Capricorn Tiger

The union of the active Tiger and the astute Capricorn is quite successful, even ideal. This man is perfectly in control of himself, practically devoid of weaknesses and shortcomings. Tiger-Capricorn freely orientates in any situation, maintains restraint and calmness. Skillfully bypasses obstacles, knows how to communicate with people, always achieves his goals. Has a calm, balanced character. It is not in his rules to deceive, betray, such behavior is unnatural for the noble Capricorn-Tiger. She is friendly, always polite and attentive to her environment. Although a bit shy, rather cautious and prudent, therefore does not open all his thoughts to the first person on the line.

Capricorn Tiger Traits

This person knows how to achieve his goal, always remains in the win. Acts gently and tactfully, shows rudeness only in exceptional cases. Disciplined, restrained Capricorn has a beneficial effect on the impulsive, overly active Tiger. Therefore, people of this combination of signs differ in the complaisant nature, it is easy to agree with them. Capricorns-Tigers are smart enough and careful not to aggravate relations. They prefer peaceful communication, not squabbles and scandals. So convincing and firm in defending their point of view that it is impossible not to agree with them. At the same time, no one can accuse them of being stubborn, they make the most favorable impression.

Tiger-Capricorn — a strong, self-assured person, does not pass before difficulties, boldly looks into the face of danger. However, only close people know how painfully it is hurt by injustice and human malice. For all the rest, Capricorn-Tiger is a pleasant interlocutor in every respect: clever, cheerful, benevolent. A soft, flexible character combined with strong intuition gives him the ability to avoid all sorts of troubles. Excellent with the people, extremely collected and consistent in their actions. Therefore, it does not face significant difficulties in its life path. Even if there are problems, finds ways to solve them, of course, not at the expense of their own interests.

Principal Capricorn-Tiger firmly adheres to his beliefs. This is a deeply honest, honest man, his loyalty and reliability are beyond doubt. There is no panic, it is sufficiently restrained in the manifestation of one’s feelings. It is difficult to confuse, to force to act against the will. And skillfully disposes not only their lives, but also with great willingness helps others. It does not require gratitude, because Capricorn-Tiger is a generous and generous person. The callousness characteristic of all Capricorns is greatly mitigated by the influence of the emotional Tiger. However, only his family knows about the sensitivity and vulnerability of this person. Tiger-Capricorn is not so cold and prudent as he wants to seem.

Capricorn Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

Capricorn-Tiger is not inclined to impulsive actions, it is difficult to expect from him a rapid manifestation of feelings. At the same time it is rather romantic, it can be gentle and delicate. In the appearance of the Tiger-Capricorn, it is difficult to determine its mood, it remains only to wait for specific actions and actions. Does not differ in frivolity, so he will not closely associate with someone who does not like him. Avoids dubious connections, is too proud and self-centered to exchange for intrigues.

For close people, the inner world of the Capricorn-Tiger is not a mystery. Do not pretend to your half and children. Behaves like an exemplary family man, perhaps even too correct and predictable. He is cautious about changes, completely focused on family affairs. Close people can be confident of their future, they are waiting for a quiet family happiness. However, children should bear in mind that the Tiger-Capricorn is a demanding parent, is quite capable of harsh measures.

Capricorn Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

This man is too ambitious and ambitious to vegetate in a low position. Career is not just an important, but the most important place in the life of Capricorn-Tiger. He firmly believes in his success, he has a responsible approach to business. Not too hardworking, at least, will not go to bed and sleep at work. But always collected and focused on the result, so it achieves success without making any special effort. If you made a decision, it means you will definitely achieve your goal.

Disciplined Tiger-Capricorn is an excellent organizer, it will not be difficult for him to unite like-minded people around him. He is a fine speaker, an intelligent, shrewd person, who has the talent to find a common language with a wide variety of people. He always knows exactly what result he wants to receive. Demanding, but fair, so working under his command is quite comfortable. Capricorn Tiger is excellent in the role of performer, if, of course, he found his calling.

Capricorn Tiger Man

Wise Capricorn-Tiger is a real man in every respect. Does not take hasty decisions, acts cautiously. Congenital intuition protects him from trouble. Energetic incontinence of the Tiger recedes into the background. He prefers to hide his true thoughts, gives all his strength and emotions to the cause. Aimed at a successful career, but acts honestly, will not weave intrigues, arrange conspiracies. He is a very hardworking, decent person. He tries to achieve financial well-being, reasonably believes that money plays a huge role in the life of every person. In relations with women, is restrained, exaggerates demands, is capable of harassing with small nitpicking. But Capricorn-Tiger is a reliable partner devoted to the interests of the family.

Capricorn Tiger Woman

The woman of this sign combination is full of contradictions. Behind her charming appearance lies a rather tough, determined person. She tries to prove that she is capable of reaching huge heights in career. It is especially important for her to feel financially sound, independent of others. She is cautious about any changes, not slope to get frivolous acquaintances. It is a success for men: it is a coquettish, sociable woman, like most beautiful ladies. But at the same time, being too strict with her fans, behaves quite restrained until she starts to fully trust her chosen one. In the family life, Capricorn-Tiger is a caring wife and mother, but personal interests are of great importance to her.

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