Sagittarius Tiger

Cheerful Sagittarius-Tiger does not know what mental distress and depression are. Too active and active to indulge in sad thoughts. This person has the talent to easily overcome difficulties, not focusing on small things. It has so much energy, vitality, that can not sit still. Always cheerful and cheerful, not distinguished by vindictiveness and vindictiveness. The surrounding people love Tiger-Sagittarius for his easy character, his ability to respond to criticism with humor. It seems that nothing in the world can upset this incorrigible merry fellow and optimist. However, he categorically does not accept fraud, even if it is a lie for salvation. The slightest attempt to lead him around his finger can turn into a grand scandal.

Sagittarius Tiger Traits

The union of inquisitive and active Sagittarius in combination with a strong Tiger gives rise to a peace-loving person. This person is full of optimism, open to communication, kindly refers to others. With great enthusiasm he learns everything new, does not miss the slightest opportunity to improve his life. Sagittarius-Tiger is intelligent, penetrating, invariably achieves success, but solely by his work. It is not capable to harm the neighbor, on the contrary, tries to save from any danger. It is straightforward and principled: neither does he himself know how to lie and dodge, nor does he allow others to do this. Categorical Tiger-Sagittarius is not clear to everyone, many do not share its desire to achieve the ideal. However, this is of little concern to him.

Sagittarius-Tigers exist perfectly in rather modest conditions, but they dream of a comfortable, luxurious life. Usually they do not have to sacrifice anything or go to deceit for the sake of success. Fate favors Tigger-Sagittarius: things are developing so well that there is no reason for worry and anxiety. They get on well with people, love their work, travel a lot and are sincerely happy with each new day. Of course, their lives are not only filled with pleasant events, but quite calm and predictable. Sagittarians-Tigers are satisfied with everything that is happening around them, they are not looking for reasons to hate others, suspecting them of baseness and treachery. These are extremely kind and funny people, which cause only positive emotions.

Charming Sagittarius-Tiger — the soul of any company: perfectly educated, tactful and polite. This is a great dreamer and inventor, likes to dream, but rarely shares his thoughts with people. He is afraid to seem strange and eccentric. He has a broad outlook, reads a lot and is actively interested in everything that is happening around him. Tiger-Sagittarius — a real romantic, delicately feeling the beauty of the world. With great attention to relatives and friends, trying to help, at least to provide moral support. His kind attitude towards people is a great help, because very few people can rejoice in others’ successes. And in Sagittarius-Tigre, love for everything around him is strong, let him not so skillfully express it.

Sagittarius Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

The Sagittarius-Tiger in love unlimitedly trusts his partner. Completely given away feeling, forgetting about yourself. Although caring quite modestly, is not capable of extravagant deeds. He willingly gives way to the role of leader, sees no point in quarreling and bickering. Indeed, for Tiger-Sagittarius, the most important thing is love, and relations should be built on the care and respect of each other. True, do not forget about his quick temper and irritability, sometimes it awakens Tiger.

It is rather difficult to please the Tigger-Sagittarius, because he dreams of an ideal relationship. Easily falls in love, gets short-lived novels, but does not hurry to part with his freedom. Only a strong feeling can encourage him to marry. In family life, he manifests himself as a caring and sensitive partner. Sagittarius-Tiger tries not to burden people with their problems, often silent about the trouble. I am ready to sacrifice myself for the sake of family prosperity.

Sagittarius Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

The relentless Sagittarius-Tiger knows how to enjoy trifles, does not build unrealistic plans. Do not be afraid to start everything again if it fails in business. He enthusiastically studies, is not lazy to acquire new knowledge even at a venerable age. Communicative, conflict-free, so he feels free in any team. Sagittarius-Tigers will not be difficult to understand the intricate scheme or perform complex calculations. So much he is attentive to the details and focused on the result.

Versatile gifted Tiger-Sagittarius can take place in a creative profession. However, for this he will have to believe in himself. Despite his activity, sociability, he is quite a complex person. If he can trust people, he will not be afraid to open his soul to them, he will have a great success in his creative career. After all, nature generously endowed Sagittarius-Tiger with all the necessary qualities: rich imagination, developed imagination, sensitivity.

Sagittarius Tiger Man

The Sagittarius-Tiger man skillfully combines courage and ironic attitude to life. It does not seek to prove its superiority, simply lives, enjoying what is happening around. But he will not allow even the slightest harm to his relatives, in this matter he is principled. Gets real pleasure from communicating with people, perfectly feels in the workplace. Sagittarius-Tiger is satisfied with life, does not expect anything special from it. Perfectly aware of where the limits of human capabilities end, but this does not stop him from dreaming. He is a romantic, women like this tactful, cautious man in his utterances, and also capable of decisive actions. He will become an ideal family man if he can suppress rare bursts of aggression, yet he is a Tiger.

Sagittarius Tiger Woman

Sagittarius-Tiger woman is bright and cheerful person, adores to spend time in noisy companies. She has a rich imagination, knows many funny stories, communication with her is a pleasure. Some seem frivolous, capable of ill-considered actions. Do not confuse her love of life with stupidity. This is an intelligent woman with a strong intuition, so in business — she shows herself as a highly qualified specialist. It is easy to get acquaintances who can be useful from a professional point of view. Do not sit up in one place, actively promotes the career ladder. Such a vigorous demonstration in her personal life, usually the first acquainted and takes the initiative in the relationship. But having made her choice, instantly breaks all the old ties.

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