Cancer Tiger

A strong Tiger does not want to obey a cautious, suspicious Cancer. In turn, Cancer is in no hurry to recognize the superiority of a formidable beast. The union of these two signs is quite dramatic, full of contradictions. Here there are absolute opposites: power and weakness, activity and slowness, fearlessness and vulnerability. This confrontation has an impact on the life of the Cancer-Tigers. These people have a changeable character, painfully experiencing the smallest trouble. So not sure of yourself that you are in constant doubt. At the same time they give the impression of successful, quite happy people. After all, the Tigers are too cautious to share their thoughts with others.

Cancer Tiger Traits

Tactical Cancer-Tiger will be able to talk to any interlocutor. This is a very wise person, perfectly feeling the mood of others. Tiger-Cancer is light and pleasant in communication, has a great sense of humor. Benevolently applies to all people, but hard to endure criticism and comments. To offend this suspicious, quick-tempered person is very easy, but he will be sulking indefinitely. Not in a position to cope with internal fears: everywhere sees treachery and betrayal. For all its timidity, Tiger-Cancer fearlessly confronts evil, tries to establish itself in life. He is quite proud, strives for power, is always glad to demonstrate his power. She tries to realize her dreams with all her might.

For the representatives of the sign Cancer, life is a difficult test. After all, this is a very insecure person. Exposed to fears and doubts, the adoption of any decision is given to him with great difficulty. This behavior is demonstrated by Cancer-Tiger, although it is more active and energetic. If desired, he can reach great heights if, of course, he can cope with his experiences. Demanding and quick-tempered, does not forgive either strangers or his weaknesses. Above all, he values a good attitude towards himself, he will always find a way to repay a loyal friend. True, loved ones will have to accept all the whims of Tiger-Cancer, do not focus on his quirks. He does not tolerate criticism, he is afraid of looking weak and pathetic.

Shy Cancer-Tiger carefully monitors its reputation. He is not able to accept his own defeat, he reacts sharply to remarks, especially to ridicule. Any way he will try to get rid of ill-wishers, most likely, will limit communication. Do not swear, find out the relationship, just disappear from the field of view of people who could not appreciate it. In general, this is a kind, positive person, loves gay companies. Always finds time for work, and not for the sake of accumulating material wealth. For him, emotions and feelings are much more important. She loves to make gifts, she is happy to spend money on close people. It has a good taste, is not indifferent to luxury things.

Cancer Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

Charming Cancer-Tiger will not be difficult to find a pair. Venturous, enterprising, so he is not afraid to perform bright deeds. Its main goal is to achieve a reciprocal feeling. Having fallen in love, becomes unusually strong, easily overcomes any obstacles. Completely forgets about his modesty: he wakes up a predator. Tiger-Cancer — a romantic nature, does not hesitate of their feelings and emotions. Completely opens the partner, trusts him with all his secrets and secrets.

Cancer-Tiger does not seek solitude, it needs to draw strength and energy from outside. He is looking for a reliable partner who will be able to discern his dignity and accept shortcomings. Although this is not an impeccable family man, intrigues on the side are quite possible, but a very devoted person. He will never leave his family, will fight to his last happiness. Likes to spend time at home, and not in noisy companies. He likes a quiet family life without surprises and wonders.

Cancer Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Even the strongest experiences are not able to distract the Tigers-Cancer from work. They do not like to sit around, try to spend time with benefit. They prefer mental work, not physical work. They are creatively gifted people, their head is full of different ideas that they are ready to implement. Contact, sociable, working with Cancer Tigers is easy, if you do not take into account their changeable temper. Are capable to take offense at an insignificant remark and completely to forget about the obligations.

The purposeful Tiger desperately struggles with Cancer’s indecisiveness. People of this combination of signs dream of a high position, it is important for them to take place in their profession. However, they constantly doubt their own abilities, worry about trifles. They find it difficult to determine their vocation, even in choosing a profession are too hesitant and cautious. If the Cancer-Tiger has found a job for the soul, it will work with great inspiration. He is a very hardworking and responsible person.

Cancer Tiger Man

The suspicious Cancer-Tiger man pays too much time for his experiences, and for the most insignificant reasons. The power of the Tiger is not able to balance the excessive anxiety of Cancer and even strengthens it. Painfully demanding of others, behind this is not the desire to assert itself, but internal insecurity. Cancer-Tiger in communication shows friendliness, is always open to new acquaintances. But it does not let people get too close to themselves, so as not to be disappointed. Communicates with all politely, but is suspended. This applies to both business and personal relationships. Easily fascinates women, but usually has no serious intentions. But the truly in love Cancer-Tiger worships his wife, children, adores his home. This is a decent, honest man, worthy of respect.

Cancer Tiger Woman

Cancer-Tiger is a mysterious woman, woven from contradictions. This is an active, positive person, attracting people with her cheerful character. But it can be aggressive and stubborn, especially if the interests of her family are affected. Impulsive and unpredictable, the mood can change several times a day, and for no apparent reason. Mostly lazy, loves to dream and make plans for the future. But at the right time, she can find the strength to brilliantly solve a difficult situation. It suits the profession associated with the creative sphere. She is ready for any labor exploits for the sake of her favorite work: an art historian, a designer, an artist. In her personal life, she is a leader, although it is easy to manipulate. She loves her family, loves to decorate the house, this is a wonderful hostess.

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