Cancer Snake

Mysterious, inscrutable Cancer-Snake — a complex sign, to recognize its true nature is very difficult. Soft, vulnerable Cancer is gaining powerful support in the face of a strong and cold-blooded Snake. He ceases to be nervous over trifles, to suffer and to rush about in doubts, becomes vindictive and vindictive. The main feature of Snake-Cancer is a subtle intuitive flair: it does not go into questioning, but simply reads information from people. Therefore, others should be extremely cautious in communicating with him. Do not forgive jokes and unflattering reviews about yourself. Although in general the Snake-Cancer is a charming, cheerful person, he likes people. Clever, shrewd, well-educated, so communication with him is filled with positive emotions.

Cancer Snake Traits

These are serious, confident people, at least, make such an impression. They do not like haste and fuss, they are very accurate in their assessments, they rarely make mistakes. They will not exchange their comfortable lives for dubious adventures. According to the combined horoscope Snake-Cancer — a strong personality, does not need help and advice. Moreover, it is annoying obsessive people. This self-sufficient person, holds with great dignity. Not afraid of loneliness, on the contrary, enjoys peace and quiet. Needs a personal space, loves to reflect on everything in the world alone with himself. At the same time he knows how to have fun, enjoys spending time in noisy companies. Cancer-Snake can be anything: it’s just perfect.

Wise Snake-Cancer knows how to use the weaknesses of others to their advantage. He has a strong intuition, understands the mood of people without unnecessary words. His calm, mysterious behavior fascinates, he has a hypnotic effect on everyone without exception. Few dare to argue with him. Snake Cancer always knows how best to act, as if it foresees future events. Behaves so confidently that people follow him and blindly trust his opinion. Although inside, like any Cancer, is in doubt, going through because of trifles. However, the composure of the Snake helps him in difficult situations, helps to keep calm. This man is famous for his endurance, ability to endure trouble.

Snake-Cancer is an amazing person: his tender, vulnerable heart is encased in a steel shell. It is very difficult to understand the mood of this person, because anything outside equanimity can hide anything. On the one hand — compassion and concern for close people, and on the other — selfishness, anger and cruelty. Strongly developed sense of self-preservation protects Cancer-Snake from risky actions, he first of all thinks of himself. Therefore, depending on the circumstances, behaves differently. But always charming, even anger to his face. With all the troubles copes independently, but if he only asks for help, immediately there is a mass of volunteers. Snake-crab has a mystical power over others.

Cancer Snake Compatibility (Love & Family)

This person is attractive to the opposite sex: it is distinguished by its attractiveness and sexual magnetism. In personal relationships, Cancer-Snake does not lose its self-confidence, it is he who is the leader in the relationship. He is jealous, capricious, he has a strong sense of ownership. On the love horoscope Cancer-Snake is a demanding partner: he believes that he deserves only the best. And his despotism is based on a terrible self-doubt, in love relationships, he is very vulnerable.

Having married, Snake-Cancer almost immediately forgets about its independence. With an easy heart, he is relieved of responsibility for the welfare of the family. Rather, it leaves to itself an honorable role of the head. With ecstasy controls the life of close people, and does it very competently. Cancer-Snake loves his house, with pleasure, takes care of the household. It is important for him to create comfortable conditions for himself and his close people. He zealously protects the peace of his family from outside influence.

Cancer Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Careful Cancer-Snake is devoid of vanity, does not strive for high office. Acts slowly, carefully thinks about his prospects, considers all possible options. But having made a decision, he persistently achieves his plans. He does not like the risk, he will not engage in questionable business, even if he is promised a huge profit. Cancer-Snake is a hardworking person, but never works for the sake of an idea. Not indifferent to money, and does not like to spend it, very rational and economical.

The natural charm of Cancer-Snake is the key to the hearts of people. This emotional, temperamental person owns the gift of reincarnation. Snake Cancer can become a popular actor, because for him, any role can play a talented role — an easy task and a mere trifle. In addition, his vocation: pedagogy. This intellectually gifted person has a wide horizon, possesses the gift of persuasion and developed eloquence. Is able to correctly present information, instantly captivates with his ideas.

Cancer Snake Man

Inside the calm, cold-blooded Cancer-Snake man rage emotions, but the surrounding people do not need to know about them, at least for the time being. So shrewd and smart that his life develops exactly as he conceived. If Cancer-Snake is not happy with something, it can be tough and prickly until it settles down. Such behavior — a rarity, usually skillfully adjusts the life of loved ones to their own interests. Acts subtly and prudently, envelops his attentive, benevolent attitude. It makes the impression of a sociable person, completely satisfied with what is happening around. However, he is looking for solitude, he needs a secluded place for reflection. Even a beloved woman will not be able to get his attention if he does not want it.

Cancer Snake Woman

For Cancer-Snake woman there are no restrictions in communication. Acts boldly, manifests itself as an active person, therefore invariably draws attention. However, carefully protects her inner world, securely stores secrets and secrets. This is a secretive and distrustful person, only really close people know her as she is. The Cancer-Snake woman is a proud and selfish person, so she does not tolerate disobedience. Achieves it’s and in solving business issues, and in personal life. The elect must accept that any objections are useless. She will find her happiness with a clever, calm and restrained man. Moreover, she has a strong intuition, always does the right thing. She is very attached to her home and close people.

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