Aries Tiger

Energetic Tiger-Aries is not used to messing around and sitting all day long alone. Too clever and ambitious to waste your precious time for nothing. This person will find a way to make dreams come true. He is not indifferent to public opinion, he tries to attract the attention of the public with all his might. Aries-Tiger — an extraordinary personality, can not reconcile with the calm flow of affairs. Need changes, is in constant movement. He is not embarrassed by difficulties, does not have fears and doubts, he simply boldly goes forward. Perfectly gets along with people, charming and sweet. He is noble in his actions, with great desire protects the weak people. The truth is a little quick-tempered and extremely self-confident.

Aries Tiger Traits

This bright, self-sufficient person confidently goes through life, always cheerful and complacent. He sees no reason for sadness and despondency, he is optimistic about the future. Persistence and energy are the distinctive features of the character of Aries-Tiger. There are no such peaks that he could not conquer. He thinks quite rationally, although he sometimes gives in to emotions and makes reckless acts. Not too responsible and scrupulous in business, but purposeful and active. Therefore, invariably succeeds, even if others around him predict defeat. Aries-Tigers are fond of fate: for the most part the circumstances are in his favor. This is a born winner, absolutely confident in his abilities.

The generosity of the Tiger-Aries knows no bounds: it is ready to support not only morally, but also materially. He does not clog his head with superfluous thoughts, he prefers not to argue, but to act. Perhaps, he is too aggressive and impulsive, but he can not be called an indifferent person. Sometimes it hurts more than helps, but acts sincerely, just revels in his nobility. This is a vain person, adoring attention and compliments. I rejoice in any opportunity to demonstrate my greatness. Aries-Tigers are active people, they try to achieve an ideal result. In case of failure, they become enraged, angry at everyone, including themselves. For these self-confident people there is no greater humiliation than to trail behind.

In the life of the Aries-Tiger there is a place for any events: sad and joyful. However, he has the talent not to notice trouble. He tries to think positively, obstinately overcomes obstacles. His optimism and enthusiasm can only be envied. Intuition helps to avoid significant difficulties, but minor mistakes and shortcomings do happen. Too impulsive and active, to fully calculate all the consequences. The course of affairs of Aries-Tigers largely depends on his relations with others. He does not listen to someone else’s opinion, but is receptive to criticism. She waits for kind words, sincerely rejoices in praise, likes to embellish her achievements. He fiercely defends his opinion, he never accepts defeat.

Aries Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

The Aries-Tiger partner must remember his restless nature. This person can not be tamed, forced to act against the will. Emotional and impulsive, trying to have time everywhere and everywhere. Does not differ persistence in terms of personal relationships. It is in the continuous search, without extra thought starts new novels. Aries-Tiger is capable of insane acts, behaves uninhibited. So charismatic and charming, that quickly achieves reciprocity.

Proud Tiger-Aries does his best to win the role of leader in the family. Rarely does he listen to the opinion of the second half, the best way to get along with him is complete obedience. Zealously follows the implementation of their instructions, does not tolerate criticism and comments. But he resolutely takes on the solution of domestic problems, actively participates in the life of the family. He can not stay at rest for a long time, without rest, entertains his relatives. Life with Aries-Tiger is quite comfortable, if he does not contradict.

Aries Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

In the life of the Aries-Tiger, nothing is more important than a loved one. He is not inclined to superfluous meditations, firmly follows the intended goals. Not particularly worried about his skills and abilities, relies on luck and luck. This is a born leader, therefore, first of all he considers executive positions. Although he is ready for a long struggle, he is quite capable of attaining high office, even if he started as a simple worker. The only thing he is not ready for is the fulfillment of routine duties.

Tiger-Aries believes in his fate, but he can not be accused of inaction. It’s a big hard worker, not afraid to try anything new, do not stay in one place. In addition, he gets on well with people, easily finds a common language with colleagues. His caprices and quirks leave behind the threshold of the office. This is an excellent organizer, a wise leader. Can take place in any profession, is not lazy to learn throughout life, successfully works in several jobs.

Aries Tiger Man

The Aries-Tiger man has a huge energy reserve. This is undoubted leader, he has no equal in defending his own interests. Cleverly combines the energy of the Tiger and the activity of Aries, persistently achieves the goal, regardless of its importance: a successful career or favor of an unassailable beauty. Sometimes manifests itself as an egoist, disparagingly refers to others. Women should take a closer look at the impulsive, quick-tempered man and understand: how realistic it is to tame. But Aries-Tiger — a very attractive person, despite the stubborn, unpredictable nature. Usually has a high social status, good material wealth and, what is especially important, is a generous, courteous man.

Aries Tiger Woman

Powerful, strong-willed Aries-Tiger woman from an early age demonstrates a proud, independent temper. In her life, she develops exactly as she wishes. No objections, arguments and entreaties can knock off a confident woman from the chosen path. Due to her perseverance, she achieves enormous heights in career, she usually claims to be in charge of leadership, miserable stagnation in a low position is not her destiny. In a romantic relationship, she acts swiftly and decisively, this bright, sensual woman is able to fill the life of a man with unforgettable emotions. But at the same time he will have to give up his interests, in partnership with Aries-Tigris, the partner is assigned the role of a passionate adorer, completely subordinate to her will.

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