Aquarius Snake

This Snake finds it difficult to find inner balance: the chaotic nature of Aquarius greatly complicates her life. All the time he is striving for something, he is hungry for new impressions and discoveries. Snake-Aquarius — the union of two opposites. This combination gives rise to a complex, but also interesting personality. She is full of contradictions, she does not know peace. According to the combined horoscope, Aquarius-Snake is a dynamic person with non-standard thinking. He has extraordinary abilities and diverse talents. For him, the main thing in life: do not be like others. It contains the energy of such power that it easily overcomes all obstacles. Although not always brings the case to the end: there are too many ideas in his head and each deserves special attention.

Aquarius Snake Traits

Snake-Aquarius — a multifaceted, uneasy personality. Blindly trusts his intuition, has an interest in everything mystical. At the same time, Aquarius the Snake is a realist and a practitioner, relies on his life experience and knowledge to make important decisions. The whole life of the Aquarius-Snake takes place in the emotional throws, in attempts to find peace and pacification. Before him there is an important choice, who he really is: a fiery revolutionary or an ardent conservative? Aquarius-Snake — an unusual combination, there is a place for any manifestation of its complex nature. Usually he goes to his goals standard way, but he finds new, original ways of solving problems. In it, the innovative vein is strong: let it be in small things, but it will stand out clearly against the background of other people.

This bright, artistic person is the soul of any company. I do not mind spending a lot of fun, full of various ideas on this subject, especially tends to unusual entertainment. Aquarius-Snake attracts people with its inexhaustible optimism. There is so much energy in him that he can not live a day without some original tricks. This is an excellent organizer, even in the company of strangers immediately assumes the functions of a leader. He does not avoid publicity; on the contrary, he tries in every possible way to attract attention to himself. Easily finds a common language with others, does not hesitate to use their kind attitude for mercenary purposes. Aquarius-Snake likes to find out other people’s secrets, but he rarely confides, trusts only close people.

Active Aquarius-Snake is able to succeed in any business. Will find a way out of the most difficult situation, will be able to negotiate with anyone and anything. Aquarius-Snake is a creatively gifted person with a rich imagination and developed visionary. The main feature of the Aquarius-Snake is excellent organizational skills: it is able to unite people around itself, always nice and benevolent. True, he rarely brings his ideas to a logical conclusion. Too weak-minded and frivolous to stick to a clear plan. He suffers from mood swings, is unstable in his judgments Aquarius-Snake should be as often as possible to be alone with yourself: peace and quiet are the best cure for nervousness.

Aquarius Snake Compatibility (Love & Family)

According to the love horoscope, Aquarius-Snake is one of the sexiest signs. So charming and outwardly attractive, that does not lack a fan or fan. Pleasant in communication, inventive, this is a great master in part of exquisite compliments. He likes to flirt and flirt, gets great pleasure from the process of courtship. He does not hurry to marry, in every possible way avoids serious relations. Aquarius-Snake is a romantic, an adventurer, and not an exemplary family man.

Aquarius-Snake likes to show his feelings for show. For others, he is the most loving and caring partner. Although alone with loved ones do not hesitate to be rude and irritable. Whimsical, demanding in relation to his half, waiting for complete devotion and loyalty. Himself does not shun connections on the side. Greed before new impressions, can not live without love adventures. However, he always returns to the family, yet Aquarius-Snake is very attached to the partner and children.

Aquarius Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Active, restless Aquarius-Snake will find a way to realize his talents. Acts quickly and decisively, is not inclined to superfluous experiences. He does not attach importance to failure, he positively looks at life. Has high communication skills, easily converges with people. In addition, he has a well-developed memory. This person is widely known for his ability to play tricks and jokes, he is not lost in public, he strives for universal recognition. Aquarius-Snake can become a successful journalist, writer or presenter.

For Aquarius-Snake there are no problems with which he could not cope. A significant correction: if only he himself wants to. Does not differ responsibility, at any time can fail. On Snake-Aquarius can not fully rely on: frivolous and unstable in their desires. True, he sincerely regrets that his colleagues always forgive him. The path of Aquarius-Snake is creative experiments, and all the hard work has to be performed by someone else. With the support of a reliable partner, he can become a successful businessman.

Aquarius Snake Man

An energetic Aquarius-Snake man, if desired, is able to roll mountains, but not much wants it. He prefers not to complicate his life. He loves communication, there are always a lot of people around him. However, few of his surroundings can boast of the fact that he knows Aquarius-Snake well. Carefully protects your inner world from outside interference. A mysterious man causes burning curiosity, women seek to learn all his secrets. He is not against new acquaintances and flirting, but his serious relationship causes him to fear. Do not seek to tie the knot, so the partner has a long struggle for a place near him. Life with him is quite an exciting event, a woman will not be bored. The only nuance: he is authoritarian and very jealous.

Aquarius Snake Woman

Multifaceted and very talented Aquarius-Snake woman easily copes with all matters. It all comes easy, it seems that she does not make any effort. She simply lives for her own pleasure, happily avoiding difficulties and failures. However, this is a pragmatic person, capable of calculating her future to the smallest detail. Perfectly understands people, so she carefully selects a man for a serious relationship. Aquarius-Snake woman is attractive, around her a lot of fans. It’s true that only a person with a wealth of merits can interest her. She must be sure of her well-being, family life is a serious matter, there is no place for romantic fads. But more faithful and devoted partner to her chosen one is not found.

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