Scorpio Snake

These people have a complex character, they are not boring, but sometimes it’s still difficult. According to a combined horoscope, Snake-Scorpions — a kind of personality, prone to unpredictable behavior. The main feature of this sign is strong will. It is impossible to confuse the Scorpio-Snake, he always acts in accordance with his desires. And it does not just do what it considers necessary, but also hypnotically affects others. The whole environment of the Scorpio-Snake obeys his will, but it can not be otherwise. Stubborn, quick-tempered, cunning and merciless to his enemies. At the same time he seeks peace, strives for inner harmony. He has many friends, interests and hobbies, but sometimes he does not mind being alone.

Scorpio Snake Traits

Scorpions born in the year of the Snake are distinguished by inexhaustible energy. Do not limit yourself to desires, boldly go through life, do not recognize any barriers. Scorpio-Snake does not depend on the opinions of people, on the contrary, they obey his rules. He trusts his intuition, there is no more authoritative opinion for him than his own feelings. Intelligent, judicious, assertive and even aggressive. It is a born leader and a winner. Not in the rules of the Scorpio-Snake to trail in the tail and humbly wait for help. Has a strong, imperious character, does not choose expressions, if faced with difficulties and obstacles in his path. Enraged Scorpio-Snake is extremely toxic and malignant, at this point it’s better to avoid it.

These charismatic, charming people attract everyone’s attention, even if they stand silently aside. They have such powerful energy and natural magnetism that they can not remain unnoticed. Scorpio-Snake is a sociable person, there are always a lot of people around him. However, very few people trust, with many supports friendly, non-committal relationships. Hidden and suspicious, carefully guarding his personal secrets. Scorpio-Snake has a sharp mind, is thoughtful and observant, delicately feels the mood of people. Is able to calculate any situation to the smallest detail, cunning and resourceful. However, for others, he is a simple, sociable person, but they do not need to know more.

The ambitious, imperious Scorpio-Snake seeks to occupy a high social position. He likes to command: he is strict and demanding to all, even to close people. It is impossible to imagine him humiliated and insulted, he will never reconcile himself to his defeat. Scorpio-Snake is energetic, energetic, possesses strong intuition. He always achieves his goals, acts boldly and decisively even at the moment of danger. Scorpio-Snake can influence people, easily fascinates and carries with their ideas. Therefore, its success can not be doubted. The only question is how much time and effort he will need to fulfill his dream. With this person you can be friends or enemies, but you can not remain indifferent to him.

Scorpio Snake Compatibility (Love & Family)

On the love horoscope Scorpio-Snake — a skilled seducer. This outwardly attractive, charismatic person is very popular with the opposite sex. It is he who is the leader in the relationship, and the opinion of the chosen one or his chosen one is of little concern to him. Be sure to find a way to achieve mutual feelings. Scorpio-Snake multifaceted: can be any, depending on the situation. Careful boyfriend, crazy jealous, romantic — it’s all the appearance of his multifaceted nature.

Scorpio-Snake is the owner, it is impossible to resist his power and authority. To argue with this imperious person is a dubious pleasure. Enraged Scorpio-Snake is capable of the most abrupt acts, does not control its actions at all. He does not tolerate lies and deceit, he is excessively strict and demanding of his relatives. Rarely tells them about their feelings. However, the Scorpio-Snake is very caring and attentive, deeply devoted to his family. He loves his house, he does everything possible to make him comfortable and prosperous.

Scorpio Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Cold-blooded, penetrating Scorpio-Snake knows how to achieve success in its field of activity. He has the talent to maintain good relations with the right people, he is sober and hardworking. Therefore, always in the forefront of those who are promoted to promotion. Scorpio-Snake tends to power, is quite capable of cunning and intrigue for the good of the cause. This is a strong opponent, a cunning opponent, does not tolerate competition. Ready for many sacrifices for the sake of good office.

Snake-Scorpio can choose any profession: perfection has no limit. Pragmatic and prudent, will not work where his work is not appreciated. Scorpio-Snake has got used to live on a wide leg, therefore needs money. He approached the profession associated with risk, the need to make quick decisions. Although it can take place in the creative field, has the ability to music, literature. He has a tremendous gift of reincarnation: acting is a natural element for him.

Scorpio Snake Man

An ambitious Scorpio-Snake man strives to achieve success by any means. He is not inclined to torment himself with emotions, is smart enough to properly calculate his strength. He has a strong character, so he does not face difficulties. Strong intuition, insight — qualities that help in solving life problems. The powerful man of the Scorpio-Snake zodiac sign easily reaches career heights. But in personal relationships, he aspires to assert himself. This is an excellent manipulator, he will easily charm any woman. However, with a closer acquaintance, he does not hesitate to show his temper. It is a reliable, loyal partner, but very demanding and sometimes cruel. It can only be tamed by an outstanding, bright personality, besides a beauty.

Scorpio Snake Woman

A powerful Scorpio-Snake woman has a very high opinion of herself, therefore she tries to subordinate everyone around. In relationships with men can be different: a cold beauty, a cunning temptress. Relations with her — an explosion of emotions, a holiday of love, natural sexuality attracts men to her sometimes, in addition to their will. She does not lack fans, but carefully protects her property, is jealous and suspects each of his men. She is devoted to the interests of her family, does not allow interference by strangers. In solving business issues, she tries to restrain herself and shows his high professional qualities. Management appreciates her for diligence and dedication, often attains high position in fairly young years.

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