Virgo Snake

This charming, calm person evokes confidence in others. The Snake-Virgo can make a proper impression: it differs in external beauty and good manners. In addition, he has a highly developed intuition and analytical mind. He devotes much time to his reflections: he compares the facts, draws conclusions, carefully thinks out the strategy of behavior. The Snake-Virgo competently builds up her life, there is no room for chaos and disorder. According to the combined horoscope, Snake-Virgo is a friendly person, but a bit closed and restrained in his assessments. This is a pleasant conversationalist, likes to joke and communicate on abstract topics. However, he rarely shares his thoughts and life observations, trusts people a little.

Virgo Snake Traits

Punctual, neat Snake-Virgo does not allow oversights, in her life there is an ideal order. He behaves with great dignity, does not fuss and does not worry about trifles: slowly but surely moves to success. The main feature of the Virgo-Serpent is insight, she can see the essence of things, therefore she acts decisively and always in time. Do not even try to deceive her, but you can ask for help. Snake-Virgo — a kind, sympathetic person, does not get tired of proving people their need. He will never pass by someone else’s trouble, he can give the right advice. Although with the least enthusiasm it helps with concrete deeds. At the same time she is modest and shy, she does not wait for compliments and gratitude.

Snake-Virgo is a man with impeccable manners and a great sense of humor. People are reaching out to him, trying to attract his attention. Always nice, polite, does not ask non-tactical questions. To what superfluous words, if the Snake-Virgo and so in a course of all affairs? She is perceptive, wise, has the gift of foresight. In life, he achieves everything by his work, does not resort to intrigues. Immediately recognizes deception and does not forgive offenses. The main secret of its success: practicality, honesty, diligence. Snake-Virgo does not go on about emotions, does not seek to dramatically change her life. Just in no hurry to analyze the situation and find the easiest way to achieve the desired. This active nature can not sit idle, even in moments of rest her head is occupied with important thoughts.

This is one of the most harmonious combinations, gives its representatives the best qualities of both signs. Virgo-Snakes are friendly, patient, easily find a common language with different people. Have the talent to guide, give the right advice. Virgo-Snakes are great optimists, inspire others to new achievements. Next to them, any troubles seem small, and the problems are insignificant. For many, the Snake-Virgo is a perfection without flaws, but it has one significant drawback: a tendency to self-criticism. Do not miss an opportunity to scold yourself, even for a small oversight. But not less demanding of others, does not approve of frivolous people. True, the tactful Snake-Virgo does not betray her real relationship.

Virgo Snake Compatibility (Love & Family)

This charming man does not lack fans or fans. Although it stays natural, does not try to make a vivid impression. According to the love horoscope, the Snake-Virgo is a restrained, calm nature, not inclined to a violent display of feelings. He does not feel the need for change, he hardly makes new acquaintances. Long looks at the future partner, keeps cold and detached. But having determined the choice, he ceases to hide his passion.

Practical, active Snake-Virgo at work spends more time than at home. He tries not to miss any opportunity to advance the career ladder. Although her energy is enough for home chores. A neat, pedantic, Virgo-Snake keeps the house in immaculate purity. Completely controls the life of close people, generously gives them directions and advice. Quite important in matters of education, resentful and vindictive. At the same time, she is very attached to her family: there are no changes and novels on the side.

Virgo Snake Business (Career & Goals)

The inquisitive Virgo-Snake is not lazy to learn throughout life, responsibly refers to its work. Does everything possible to become the best in its field of activity. Can not take place in the profession, if he does not have an interest in the business that he is engaged in. For her, financial stability is an important but not decisive factor. The Snake-Virgo does not seek easy ways: she works a lot, performs her responsibilities meticulously. It works with great efficiency, it is guaranteed success in any field.

This person is striving for stability and comfort, with difficulty getting used to the new conditions. Rarely and with great reluctance change the place of work. Excellent with the colleagues, always in good standing with the management. The Snake-Virgo is not afraid to take the initiative, without hesitation, assumes responsibility for the rest of the employees. Strives to achieve success, from the first day of work he dreams about the leader’s chair. Ambitious, purposeful Snake-Virgo usually has a good post with a decent salary.

Virgo Snake Man

Practical Virgo-Snake man is not inclined to rash acts. He is reserved and circumspect, always focused on what interests him. He is an active person, he does not disperse into trifles, he persistently achieves his goals. In his personal life, he is not inclined to romantic actions, attracts the attention of women, without special efforts. Virgo-Snake is a man who knows how to behave with dignity, is always dressed in style, and is also pleasant in communication. Therefore, there is no shortage of fans, the truth to whom he will give preference — a secret. Do not show your affection too clearly, leaves the opportunity to look more attentively at the chosen one. Having found a family, behaves flawlessly, this is a loving and caring husband and father.

Virgo Snake Woman

The Virgo-Snake female can not be called a fragile, pampered creature. Perfectly gives a report to her actions, strives to occupy a high position. And she works hard, does not resort to intrigues and deceit. She feels much more confident if she achieves the result by honest labor. She is not afraid to be alone, does not suffer from lack of admirers, is too self-assured to reckon with the opinion of the surrounding people. If a woman Virgo-Snake has a passion for a man, most likely he will not feel it. It differs from a practical approach to life, therefore it is impossible to wait for special outbursts of feelings from it. She strives for a strong marriage, where she is a wife and mother, but she does not need more.

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