Capricorn Snake

The reserved, secretive Snake-Capricorn loves solitude, in every possible way avoids publicity. This person has developed intelligence, is prudent and cold-blooded. It seems that he is absolutely indifferent to others, does not need their support. However, he reacts painfully to criticism, he seeks love and understanding. Behind external restraint lies a subtle nature, capable of profound experiences. According to the combined horoscope Snake-Capricorn — a thinker who has a special mindset. Tends to long reflections, always calculates the situation a few steps forward. Perfectly owns himself, does not allow emotions and feelings to take up over the mind. But all the same remains the usual person with the delicacies and lacks.

Capricorn Snake Traits

The wise, penetrating Snake has a beneficial effect on the stubborn, unsociable Capricorn. He becomes more sensible, flexible in communication, ceases to hesitate to show his emotions. True, still distrustful of people, not everyone shares his secrets and secrets, very discriminating in the choice of acquaintances. But alone with friends allows himself to completely relax. Needs like-minded people, communicates only with those who are able to share his interests and hobbies. He is a devoted friend and faithful companion, to have such a person next to him is a great success. Although not capable of a bright display of feelings. Capricorn-Snake is not romantic and sentimental, does not know how to make exquisite compliments.

Capricorn-Snake likes to spend time alone, especially when reading books. He does not tolerate noise and fuss, he strives for peace and quiet. It is distinguished by a rare observation and excellent memory. This person is attentive to trifles, calm and reasonable. He does not give vain promises, he does not like to talk idle. But Capricorn-Snake always keeps its word. He is a decent and honest man, not in his rules to lie and exaggerate his achievements. Do not try to attract attention to yourself, do not try to make a favorable impression, but sincerely enjoys any praise. Behind the harsh appearance is a very kind, sympathetic and generous person. He does not seek benefits for himself, he is ill with the whole soul for the common cause.

Life of the Capricorn-Snake obeys strict rules, there is no room for chaos and disorder. This person is pedantic, accurate, patient, able to withstand the intense pace of work. The only condition is complete silence. Can not concentrate in the company of obsessive people. Capricorn-Snake makes high demands on the people around. He can find a common language only with intellectually developed people who have a broad outlook. He will not maintain relations with hypocrites, boors and chatterers. Such people only cause contempt in the high moral Capricorn-Snake. He likes to learn, constantly improves his skills and abilities. He is looking for worthy partners, he likes to conduct intellectual conversations.

Capricorn Snake Compatibility (Love & Family)

According to the love horoscope the Snake-Capricorn — timid, shy people. Legible in choosing a partner, do not approve of casual acquaintances. Cautious, uncommunicative, with great difficulty go to contact. The reasons for this behavior are understandable: natural caution and indecisiveness. Capricorn-Snake doubts his own attractiveness, is subject to self-criticism. But over time, with the attentive attitude of a partner, he will be able to admit his feelings.

Capricorn-Snake — a loving, caring person, with him easily and calmly. The family for him is of great value: he is ready for any sacrifices for the sake of the welfare of his loved ones. Particular attention is paid to the upbringing of children, seeks to cultivate educated people among them. Quite often it is difficult to communicate with loved ones. Needs a personal space, from time to time shelters from everyone in his room. Capricorn-Snake loves solitude and does not bother them at all.

Capricorn Snake Business (Career & Goals)

This ambitious person does not seek help, is fully capable of independently succeeding. True, I will be glad to hear the words of approval. Still, it depends heavily on people’s opinions, badly needs like-minded people. For him, work is a way of self-expression, the meaning of life. He can not work fruitfully if he does not feel support from his colleagues. He can cope with any difficulties, but tensions in the team can worsen the quality of his work.

Capricorn-Snake gravitates toward humanitarian professions and is not disposed to heavy physical labor. Can become a good lawyer, has all the necessary qualities for this: sharp mind, discretion, circumspection. Eloquent, able to convince anyone of his rightness. Capricorn-Snake causes boundless confidence, people like to be in the company of this calm, balanced person. Professions related to scientific and pedagogical activity suit him.

Capricorn Snake Man

The reserved Capricorn-Snake man carefully conceals his thoughts and emotions. Completely immersed in their own feelings, he is interested only in people of similar thinking. She strives to get a profession that is not connected with communicating with people. Despite the closed nature, the desire for solitude is not at all indifferent to public opinion. He feels comfortable, being away from the bustle, for work he needs silence. An attractive, sexy man causes interest in women, but is not at all superficial. He needs an intelligent, understanding partner, and quite active, because he himself does not hurry with the adoption of important decisions. But with him you can always find a common language, family life usually develops quite successfully.

Capricorn Snake Woman

The Capricorn-Snake woman is distinguished by rare diligence, tries to achieve success in life by any means. If desired, she could enjoy the company of her beloved man, but she likes grandiose projects more. She is an impeccable professional, an expert in her business. True, its strong character is an obstacle to building personal relationships. Too exacting and prudent, tries to get only profitable acquaintances. Not slope to romantic actions, and does not require special frills from a partner. Woman Capricorn-Snake will be happy with a solid man, able to create comfortable living conditions. She does not tolerate control, a sense of freedom inspires her. In the family life does everything possible to make loved ones happy.

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