Taurus Snake

Charming, friendly Taurus-Snakes — the very charm. They give the impression of positive people, devoid of any shortcomings. Others like their calm, balanced nature. According to the combined horoscope Snake-Taurus — a realist and pragmatist. It is difficult to compromise, has a lot of patience, always achieves its goals. Perhaps it is too simple, predictable and self-confident, but this is the nature of this sign. The union of the hardworking Taurus and the wise Snake is quite successful — this is a double combination of practicality, calmness and calculating. This person is firmly on his feet, collected and focused on his goals. Although it does not alien to the feeling of beauty, it has a good taste.

Taurus Snake Traits

Calm Taurus-Snake leads a quiet, measured life. This person is so constant in his preferences that he hardly gets used to the new conditions. Painfully perceives any changes, strives for comfort and coziness. His favorite pastime is rest with his family. Taurus-Snake is reliable, predictable in its reactions, has the reputation of a decent and honest man. Attentive to people, compassionate to others’ ills. With all his strength he tries to help those in need. This is not so much material, but rather moral support — affectionate, kind words, valuable advice. The wise Taurus-Snake can find simple solutions to the most difficult life problems. Do not seek roundabout ways, but just a lot and works hard.

Practical Taurus-Snake can find joy even in ordinary things, it is not attracted by the unknown distances. He prefers to deal with daily matters, enjoys simple work. He does not like ambiguities and difficulties: everything in his life is laid out on the shelves. This person is not inclined to superfluous experiences, does not torture himself with senseless sufferings. Preserves the ability to think soberly under any circumstances. Always calm, unruffled, full of self-esteem. Snake-Taurus can rejoice in small things, content with what he has. He will not risk his prosperity for the sake of an unattainable dream. Taurus-Snake adequately assesses its capabilities and does not require fate more than it can give.

A cautious, reasonable Taurus-Snake builds his life in such a way as to avoid serious problems. He is not carried away by dubious adventures, he immediately calculates risks and sees shortcomings. Taurus-Snake is a pragmatist: he will not do what does not bring profit. Does not go on about emotions, is not capable of a bright manifestation of feelings. It can not be said that he is completely devoid of creativity. Just does not feel the need for self-expression of their feelings, will not waste time on fruitless fantasies and beautiful words. Taurus-Snake does not seek entertainment and new acquaintances, moreover, avoids noisy gatherings. He is a sociable, educated person, but he is not a leader in his environment, nor does he aspire to be such.

Taurus Snake Compatibility (Love & Family)

On the love horoscope Snake-Taurus — monogamous: remains true to his choice throughout his life. A strong feeling makes it softer, kinder, tolerant of other people’s shortcomings. Taurus-Serpent takes care of beautifully: do not skimp on gifts and compliments. He tries to please his partner, shows a sea of fantasy and fiction. True, he does not cease to control the situation, does not commit spontaneous, insane acts. The Snake-Taurus observes the bounds of decency and does not allow itself the superfluous, even for the sake of desires of the partner.

Snake-Taurus men and women are wonderful family persons. All their strength, knowledge and skills are directed to the prosperity of the family. Usually they work hard to satisfy the material needs of their loved ones. Taurus-Snake does not like to spend time idly, if he allows himself to rest, only at home with his family. His other half can be calm — no novels on the side. But he does not reconcile himself with betrayal, he is looking for stable relations. Taurus-Snake is important spiritual comfort, he does not pursue the novelty of sensations.

Taurus Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Taurus-Snake is aimed at the result, is not afraid of the hardest work. If he sees brilliant prospects, he easily agrees to any working conditions. For him, the most terrible punishment is inaction, he must do his favorite thing no matter what. He achieves everything in life with honest and hard work, does not even consider the possibility of shagging or shifting his responsibility to others. Due to his diligence and responsible attitude to the case, Snake-Taurus has a reputation as an excellent specialist.

Responsible, executive Taurus-Snake can be realized in any field. He does not see obstacles, he does not listen to other people’s advice, but simply boldly goes to his goal. Usually people of such a character store tend to leadership positions. They are quite capable of organizing their own business, and more employees will work. Taurus-Snake seems a little down-to-earth man, although he is well versed in art, can take place in a creative profession.

Taurus Snake Man

Taurus-Snake man is distinguished by a realistic, practical approach to life. He carefully weighs all his actions, does not commit rash acts. In matters, he is lucky and lucky. Has the ability to clearly plan his life, it can not be knocked off the intended path. The authority of the male Taurus-Snake should not be questioned. For disrespectful and disparaging attitude, he will cruelly seek revenge. However, with an unshakable confidence lies a timid, tender heart. Madly loves his chosen one, infinitely devoted to her. Can not boast of a rich imagination, but sincerely tries to please his beloved woman. At least in the fact that she has a comfortable, comfortable life, she can be completely sure.

Taurus Snake Woman

The charming Taurus-Snake woman attracts the attention of men with its ease, the ability to communicate with ease. She has a wonderful taste, knows how to properly submit herself. But this is not a windy coquette at all, but a clever, substantial person. She is able to cope with any troubles herself, does not need the help of men. Mind, purposefulness, diligence are qualities that make it possible to succeed in life. Even for the sake of a beloved man she will not sacrifice her career and personal interests, persistently achieves her goals. In family life, she shows herself as a faithful wife, but leadership ambitions and born-again stubbornness remain with her. Therefore, a man will have to give in to solve important issues.

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