Gemini Tiger

These people are in constant movement, in their head a whole bunch of ideas and projects, often the most reckless. Gemini-Tigers are full of strength and enthusiasm, happily avoid troubles and difficulties, in all cases they are lucky. The power of the Tiger protects Gemini from hasty actions and rash decisions, misfortunes and sorrows bypass them. Perhaps that’s why they are so active, fearless and positive about everything that happens. Always ready for new experiments, are not afraid to take risks, are sincerely happy even for the smallest success. They have enough energy to fulfill all their plans. Tigers-Gemini — positive, sympathetic people, ready to help all needy.

Gemini Tiger Traits

Impulsive Tigers-Gemini meanwhile are very lucky in business. Keep a positive attitude in any difficult situation. They are active and curious, boredom does not endure, they try to embrace the immensity. Excessive emotionality does not prevent them from doing the right thing: in solving important issues they rely on common sense and their rich experience. They are full of enthusiasm, they always work with a great desire, so they argue. Gemini — the most cheerful and cheerful people of all born in the year of the Tiger. Although the protracted period of failure awakens in them not the best qualities: irritability, anger, vindictiveness. Do not like to suffer for a long time, limit yourself to something, gradually begin to lose patience.

The people around do not get tired of admiring the talents of Gemini-Tiger, so it’s a multi-faceted personality. Sparks fun, enjoys life, tirelessly entertains everyone around. At the same time, it is serious and focused, if it comes to an important matter. This is a real predator: he knows how to beat the enemy with minimal losses. Capable of hiding for a while to make an accurate throw. Tiger-Gemini — a great player who does not recognize defeat. Vigorously and actively achieves the intended goal. However, he can easily change your mind, nevertheless the influence of the Gemini sign makes him a windy and frivolous person. Do not seek a quiet, peaceful life, trying in every possible way to diversify their lives.

Charming Gemini-Tigers are so confident in their own irresistibility that they do not worry at all about their relationships with others. They like to attract attention to themselves, all the more possess all the qualities that are characteristic of company people. They easily go on contact, masterly master the art of communication. Dynamic, active, these are the most welcome guests at any holiday. At the same time, they are quite secretive, they will not talk about what really excites them. They share their secrets with a limited circle of people. They can joke, have fun, but they will never open their hearts to an outsider. But the Gemini-Tigers themselves are deeply aware of everything that is happening around them, actively participate in the life of society.

Gemini Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

In a love relationship, Gemini-Tigers try to impress the partner’s imagination. Are able to have people to themselves, perfectly master the art of seduction. These are real romantics, with great pleasure they arrange surprises: every new date is not like the previous one. With them it is easy and fun, the poet lacks fans or fans they do not. True, for a long time to keep the attention of the Tiger-Gemini is much more difficult than just making him an easy affair.

Despite its windiness and inconstancy, Gemini-Tiger is a caring and loving partner. Awesome to children, selflessly protects them from all adversities. The truth tries not to incur unnecessary obligations. He likes the organization of family leisure more than he likes, and pushes his halves onto the shoulders of domestic issues. It is impulsive and unpredictable, it suffers from mood swings. Pretty jealous and demanding, but in general a good family man.

Gemini Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

This swift man sweeps everything in its path. If Gemini-Tiger determined his profession, it means that he will achieve phenomenal success. He is able to lead a large team, he knows how to negotiate with different people. Active, clever, does not lose self-control in the most difficult situation. He is able to take risks, demonstrate excellent business acumen, can take place as a financier. Although it will feel comfortable in a creative environment.

For energetic Gemini-Tigers there are no unsolvable problems. Failures are not capable to spoil their mood, on the contrary, cause desire to prove the correctness. However, they need support, they work even more enthusiastically if they feel approved. The secret of their fruitful work is inspiration. Try to choose a profession associated with traveling. Twins-Tigers need new impressions and vivid emotions, only in this case they show a good result.

Gemini Tiger Man

Gallant Gemini-Tiger is a man who invariably attracts women’s attention. It has a lot of advantages: a cheerful character, a wonderful sense of humor, impeccable manners. But behind the pleasant appearance there is an unflattering truth: he does not differ in constancy. Easily achieves mutual feelings, but just as quickly and refuses the beloved. It is not so easy to win the heart of the Gemini-Tiger, but if a woman can understand his volatile nature, he will find the right approach, the result can be perfect. The settled man of this sign combination is a loving partner, though a little impulsive. At work he is valued as a good specialist, has the natural charm of Gemini and Tigger’s boldness, so it’s easy to achieve high results.

Gemini Tiger Woman

The affable Gemini-Tiger woman fascinates from the first minutes of acquaintance. It is impossible to resist her charm, beauty, she carries to the beautiful world of dreams and fantasies. Light, like air, a person seems an unearthly being. But the energy, characteristic of all Tigers, allows it to successfully solve the most difficult issues. Slowly scrolls in my head a lot of options for further developments, while others enjoy her radiant smile. Gemini-Tiger boldly embodies all of its ideas, it is enough for this determination and perseverance. Especially she manages to work in the creative field. In relationships with men looking for ease, she likes to communicate, have fun. But the mistress of her is not the best, does not like to do housework.

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