Virgo Tiger

The noble, sympathetic Tiger-Virgo is a model of virtue and perfection. His impeccable behavior causes admiration and respect. People trust him, boldly share their sorrows and troubles. You can always rely on him: come to the rescue, cheer up, share the last ruble. And it helps sincerely, the Virgo-Tiger is distinguished by a rare kindheartedness: the sufferings of others perceive as a personal tragedy. He does not like to focus on troubles; on the contrary, he tries to support a kind word. This is a real philosopher and a great optimist, has the ability to see the essence of things. With enthusiasm, he takes up solving problems, always brings the business to the end.

Virgo Tiger Traits

A strong Tiger, having received the support of a rational Virgo, becomes even more self-confident. The man of this combination of signs lives a rather happy life, does not face serious difficulties on his way. Tiger-Virgo is infinitely patient, clever, calculating, so it easily overcomes all obstacles. Rarely loses self-control, it is quite capable of translating an unpleasant conversation into a joke. His positive attitude and strong self-confidence help others to cope with negative emotions. And it has not only moral support, but also actively participates in the lives of close people. The Virgo-Tiger will not be able to lend the right amount of money, help with the move or with the device to work.

The behavior of a calm, balanced Tiger-Virgo does not cause anxiety and fear. It seems that he controls emotions and feelings so well that he never finds himself in an uncomfortable situation. This is a very educated, tactful and reserved person. Although the impulsiveness and aggressiveness of the Tiger, let seldom, but make themselves felt. Undeserved resentment, injustice, meanness cause in him anger and anger of immense power. At such moments he does not look like a soft and agreeable person. He will not tolerate humiliation, violently rush to defend his interests, and with the same ardor he defends the rights of those around him. Virgo-Tiger is a born leader, a real fighter and a just man.

Cheerful, active Virgo-Tigers like people, they have many friends and just good acquaintances. Communication with them delivers only positive emotions, the only difficulty: excessive exactingness. Tigers-Virgo practically do not admit mistakes, try to provide all the consequences of their actions. Similarly, he refers to others, they can never find a common language with non-obligatory people. Of course, they will not make a complaint aloud, especially scandal, but will try to limit their communication with unreliable individuals. But they are always glad to give a helping hand to their loved ones, they are loyal and faithful friends. It is important not to forget to praise them, otherwise the Virgo-Tigers will be offended.

Virgo Tiger Compatibility (Love & Family)

In a romantic relationship, Tiger-Virgo shows herself on the best side. It is a gentle, caring and very temperamental partner. Gets great pleasure from the process of courtship. Preserves inherent prudence, but does not spare money, thinks out all new ways to entertain his mate. Will not give vain promises, if he does not see a common future, immediately declares his position. This is not a frivolous seducer, but a seriously minded person.

Relations with the Virgo-Tiger are rarely unsuccessful, so it is a reliable partner. Always guarding the interests of his family, for him there is no greater happiness than communication with loved ones. It’s hard to find a more dedicated person, but Tiger-Virgo is hot-tempered and jealous. More often than nothing he tortures his half with suspicions, does not tolerate objections, awaits complete obedience. But with more than compensates for the inconvenience caused by luxurious gifts and a caring attitude.

Virgo Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Disciplined, responsible Tiger-Virgo is the decoration of any working collective. It does not take hasty decisions, every action has a serious basis. Do not fuss, always collected and focused. The authorities highly appreciate him for his diligence and diligence. Tiger-Virgo confidently moves up the career ladder, usually his candidacy is not objectionable. This is a sensitive leader, with great respect for subordinates.

In choosing a profession, the Tiger-Virgo is fairly consistent. Do not strive for an unattainable ideal, I agree to work for any, even boring, post. He is attentive to little things, not indifferent to money, therefore he chooses the professions demanded in the labor market. He is quite authoritative and authoritarian, but he is able to restrain his emotions, copes well with his duties. Virgo-Tiger can be a good financier, builder, politician or scientist.

Virgo Tiger Man

The combination of this two signs gives the Virgo-Tiger man a unique quality: determination, practicality, impulsiveness. Is able to achieve a lot, and only through his work and diligence. Conquer the disposition of the surrounding people with a peaceful disposition, willingness to help. He tries to behave with restraint, does not resort to dishonest methods, eschews squabbling and intrigue, just persistently achieves the goal. In a love relationship, he shows a prudence characteristic of Virgo. Long looks at the partner, trying to get to know her better, does not make rash conclusions. A woman will have to provoke him to understand how serious he is about her. Spitfire Tiger will give out his real feelings and emotions.

Virgo Tiger Woman

The charming Virgo-Tiger woman seems like a sweet, reserved person. But in her actions she is guided solely by the arguments of reason, it is almost impossible to turn her head flattering. She can pretend that she agrees, but it will not go beyond this. Do not argue, just achieve the desired result. She tries to take part in the profession, persistently defends her right to do what she likes. She would never give in to her husband and become an exemplary housewife. Much more benefit to the family and society can bring at work. It is not necessary to restrict the freedom of the Virgo-Tiger woman, the more she gives a report to her actions, behaves with dignity. If she flirts, makes it so innocuous that it is impossible to find fault.

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