Virgo — Combined Horoscope

People born under the sign of Virgo are distinguished by a serious approach to life. In the most difficult situations show sober calculation and prudence. But some of them demonstrate an atypical behavior for representatives of this sign. For example, the Deva-Goat is a frivolous, fickle person. Chinese signs of the Zodiac have a significant impact on the nature of the pragmatic Virgo. According to the eastern horoscope, every year passes under the authority of a certain animal, a patronage that leaves a mark on the fate of man. Therefore, the most accurate can be considered a combined horoscope, taking into account the influence of the western and Chinese signs of the Zodiac.

Hard-working, workable Virgos deserve respect, are extremely responsible for their official duties. Sometimes it seems to them that they can achieve more if they start to do business on their own. But best of all they are given work in a team. The venerable Virgo do not like to take risks, they try to protect themselves from all possible troubles, so they rarely become successful businessmen. Lean, practical people of this sign are often accused of stinginess, but they only know the value of money. This kind of caution, foresight in business is demonstrated by the Virgo-Tiger. He is considered a reliable person, carefully considering his every step.

Virgo is too responsible for the issue of marriage. To create a strong family looking for a loyal, reliable partner. A calm, reserved person, not inclined to shocking acts, expects this behavior from the second half. Expresses his feelings with care, attention, and not with beautiful words. Too exacting approach to the choice of a partner creates enormous difficulties, therefore, rather late, he marries. The most vivid example, which confirms this characteristic, is the Virgo-Dragon. A wonderful family man, giving all his strength to the family, does not even allow the thought of treason and divorce.

People born under the sign of the Virgo have a sharp mind, tenacious memory. Undoubted advantages include high intellectual abilities, hard work, but they lack the ease and immediacy. Trifling, exacting, picky — negative qualities, creating difficulties in communicating with people. It is not enough who will tolerate their constant remarks, listen to endless instructions. Of course, Virgo acts out of good motives, but does it too rudely and aggressively. An exception is the Virgo, born in the year of the Monkey. This ingenious lady finds ways to gently influence others and always achieves the desired result.

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