Leo Snake

Emotional Leo in alliance with the wise Snake becomes more balanced and even a little pragmatic. He can not be called an indifferent and narcissistic person: he takes an active part in the life of other people. However, do not hesitate to use others for their own purposes. According to the combined horoscope Snake-Leo — a strong man with inflated demands. Of course, he regards himself as a standard and ideal, therefore he makes claims to others, and does it tactful. Like all Leos, he can beautifully get out of any situation. Sociable, contact, polite, but carefully conceals true thoughts: he is afraid to discover his weaknesses. The Leo-Snake is born to rule, yearns for recognition and admiration.

Leo Snake Traits

The regal Leo-Snake likes to be in the center of attention, loves to receive compliments. Intelligent and prudent, does not take all the words to faith, and most importantly — does not hurry to open his heart. Leo-Snake likes the role of a kind, noble person, but he is much more difficult than he wants to appear. He will not pass by someone else’s misfortune, he will try to help people in need: nevertheless he has a strong desire to patronize the weak. True, he will not forget how they will be able to repay him. Do not waste your time and effort in vain, always find a way to get benefits. However, Leo-Snake is honest and fair, never acts to the detriment of people. Do not attack first, do not get involved in scandals, in extreme cases, can fight back.

Leo-Snake is assertive, resolute, the main feature of this sign is the desire for leadership. Do not even try to argue with him, it is much easier and quieter to agree with his opinion. The Leo-Snake always knows how best, but with those who doubt it, it’s not on the path. Although he will not express his irritation and disappointment. Still, the Snake-Leo is a proud man: it is not in his rules to humble himself and ask, let alone show his weakness. He experiences troubles alone with himself, for others he is a winner. The only thing that can give his experience: isolation and coldness. This behavior is not typical for the sociable and communicative Leo. At such times he needs support and compassion.

The generosity of Leo-Snake knows no bounds: he does not save himself and others. Easily spends money without thinking about the future. Fate is supportive of him, usually Leo-Snake does not experience any material problems. In difficult moments of life, suddenly there is a new source of income, or old debts are returned to him. Men and women, born under the sign of the Snake-Leo, adore dressing up. Follow the novelties of fashion, do not spare money for your wardrobe. They always look spectacular, they are not ashamed to appear in the most demanding society. They are not indifferent to luxury goods, they furnish their dwelling with great taste. The Leo-Snake can maintain useful acquaintances, that is why there are no random people in his house. Likes to receive expensive gifts, he rejoices as a child.

Leo Snake Compatibility (Love & Family)

Beautiful, spectacular, sexually attractive Leo-Snake — the object of desire of many people. There are always a lot of admirers and fans around this person. However, Leo-Snake needs a worthy partner: visually attractive and without material problems. This vain, proud man loves attention, his personal life should cause admiration and envy. Strives for a vibrant relationship, saturated with a variety of events. He is not attracted by quiet, modest people, devoid of feelings of excitement.

According to the family horoscope, the Snake-Leo is the leader, and relatives will have to accept this state of affairs. Whimsical, selfish, requires caress, care and increased attention. He will do everything he can to ensure that his family does not need anything. True, in return waiting for adoration and submission. The Leo-Snake should hear words of gratitude and admiration. In addition, the partner must report to him about each step. Although afraid to seem weak, but in fact, the Leo-Snake is very dependent on the family.

Leo Snake Business (Career & Goals)

A proud Leo-Snake does not know how to obey, it is very difficult for him to recognize someone else’s superiority. Balanced, cold-blooded, knows how to solve problems without quarrels and scandals. Strives to manage people, not afraid to take responsibility. He dreams of a brilliant career, and absolutely right in his desire to achieve recognition. Leo-Snake perfectly suits the role of leader and favorite of the working collective. Although able to work productively as an artist. For him there are no impossible tasks.

Leo-Snake can take place in any field: nature generously endowed him with numerous talents. This is a high intellect, and a rich imagination. And most importantly, his dignity is the ability to rally people around him. This is an excellent organizer, has an oratorical gift, knows how to influence others. Can become a successful lawyer, politician, public figure. Leo-Snake is a creatively gifted person, likes to invent new images. Therefore, he often chooses the profession of a designer or decorator.

Leo Snake Man

The generous man Leo-Snake is a favorite of the society. He was born to command, and does not make any effort to win people’s favor. Natural magnetism, mind, calmness — everything gives out in him a self-sufficient, self-assured man. Likes to shine in society, not indifferent to luxury things. With women, he behaves like a gallant gentleman, but at the same time capricious, obstinate and jealous. Itself does not differ in fidelity, but from the partner requires complete submission. However, it can be misled by ostentatious obedience and compliments. He is a genuinely generous, benevolent person. Providently avoids quarrels and conflicts both in personal life and in solving business issues. Therefore, communication with him does not bring disappointment.

Leo Snake Woman

A magnificent Leo-Snake woman seems mysterious and mysterious person. Perfectly looks at any time of the day and night, closely follows the fashion. It is impossible to take her by surprise, she is always perfect and flawless. And attractive appearance is not the most important thing of her dignity. In a romantic relationship, she manifests herself as a sensual, passionate person, and at work — a strict leader. Surrounding people do not get tired of admiring her talents. It seems that this woman is subject to everything, there is no sphere in which she has not succeeded. But the favorable course of life is the result of hard work. It does not count on the help of others, all important issues are decided by itself. In a loving relationship, she tries to take the place of a leader, in return she is ready to give all herself, and this mean a lot.

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