Taurus Tiger

The mood of a calm Tiger-Taurus can change in a minute, because it is quite a temperamental person. He tries to restrain his emotions, does not like to find out the relationship. Too intelligent and prudent for thoughtless deeds. At the same time, it completely loses control over itself if it encounters evil and injustice. A slow, serious Taurus knows how to curb the irrepressible energy of the Tiger. People of this combination of signs are distinguished by a calm, balanced approach to life. Do not impose their opinion, do not show anyone an unnecessary initiative. However, with the same unflappable kind of rumble all around, if it comes to protecting their own honor. At such times, the Tiger’s rage prevails.

Taurus Tiger Traits

The discretionary Taurus-Tiger rarely does impulsive actions, does not risk without a good reason. Calm, patient, contact, has a great sense of humor. He is hospitable and hospitable, is in his company — a complete pleasure. So much is a charming man, able to arrange for an interlocutor. However, like all Tigers, at times it is stubborn and quick-tempered. It feels a special strength and firmness of character. Simply more consistent in their actions, open to communication. He is not looking for ways to subordinate others to his will, he is loyal to their shortcomings. It can even retreat from its goal, if it sees serious obstacles, but eventually will achieve its goal.

Attentive to any little things, especially to the mood of close people, the Tiger-Taurus instantly reacts to the most minor changes. He is distinguished by a rare sincerity, a willingness to help. He finds pleasure in the simplest things, strives for tranquility and harmony. Not at all vain, it helps not out of a desire to hear praise, but out of a feeling of compassion. He is a generous and kind person who does not want to attract attention. Due to his prudence and restraint, he easily avoids all sorts of troubles. Taurus-Tigers do not overshadow their lives with suspicions, petty quibbles and envy. Such people are always accompanied by luck, they know how to enjoy trifles, do not waste their energy in vain.

The modesty of these people should not be misleading: Tigers-Taurus are not at all simple-minded simpletons. Charming, sociable, cause sympathy from the first minutes of dating. Do not ask for compliments, do not like to brag and stick out their achievements. However, they are ambitious and proud, they want to occupy a high social position. Do not let descendants go insane, do not endure rudeness and disrespectful attitude. They try not to spread their plans, but they do their best to implement them. Taurus Tigers do not limit themselves in fantasies: they have a rich imagination, are not afraid to dream. The only thing is that they are good practices, that’s why they do not just argue, they boldly get down to business.

Taurus Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

This courteous and attentive person rarely misses alone. There are always a lot of people around him, Taurus-Tiger loves big and noisy companies. The choice of the second half is very responsible. Immediately indicates its position as a leader, but does it emphatically politely. He tries to completely take over the mind and heart of the partner. However, he can not restrain his emotions if he sees a loved one in the society of a potential rival. Often arranges scenes of jealousy.

Taurus, born in the year of the Tiger, differs from the rest of the representatives of this earth sign. Indifferent to money, does not have a passion for accumulation. This is a big luck, lucky in business, he does not need much work. Therefore, he has time for his family, always puts first the interests of close people in the first place. They are touchingly concerned about their well-being. With all members of the family, Taurus-Tiger has a trusting relationship, although for this he often sacrifices his pride.

Taurus Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

These ambitious people are quite persistent and persevering in achieving their goals. They strive to realize themselves in the profession, they do not think much about money. Taurus-Tiger undertakes with great enthusiasm for the implementation of his plans. Restrained and judicious, even in a contentious situation, avoids abuse and scandal, so in all things he succeeds. Achieves excellent results in managerial positions, but quite comfortable feels like an ordinary employee.

For a self-confident Taurus-Tiger there are no reasons justifying defeat. Will work tirelessly, but will prove to everyone its worth. Although most of the special efforts are not required: Tiger-Taurus is lucky in everything. Can take place in the financial sphere or in trade. He is quite successful in the creative profession, he likes to translate his ideas into reality. He considers all possible employment options, he will always find an opportunity to realize his talents.

Taurus Tiger Man

The Taurus man is calm and unperturbed, as far as possible for a man born in the year of the Tiger. Instills absolute confidence, you can definitely rely on him. He prefers to live modestly, but not bored. Has an easy, friendly character. Behaves like a real man: reliability, peace, confidence in one bottle. A balanced Taurus-Tiger can be deceived by its restraint. Do not think that his opinion can be neglected or easily set on the way to the desired position. In anger, he shows typical character traits for both signs: quick temper, emotionality, stubbornness. In a romantic relationship, this is a devoted, passionate partner. He considers it his duty to take care of his beloved woman, fulfills all her desires and whims.

Taurus Tiger Woman

The spectacular Taurus-Tiger woman makes the impression of a powerful person, accustomed to worship and adoration. Undoubtedly, it causes great interest in men, but does not behave like a capricious, spoiled coquette. On the contrary, it is a practical, economic woman. Aimed at creating a strong family, she is not interested in fleeting intrigues. Although she could use her own attraction for mercenary purposes. But she prefers to work hard, is distinguished by diligence and responsible approach to business. Tries to take place in the profession, to gain material prosperity. She prefers to hide her emotions behind a mask of calm and indifference. She knows her weaknesses, tries to contain negative emotions.

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