Aquarius Tiger

Cheerful Aquarius-Tiger radiates love for everything around. Even just being with him is happiness, not to mention a close friendship. This is a great optimist, capable of instilling confidence in the future with just a couple of phrases. Tiger-Aquarius — the very charm, not love it is impossible. Usually followed by a crowd of fans, but he does not particularly need people. Perfectly tolerates loneliness, does not seek support and understanding. Aquarius is a creative person with a special mindset, who is in his fantasies. The power-hungry Tiger retreats to the side and recognizes the intellectual superiority of this air sign. Therefore, Aquarius, born in the year of the Tiger, thinks rather freely and does not seek power at all.

Aquarius Tiger Traits

Friendly Aquarius-Tiger easily finds a common language with people of different ages and social status. He is inquisitive, with great joy studying the world around him. She loves noisy gatherings, enjoys communicating with friends. True, few people share their thoughts. For all its openness and good nature, Aquarius-Tiger is a rather secretive person. He can seem carefree, he loves jokes and jokes. At the same time, his head can be occupied with serious thoughts. Do not be consulted, seek approval of their actions, although it will not aggravate relations. He has the talent to defend his interests without inconveniencing others. He is a kind, open person with a strong will.

The inner world of the Tiger-Aquarius is a mystery to others. He is active, curious, full of creative ideas, does not pass before difficulties. At the same time, he is so absorbed in his fantasies and dreams that he forgets about solving urgent problems. In addition, he is vindictive and vindictive, although in appearance of the Aquarius-Tiger this can not be said. He tends to overestimate his capabilities, so disappointments and losses in his life happen quite often. True, does not lose the presence of the spirit, on the contrary, with great passion rushes towards adventure. It feels the power of the Tiger: smart enough and purposeful to find a way out of any situation. Although a little eccentric, not always restrained in the manifestation of emotions.

Charming Aquarius-Tiger produces an unforgettable impression on others. Behaves simply impeccably: nice, courteous, extremely polite. He is a well-bred person, a born peacemaker, a favorite of society. He knows how to present himself in a favorable light, he knows how to please people. The surrounding people are not always able to see behind the lovely, charming appearance of the Tiger-Aquarius its real essence. This is a strong man, capable of decisive actions, but only in case of emergency. Has a sharp mind, an excellent memory, quickly grasps the essence of things. He is courageous and brave, sets high goals. Do not limit yourself in dreams, and sincerely believe in success.

Aquarius Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

This man, possessing gentle manners and charming voice, easily conquers the disposition of the opposite sex. Do not feel embarrassed and embarrassed, always glad to make new acquaintances, but do not always make far-reaching plans. Loves to communicate, loves compliments, tries to attract attention. It’s not against friendly communication, but does not strive to knit oneself by marriage. Aquarius-Tiger is ready to seek his ideal for an unlimited amount of time, even though his whole life.

The married Tiger-Aquarius remains true to his habits, still gushing with ideas. He arranges romantic surprises for his half, tries as often as possible to get out of the house. He is an excellent parent, adoring his children. He can be trusted with any secret, and the best comrade for games is hard to imagine. The only thing that can cause inconvenience is the light-headedness of Aquarius-Tiger. Too fond of love adventures, can not resist temptations.

Aquarius Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

The creative nature of the Aquarius-Tiger is manifested in all conditions, even if it is necessary to engage in boring work. Of course, he does not like the need to perform monotonous actions and strictly follow the instructions. However, he will try to finish the work with dignity, if there is no other way out. The best profession of the Tiger-Aquarius is creative. Although sharp mind, observation, decisiveness are qualities that testify to his ability to cope with any case.

For a friendly Aquarius-Tiger, relations with colleagues are not a problem. Excellent with all people, does not deprive even the lowest level of employees of his attention. He is always benevolent, diligently avoids discussion of acute topics. True, he closely follows the behavior of his colleagues. Do not think that Aquarius-Tiger is a naive simpleton, on the contrary, it is a demanding person. Although he is not eager to become a leader, he is quite capable of becoming a talented organizer.

Aquarius Tiger Man

The intellectually developed Aquarius-Tigerman gravitates toward scientific activity. He is distinguished by a sharp mind, rich imagination, likes to invent and create something unusual, can become a successful inventor, a researcher. In communication, he demonstrates softness, friendliness, even in disputes with opponents. But he actively resists outside interference in his affairs. He is a proud and independent person, like all Tigers. It is not alien to the joys of life, but rather calmly perceives the lack of money, they are not the meaning of its existence. He treats women with respect, behaves politely and tactfully. But with a closer acquaintance, it can be unpleasant to impress his chosen one with unrestrained, rude behavior.

Aquarius Tiger Woman

Aquarius-Tiger is a woman with a lot of virtues: independence, intelligence, rich imagination. If desired, she can become a famous artist or designer. It gives her great pleasure to embody her fantasies in reality. It is creatively gifted nature, besides, she has the ability to soberly approach the solution of business issues, competently plan the budget. An interesting, bright woman invariably attracts the attention of men, but carefully protects her freedom. These women do not want to part with work or hobbies for the sake of the family. Additionally, not every partner can be sentimental and romantic, leaving Tiger Aquarians waiting for such behavior. Therefore, they are often disappointed in love.

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