Taurus — Combined Horoscope

Taurus is an earthly sign, whose representatives differ in their practical approach to life. These are realists who prefer to think about pressing problems, they are only interested in material goods, try to achieve financial prosperity. Of course, among the Taurus there are sensitive people who experience emotional throwing. After all, the temperament of each representative of the sign is manifested with varying strength. Character, and therefore, the fate of a person depends on the exact date of birth and what signs of the Chinese and Western Zodiac they controlled by. Therefore, a horoscope based on combining the characteristics of two characters is more accurate.

The symbol of Taurus is buffalo, it represents strength, determination. People of this sign show perseverance and firmness in achieving goals. The interference of outsiders in their affairs, even for good reasons, is considered a threat. Councils and instructions cause irritation, aggression, but not a feeling of gratitude. Sluggish and even slightly inhibited people are stubbornly defending their point of view, they never lose their way. This behavior is often demonstrated by Taurus the Bull, his goal is a successful career. He is completely focused on his affairs, gives all his strength to work, sacrifices everything for her: free time, relationships with close people.

The Taurus in love is very sincere in his feelings. Strives for a serious relationship, needs a loyal partner. Jealously follows the behavior of the second half, carefully protects her as her property. It is better not to have easy intrigues with people of this sign, the fury of a deceived Taurus knows no bounds. Stubbornness and pride prevented asking for forgiveness, even in the case of groundless accusations. However, one can not judge all representatives of a sign unambiguously. For example, Taurus-Horse is distinguished by devotion, willingness to concede, to sacrifice one’s interests. It is extremely responsible for the creation of a family.

A typical Taurus is a reserved and calm person. He is not very interested in what is happening around him, until his interests, especially material ones, are affected. Here he will not lose his, but not out of greed and selfish motives. Passion for accumulation is a necessary condition for his normal existence, a need inherent in nature itself. Taurus in all its manifestations is extremely decent and honest, does not resort to cunning and lies. A successful combination of these traits is demonstrated by Taurus-Rooster. Brave, furiously rushing into battle, a man bravely defends his interests, meanwhile he will never sink to squabbles and intrigues.

The combined horoscope of Taurus with the signs of the Chinese Zodiac will help you understand your character, achieve harmony with yourself and establish relationships with loved ones.

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