Gemini Snake

These Gemini are dynamic, sociable people, full of enthusiasm and positive mood. Although not very similar to other representatives of this air sign. For all its unpredictability, the Gemini-Snakes are not at all frivolous, but slopes to reflection and calculation. People of this combination are thoughtful and organized, which is not typical for Gemini. The union of the wise Snake and energetic Gemini is quite interesting: these two signs complement and balance each other. In general, they are nice and friendly people. They have so much charm and charisma that immediately cause trust and sympathy. However, they can be demanding and even aggressive: powerful energy, rapid reaction — their distinctive features.

Gemini Snake Traits

Open, positive Gemini-Snakes are charming personalities, attract people with their inexhaustible enthusiasm and childish spontaneity. They are conversational, contact, always happy to meet new people. They have an excellent sense of humor, magnificent eloquence and erudition. And not just entertain the interlocutor, but closely monitor his reaction. Gemini-Snakes are important to make a good impression, so they carefully think through their behavior. They may seem careless jokers, but in all cases observe their own interest. If necessary, they will be able to stand up for themselves, they will certainly achieve the desired goal, but they do not transgress the bounds of decency: they do not like quarreling and scandal.

This active person does not tolerate boredom and inaction. Snake-Gemini must be in constant motion, otherwise it begins to deteriorate character. I agree to the hardest work, if only not to sit around. He likes to travel, though he finds useful lessons on vacation. It is easy to relate to change, does not feel embarrassed and embarrassed, quickly establishes friendly relations with a variety of people. However, new acquaintances may not even know about his rancor. Like all Snakes, the man of this combination is vindictive and unreceptive to criticism. He does not just take offense, but tries to harm his detractor. Thanks to his intelligence and ingenuity, the Gemini Snake quickly finds a way for revenge.

Gemini-Snake — a self-sufficient person, is quite capable to do without other people’s advice. At the same time he likes to share his personal problems with his interlocutors. Sometimes the superfluous frankness of the Snake-Gemini wearies people, but they have no choice but to listen to it silently. This persistent person will still achieve his, possesses the inborn gift of persuasion. All his actions make sense, if Gemini-Snake decided to share information, then there is an urgent need for it. Do not hesitate to use people for their own purposes, acts so subtly that others do not know about his true intentions. However, he is so decent that he will not use his power to harm others.

Gemini Snake Compatibility (Love & Family)

Charming, charismatic Snake-Gemini love attention, they like to flirt and flirt. They are open to communication, they easily get new acquaintances. And do not always mean a serious, long-term relationship, they just like to turn heads to fans or fans. Only really falling in love, think about marriage. According to the love horoscope Gemini-Snake — a pretentious person, makes high demands on his partner. Even in his personal life he adheres to the business approach.

After entering into marriage, the Gemini-Snake forgets about fleeting intrigues and connections on the side. Strives for a stable relationship, for him the family is a reliable rear. However, he keeps strictly with his relatives, does not indulge their weaknesses. She is shrewd and wise, she always knows about the true intentions of her half and children. Close should not forget about the main feature of his character — resentment, complete rejection of criticism. But even in anger does not cease to be charming, it is impossible to take offense for a long time.

Gemini Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Sociable Gemini-Snakes know how to make useful acquaintances. Enterprising, sensible, competently dispose of their knowledge and skills. Are capable to achieve excellent results in any field of activity. They love to work, they use every opportunity to improve their material condition. Although for them money is not the meaning of life, simply combine the pleasant with the useful: a favorite business and a high income. Do not be afraid of difficulties, on the contrary, the more difficult the work, the sweeter is success.

The active Gemini-Snake does not sit without work, constantly looking for ways of self-expression. He has the gift of persuasion, can become a good teacher, and even better — a successful politician. He knows how to convey his ideas to the masses, in addition, is so charming that it does not cause negative emotions. It is quite possible to choose an actor’s path: such a bright personality will not go unnoticed. Due to its charisma and natural charm, Gemini-Snake easily conquers the love of the public.

Gemini Snake Man

Charming man Gemini-Snake seems simple in communication with a man. The surrounding people cause only sympathy and trust. However, rivals should not be deceived by his good-natured appearance. In fact, Gemini-Snake is a determined and purposeful man. You can not doubt that it is he who will bypass all competitors and take the place of the head. And no one will notice how it happened, so skilfully he calculates all his steps. He is a clever, clever and astute man, who knows his worth very well. In his personal life, besides, he is also a demanding partner. His chosen one must be perfection and self-sufficient personality, having a good income. The man of these signs is not disposed to superfluous spending and pampering.

Gemini Snake Woman

The Gemini woman, born in the year of the Snake, stands out for its bright personality. She is able to do several things at the same time, she is interested in trying everything. Moreover, she has a lot of talents, any activity related to the sphere of arts is within her power. Emotional nature with all the passion given to a favorite business, however very quickly loses interest in it, it is only to achieve an excellent result. And the fact that this wonderful professional can not be doubted, has a whole range of remarkable qualities: dedication, strong will, diligence. In a romantic relationship, only a support from the partner is waiting for her, she will not listen to even fair criticism.

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