Libra Tiger

Benevolent, gentle and affectionate Libra-Tigers are excellent interlocutors. In their society is not only pleasant, but also safe. They will never offend a rude word, they will understand, console and will give valuable advice. The noble, powerful Tiger is inferior to the diplomatic Libra, prone to long reflections. Therefore, people of this sign are less energetic, but more thoughtful and balanced than other Tigers. Do not feel like impose their point of view, do not waste their energy on trifles. But they are cheerful, cheerful, adore to conduct secular conversations and surround themselves with beautiful things, pleasant people. Tigers-Libra strive for harmony in everything, try to live in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

Libra Tiger Traits

In the lives of these people there can be different troubles, but all of them will be successfully overcome. They are great optimists, they firmly believe in their happy future. Even in case of failure, their mood will not be spoiled. Tigers-Libra do not want to focus on the bad, with all the forces of the soul strive for beauty. They like to talk, have fun, sometimes they are too chatty. They can promise anything, and they themselves will sincerely believe in what has been said. Although most often their words differ from the case, they are too frivolous and inconstant. For these people, the sense of inner peace is more important than the struggle with one’s own shortcomings. Therefore, they prefer not to exhaust themselves with emotions.

The influence of Venus determines the pull of Libra-Tigers to harmony and perfection. They try not to complicate their lives with unnecessary problems, avoid responsibility, in general they are rather lazy people. Although immensely kind, responsive, always eagerly respond to requests for help. They are romanticists, idealists, painfully react to injustice and evil. Do not endure neither their suffering nor the suffering of others. Scales-Tigers know how to make a proper impression, are so charming that it is almost impossible to resist their charms. These people are not capable of decisive action, they do not have a strong will and a strong character. But they are simply excellent in the role of companions, they are not boring with them.

Each of the Libra-Tigers, regardless of gender, adores compliments, moreover, needs the attention of the public. Done does not get tired of the society, behaves relaxed in any company. But the indifferent attitude towards oneself is very bad, suffers in solitude. Although Libra-Tiger is very attached to the house, he does not mind spending time in his native walls. Only not alone with himself, he needs a company of close people. Tiger-Libra — a unique personality, this person is impossible not to notice, he is always in sight. Famous for its kindness, positive attitude, while being touchy and hypocritical. He does not know how to forgive, moreover, he does not consider it shameful to take revenge on his ill-wishers. True, this behavior is very rare.

Libra Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

Charismatic Libra-Tigers are popular with the opposite sex. They have so much charm and charisma, and most importantly — a sincere interest in a partner that it is impossible to resist. Around the Tigers-Libra there are always a lot of people, not only fans or fans. Many seek to be friends with them, and how many hearts they unwittingly broke — a big secret. Too windy, inconstant, can not resist temptations, so they often change partners.

Perhaps the amusement and frivolity of Libra-Tigers are a little hindrance to building a strong family. However, in general, they are very caring and loving people. In family life, they show themselves as good husbands and wives, and how parents are simply impeccable. In every way they try to reconcile all around, in their house there is an atmosphere of trust and full mutual understanding. Libra-Tigers are born diplomats, skillfully extinguish family quarrels, try to settle all differences.

Libra Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

To work, as well as to everything in his life, Libra-Tiger approaches very sensibly. Chooses a profession that meets his natural inclinations. Has a rich imagination, developed aesthetic taste, therefore confidently feels in creative professions. It is quite successful in the field of commerce and finance. Most often it works in pleasure, not because of want or desire to get as much material goods as possible. Quite successful in business, able to build a brilliant career.

Tigers-Libra are always surrounded by allies and well-wishers, they know the psychology of people so well. Do not be afraid to change the place of work, because they can not find a common language with the new team. The only thing that can scare them is personal responsibility for the work of the whole team. It is difficult to make decisions, do not have enough firmness to bring the business to the end. Therefore, the responsible post may prefer to work with a free schedule.

Libra Tiger Man

The affable Libra-Tiger man is always tactful and polite. Observes in all matters a reasonable balance: it has worked well, so you can rest. He is not disposed to heavy physical labor, he likes intellectual activity. The authorities appreciate the Libra-Tiger for the ability to find a common language with the most intractable partners. In the art of negotiating with him not equal, he demonstrates all his best qualities: lightness, sociability, politeness. True, these traits of his character can be a serious obstacle to the path to family happiness. The man of this sign combination too often changes partners, with each of them nice and courteous. Loving woman will have to make the decisive choice for himself and put before the fact: wedding is soon.

Libra Tiger Woman

The Libra woman, born in the year of the Tiger, will be able to take place in the acting profession. Cleverly hides the cool, calculating mind behind the image of a sweet coquette. She does not show his leadership ambitions openly, but she is only interested in the position of the head. The influence of the Libra sign gives the representative of this sign combination indecision, and for a long time carefully thinks through all possible options. But having made a choice, energetically takes the case, in the successful implementation of the conceived it helps the power of the Tiger. In love, she is looking for a worthy partner, she is not interested in a weak-willed man who has not achieved success in his career. A bright, interesting woman adores flirting, but strives to create a strong family, where exactly she should be a leader.

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