Sagittarius Snake

This is the most charming and sociable of all the Serpents. Spends a life in continuous movement, gets great pleasure from everything that is happening around. According to the combined horoscope, Snake-Sagittarius is a charismatic person, full of contradictions. This man is clever, perceptive, it seems that he obediently submits to the instincts of the Serpent. However, he is capable of ill-considered actions, he is greedy for new impressions, he does not consider it necessary to restrain his passions. This emotional, impulsive person does not burden himself with cares and problems. Surrounders do not always understand Sagittarius-Snake, do not approve of his frivolous way of life. But it is not boring with him, he attracts people with his positive attitude, curiosity and rare ingenuity.

Sagittarius Snake Traits

The restless, unbalanced Snake-Sagittarius is capable of the most unexpected deeds. Does not differ persistence, suffers from mood swings. Sometimes he hardly understands himself, but gets angry if he sees bewilderment in the eyes of others. Sagittarius-Snake does not consider it necessary to pretend, always openly expresses his opinion. However, people do not think to be offended, they are very sympathetic to this nice person. With joy participate in the games invented by him. After all, worry about his bad mood — vain work. Sagittarius Snake quickly comes in a good mood, completely forgets about their claims and grievances. To deal with this good-natured merry fellow is a pleasure.

Nature generously rewarded him with various talents. The main feature of Sagittarius Snake is curiosity. He must know everything in the world: no detail can escape his attentive glance. This is a real psychologist, well versed in people, easily identifies their weaknesses. And he does not hesitate to use his knowledge for mercenary purposes. Although in most often goes on about his irrepressible curiosity. Sagittarius-Snake loves to travel, with joy opens up new places. He eagerly absorbs impressions, is full of optimism and firmly believes in his success. However, periods of emotional recovery are easily replaced by depression. It is quite capable of falling into depression and despondency for no apparent reason.

Enterprising, practical Sagittarius-Snake can farm, although many seem carefree and frivolous person. Competently disposes of their finances, does not miss any opportunity to earn. Hard-working, responsibly refers to his professional duties. Therefore, he does not experience any material problems, the only thing that worries him is the lack of time. Sagittarius-Snake can simultaneously deal with several things at once: he must catch up everywhere and everywhere. Such a frantic pace of life can tire the most hardy and healthy person. Therefore, the Sagittarius-Serpent sometimes bothers his relatives with complaints of fatigue. Although he himself understands that such a life he likes and in another way can not be.

Sagittarius Snake Compatibility (Love & Family)

Sociable, impulsive Sagittarius-Snake easily gets new acquaintances. There is so much passion and energy in him that he can not sit still. Likes to have fun, knows how to arrange unforgettable romantic dates. True, the chosen one or the chosen one of the Sagittarius-Serpent can not be sure of the strength of his feelings. So fickle in love, that his benevolent attitude still does not mean anything. Sagittarius-Snake can suddenly disappear from the life of a man in love with him.

According to the family horoscope Snake-Sagittarius — not the most successful combination for family life. This person is not in a hurry to get married, too windy and unstable to dream of a strong alliance. He loves life in all its manifestations, does not want to limit his freedom. However, over time, even if not a good example, but a good family man. Sagittarius-Snake does not like to do homework, his vocation — the organization of family leisure. In the ability to invent a variety of games, fun and fun entertainment, he has no equal.

Sagittarius Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Sagittarius-Snake competently distributes its strength: it knows how to work and rest. Fearlessly goes forward, firmly believes in his dream, even if all around are predicting failure. Sagittarius-Snake — a great organizer, it is distinguished by non-standard thinking and ingenuity. He not only comes up with large-scale projects, but also knows how to implement them. Has high communication skills, easily finds a common language with different people. The snake-Sagittarius is the favorite and the pride of the collective.

The ambitious Sagittarius-Snake in any way strives to take place in life. He is not afraid of difficulties and difficulties, the only obstacle to success is emotional mobility. May falls into depression and temporarily abandon your work. However, such periods of indifference do not last too long. Usually Sagittarius-Snake is an active, inquisitive person. His sphere of interest is quite extensive: travel, literature, finance, management. It is best for him profession associated with frequent relocation.

Sagittarius Snake Man

The man of this combination of signs is full of contradictions. Open to communication, he is glad to new acquaintances, but too demanding and stubborn. He thinks positively, builds grandiose plans for life, at the same time he is subject to depression, often doubts his own abilities. The Sagittarius-Snake man tries to keep his balance: it is important for him to succeed, and extra feelings are removed from the desired goals. Full of different ideas, ambitious and determined. With laudable perseverance overcomes difficulties and successfully moves up the career ladder. In relations with women, he manifests himself as a lofty, romantic hero, but in his family life makes many claims to her half. Waiting for the wife’s care and attention, does not want to listen to criticism and notation.

Sagittarius Snake Woman

Sagittarius-Snake woman prone to adventures, is in constant search for adventure. Emotional and passionate nature, to her liking, the activity associated with frequent relocations, gets pleasure from communicating with new people. But the natural wisdom allows it to direct energy in the right direction, responsibly treats any work, persistently achieves the goals. She knows how to cope with internal fears, so she is in complete harmony with herself. Easily finds a common language with men, there are always a lot of fans around her. Attracts them with their positive attitude, love of life. Trying to be soft and supple, of the representatives of this combination of signs usually get good wives.

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