Leo Tiger

The union of the powerful Leo and the energetic Tiger gives rise to a surprisingly strong personality. Such a person seems absolutely invulnerable, because he is not afraid of anything. The combination of these two signs gives its representatives the following qualities: ambition, purposefulness, firmness. Each of the Tigers-Leos aspires to fame and power, and not just reasoning, but embodying their dreams in life. Acts boldly and resolutely, does not doubt a drop of success. Charming and charismatic Leo-Tigers know how to win the favor of others. Manage on the way to power to maintain good relations with colleagues, friends and just acquaintances. These proud and proud people do not hesitate to be kind.

Leo Tiger Traits

Ambitious Leo-Tiger painfully reacts to jokes in his address. He loves flattery, compliments, even if he realizes that good words are false, but can not resist. But he is terribly offended and very angry with the one who dared to humiliate him with his remark. Offended Leo-Tiger is extremely dangerous, instantly falls into a rage, if he hears something unpleasant in his address. Some people consider him arrogant. They are afraid to conduct business with him, they suspect of snobbery. However, this is a kind and sympathetic person, there is no anger and cruelty in him. It grows to people, is open to communication. Terrible Leo-Tiger can become a tender kitten in loving hands. It is only necessary to find the right approach — a strong friendship is guaranteed.

In Tiger-Leo, there is so much strength and energy that he easily achieves everything conceived. It is distinguished by high working capacity, does not spare itself, it works on conscience. It is too rigid and straightforward, although it has the intelligence and the exclusiveness to find a common language with opponents. Can break down and rude, even quarrel in the nines. However, the Tiger-Leo is a quick-witted person, very quickly cools and first goes to reconciliation. It craves recognition and general attention, it is not in its interests to spoil relations with people. Noble, generous, especially attentive to those whom he loves and whose good attitude he cherishes. It is a great connoisseur of beauty and comfort, strives for luxury, tries to create for itself and for relatives appropriate conditions.

The inquisitive Tiger-Leo is fond of everything new and unusual. With great pleasure, he studies throughout his life. He is not capable of accepting defeat, he is working hard on himself. Do not tolerate loneliness, his main vocation is to shine in society. Nothing can inspire him better than the admiring views of others. He likes to turn around in secular circles, trying to make useful acquaintances. Actively looking for new ways to expand the scope of its influence. Leo-Tiger strives to win the attention of as many people as possible. Only in this case he can be sure of his own irresistibility. Narcissistic Leo-Tiger will never miss the opportunity to once again show off, to break applause.

Leo Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

The independent and proud character of the Leo-Tiger does not prevent him from falling in love with himself. Getting under his charm is pretty easy, so he is soft and courteous. True, ruthless and cruel, if a loved one has ceased to be for him that way. Does not differ by constancy, does not hurry to bind himself by the bonds of marriage. Tiger-Leo is pretty capricious, makes high demands on his future half. So highly appreciates himself that he will not meet with an outwardly unattractive person.

Power-loving Leo-Tiger is not used to obey, so in a love relationship behaves like a leader. He is a generous person, who can take care of beautiful things. Relations with him are filled with romance and passion. At the same time, he is stubborn, selfish, prone to jealousy. Live with him is quite difficult, you have to constantly agree with his point of view. In return, he will give such love and care that all his shortcomings seem insignificant. For their children, Tiger-Leo is an indisputable authority.

Leo Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

The ambitious Leo-Tiger will do everything for its own purpose and always openly declare it. He punishes the competitors quite harshly: there is no place for feelings in business. But he is loyal to his subordinates, he takes care of them in every possible way. He is quite capable of working in a team, if, of course, he is the leader of the team. Tiger-Leo does not think much about the material side of the matter, it is much more important to prove his own worth. Although not wanting to earn as much money as possible.

Leo-Tiger is active, intelligent, and creatively gifted, so it can take place in any profession. He firmly believes in his destiny, with dignity overcomes difficulties and troubles. Although morbid self-esteem sometimes hinders its development. Leo-Tiger does not want to admit his mistakes, perseveres to move in the chosen direction. Long-term failures cause in him a flurry of rage and negative emotions. However, he finds the strength to work with even more enthusiasm.

Leo Tiger Man

The powerful Leo-Tiger man is ready to forgive much, except for a disdainful attitude towards his person. He tries to prove his superiority in all spheres of life, does not tolerate competition. But with people who recognize his dignity, he is gentle and courteous. At work shows strengths of character: vigor, commitment, determination. He will not rest until he takes a managerial position, other options are not even considered. In a relationship with a woman he demonstrates beautiful manners, at the same time he is a passionate partner. Has a powerful sexual energy, is in the eternal search for his ideal. Only a beautiful, intelligent woman who recognizes his leadership can truly lead a Leo Tiger man.

Leo Tiger Woman

Purposeful Leo-Tiger woman easily gets everything that she wants. Bright appearance, inner magnetism greatly facilitate life, make all dreams come true. The Leo woman, born in the year of the Tiger, has many talents, the main thing is her dignity — self-confidence. Can not work at the most prestigious position, but have a good salary, a rich fan. At its service the best stylists, hairdressers, always rests in the most fashionable resorts in the world. And she takes all the blessings for granted: everything necessary magically arises at the right time. In personal relationships, she is a leader, she will be happy in alliance with a strong and generous man, allowing to command himself, at least for the sake of appearance.

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