Pisces Tiger

Soft, indecisive Pisces, getting support of the Tiger, feel quite comfortable even in a difficult situation. These people are not afraid of change, do not worry about trifles and are capable of decisive action. At the same time, they retain sentimentality and sensitivity peculiar to them. Pisces-Tigers are naturally kind, generous, they do not have envy and anger, on the contrary, a strong desire to help, protect them from dangers. These noble, compassionate natures are capable of self-sacrifice. However, they are not at all naive, they will not help people who are unworthy, in their opinion. They have a strong intuition, so they rarely make mistakes in their conclusions. A little secretive and distrustful, try not to spread about your personal life.

Pisces Tiger Traits

This creatively gifted person does not mind showing his talents. Do not feel embarrassed and embarrassed if you have to speak in public. Pisces-Tiger is so sweet and charming that it causes boundless trust. With great pleasure he spends his time in big companies, where he is always genuinely happy. Communication with him gives great pleasure, this is a wonderful storyteller with a great sense of humor. Do not avoid obsessive people, on the contrary, listen carefully to those who want to speak. However, he does not hasten to reveal his personal secrets in return. They’re not against pleasant communication, but does not tolerate gross interference in their life. Pisces-Tiger is quite principled in important issues for itself.

Pisces-Tiger is active and energetic, staunchly endures life’s difficulties. The power of the Tiger manifests itself in concrete deeds: it always brings the end to the end. If you take work, you will definitely succeed. But he is not averse to escaping from the execution of tedious duties. The weakness of the Tiger-Pisces manifests itself in its inability to intelligently distribute its forces. It happens lazy, slow — affects the sign of the Pisces. It is this that explains the imbalance of his nature, his propensity for reflection. Let the Pisces-Tiger do not share their doubts with others, but this does not mean that it is firm and unshakable like a rock. This is an ordinary man with his weaknesses and shortcomings, just very cute and charming.

Romantic and dreamy Pisces-Tiger is known all around. Great importance attaches to relations with others, can not exist in an atmosphere of evil and mistrust. He strives for tranquility, he does not get tired of reconciling the warring sides. He enjoys authority, that’s why they listen to his opinion. Especially before the fascination of the Pisces-Tiger, it is difficult to resist, to go to his meeting — a pleasant favor, and not a heavy-duty. She needs new impressions and emotions, likes to travel. He is an intelligent, erudite person, and most of the knowledge he receives during his many trips. It has a strong desire to learn everything new: it does not just travel and collect impressions, but it acquires valuable experience.

Pisces Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

In love, Pisces-Tiger is ready to put the whole world at the feet of his partner. Caring, attentive and infinitely gentle, it is difficult to find a more loyal fan. Is capable of romantic actions, refers to the object of his passion with blind adoration. Although there is no certainty that for a long time will keep interest in the chosen one or the chosen one. Tiger-Pisces suffers from mood swings, craves new impressions, strives for an unattainable ideal, therefore, it is rather unstable in its preferences.

Each of the Tigers-Pisces, regardless of gender, can be considered a good family man. It is a caring and considerate partner. Ready to take on all the household duties, with great pleasure organize the leisure of the family. Always find a way to solve the most difficult family conflict. His fantasies and inventions do not end: Pisces-Tiger — the main participant of children’s games and fun. However, it requires the attention of close people, easily falls into despair, if not feels support.

Pisces Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

This person is so passionate about his favorite business that he is willing to work days on end. Particularly successful in the creative field, strives to translate all his fantasies and ideas. Pisces-Tiger is able to provide for all the risks, so rarely fails. Among its merits can be attributed: insight, ingenuity, high intelligence, diligence. True, long-term setbacks can lead him to nervous exhaustion. Can abandon all of their business and stay immersed in meditation for a long time.

All Tigers-Pisces are good and understanding leaders. Capable of leading a large team, and the methods of their work are quite democratic. Are not inclined to conflicts and scandals, do not put forward unrealizable requirements. Therefore, employees can not be afraid of their boss. Pisces-Tiger — a born actor, moreover, has a strong intuition. Perfectly oriented in what is happening around, always makes the right decisions. He is able to find the right words, tries to make friends with his subordinates.

Pisces Tiger Man

The man of this sign combination harmoniously combines the kindness of the Pisces and the power of the Tiger. He is distinguished by softness, sincerity, but at the same time he is more resolute, self-reliant person in comparison with other Pisces people. He is able to reach great heights in his career, if he can determine his vocation. He can not understand his preferences, besides he is afraid of being in an embarrassing situation. He values his reputation very much, although it seems easy to communicate with a man capable of laughing at his weaknesses. Appreciates and loves friends, in a circle of close people feels completely relaxed. The Pisces-Tiger man seeks to find a companion, ideal in all respects, dreams about her. But usually creates a strong family with a completely normal woman.

Pisces Tiger Woman

The soft, heartfelt Pisces-Tiger woman is overflowing with sympathy for everyone around, trying to help everyone on the way. At the same time, she has enough time and energy to do her own thing. Has a mind, is very insightful, therefore makes the right decisions. But too weakly to defend her opinion, often lies in the shadow of more successful colleagues, although she has no equal in creative work. It can be realized if it organizes its own business. Needs a strong, reliable partner, throughout her life starts a few novels. But every time she thinks that her chosen one is the only love and destiny. Refers to men seriously, expects them to understand, protect, be faithful. Usually this is a good hostess, but does not want to devote herself completely to her husband and children.

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