenced by the patron-animal of the year of birth. The combination of Scorpio with the Chinese zodiac signs forms 12 possible combinations, each of these variants is unique in its own way.

Resolute Scorpio people show perseverance in achieving their goals, no barrier can withstand them. All, even the most daring plans, necessarily incarnate into reality. They approach any case vigorously, in some cases show aggression. Compromise, peace agreements — not for them, so it’s better not to get in the way of people of this sign. This behavior is demonstrated by Scorpio-Rat, vigorously tackles the most difficult issues, shows increased activity. But he does not act rashly, he listens attentively to inner feelings. A confident, stubborn person prefers to succeed alone.

Cautious in their actions and actions Scorpios can seem closed people. Just do not consider it necessary to share their experiences, to win their trust is very difficult. But they are honest, fair people, have a strong intuition, so they always make the right decision. They are very attached to the family, they perceive their relatives as their property, and they are firmly suppressed by any encroachments on personal freedom. For example, Scorpio-Horse — an independent, freedom-loving nature, is guided only by one’s own desires, but at the same time touchingly cares about close people.

Scorpio in love takes the most decisive action to attract the attention of the chosen one. In a fit of passion, it does not control itself, so it can manifest a wide range of feelings: rage, jealousy, admiration, adoration. Independent Scorpio is ready to sacrifice their interests for the sake of a loved one. He is a maximalist, completely given to a strong feeling. Emotional, hilarious Scorpio-Rabbit is not in a hurry to marry, but met his soul mate, easily adapts to her interests, remains faithful throughout life.

Combined horoscope provides a unique opportunity to understand yourself, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the character. Astrological knowledge can be useful in solving complex life situations.

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