Scorpio Tiger

This Tiger has indomitable will and frenzied energy, because he receives a strong support from Scorpio. The union of these two strong signs is rather harmonious: each of them is self-sufficient in itself, besides it organically supplements the other. Tiger-Scorpio is a resolute person, not inclined to superfluous reflections. He firmly believes in his success, he positively perceives any changes. Proud Scorpio-Tiger stands out for its free, independent behavior. Holds with great dignity, has a big heart, shows participation in the fate of close people. Others like his positive attitude, sincere desire to help, protect from trouble. It brings happiness and luck to everyone around.

Scorpio Tiger Traits

Such a charming, charismatic person is always in the spotlight. Its complex character is not a hindrance to communicating with people. Tiger-Scorpio is famous for its goodwill, responsiveness, ability to defuse tense situation. Scorpio-Tiger is absolutely confident in himself, does not feel embarrassment and unrest in an unfamiliar company. Actively achieves universal attention, easily leads new acquaintances. Generously grants compliments, likes to joke, with knowledge of the matter, he discusses on various topics. It radiates optimism, does not suffer from attacks of bad mood. True, he will not stand on ceremony with ill-wishers, without any regret, will deal with anyone who encroaches on his honor and dignity.

Energetic Scorpios-Tigers do not tolerate boredom, for them the worst punishment is idleness. In their minds are full of the most fantastic ideas, which will necessarily be implemented. In the Tigers-Scorpions there is so much power, the desire to bring something new and necessarily unusual to the world, that they are ready to work until exhaustion. They are active and tireless, confidently go through life, fearlessly overcome obstacles on their way. Difficulties do not frighten them, on the contrary, they spray, cause even greater excitement, a desire to prove their own worth. These are adventurers, incorrigible romantics, greedy for new sensations and vivid emotions. They can be sharp, impulsive, but only partial.

The proud Tiger-Scorpio painfully reacts to criticism, demonstratively ignores remarks. He finds it difficult to admit his wrong, a sense of guilt generates fury and anger in him, but in no way humility. You can call to his conscience as much as you want and wait in vain for an apology. Scorpio-Tiger loses its ability to think soberly if it feels humiliated and insulted. Only flattery and tender words can melt his heart. This is a responsible, honest person, never gives vain promises. Scorpio-Tiger is responsible for his words, carefully thinks out the strategy of behavior. However, too proud to admit their mistakes. It is better to forgive him for some weaknesses than to fight them unsuccessfully.

Scorpio Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

People of this combination of signs do not differ in simple character, but are reliable and caring. True, they are not in a hurry with the choice of their half, with great pleasure they start frivolous intrigues. These are skillful seducers, they know how to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Scorpions-Tigers do not take into account spending, generous and inventive, love relationships with them are filled with vivid emotions. It is difficult to resist their passionate pressure, these people always achieve reciprocity.

Having married, the Scorpio-Tiger does not want to part with its own independence. The thirst for new impressions often pushes him to ill-considered actions. Although he loves his half, but too active to lead a quiet lifestyle. Interested in the Tiger-Scorpio can only a man, concealing many mysteries. But he loves his children madly, infinitely loyal to them. He will try to create ideal conditions for them, his heirs deserve only the best.

Scorpio Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Ambitious Scorpio-Tiger strives for power, dreams of becoming a successful businessman, the head of a large enterprise. Is able to convince anyone, even the most implacable opponent, in his rightness, is considered a good negotiator. Excellent with the subordinates, has the reputation of a demanding but fair chief. Scorpio-Tigris is quite capable of becoming a talented leader if he accepts the need to listen to criticism in his address.

Tiger-Scorpio is full of optimism, not afraid to dream, has outstanding abilities. It is difficult to find a more active and energetic person demonstrating a high intellectual level. Among his virtues can be attributed a strong will, purposefulness, in addition, it is a good psychologist. People born under the sign of Scorpio in the year of the Tiger, have excellent acting data. They have a strong creative vein, a desire to shock, often associate their lives with art.

Scorpio Tiger Man

Strong, self-confident Scorpio-Tiger — a real man, next to him are not afraid of any life difficulties. He attracts spectacular women, concealing a mystery, but devotees, it is worth throwing the thought of adultery immediately after meeting him. Behind the external appeal lies the steel will, selfishness, requires complete submission. True, women rarely think about it, they do not even try to resist its natural magnetism. That lucky woman who can conquer the heart of this man, will gain a reliable protector for life. He is full of ambitious plans, he never stops at the achieved result. He tries to organize his own business, has a good material prosperity, so he spoils his wife and children with pleasure.

Scorpio Tiger Woman

An extraordinary Scorpio-Tiger woman evokes admiration for her actions and numerous talents. Acts boldly, always knows what the purpose pursues at this point in time. Can take place in any profession, and will certainly achieve a leadership position. Impulsive, emotions are boiling in her, raging passions. But internal nobility does not allow going beyond the limits of generally accepted norms. She likes to travel, she can go to the end of the world, ready for any adventures. A bright, spectacular beauty needs a worthy partner. Do not agree to the role of an obedient housewife, a Scorpio-Tiger woman is a leader with overstated requirements for men. In return, he will present an interesting life full of bright emotions and impressions.

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