Leo Dog Woman

Leo-Dog women prioritize their career in life. To obtain good posts, they can not always be used honest methods. For them, arrogance and walking on the head is the norm. They are always unhappy with their position, as this seems to them not the top of their dreams. Inability to enjoy everything in life makes them deeply unhappy, although they achieve a lot, regardless of the goals used.

By nature, these women are distinguished by rigidity, purposefulness, perseverance. They are rancorous and not flexible, which can hinder them in achieving their goals. Exactness and criticality become the main qualities at work and at home, which often give birth to numerous conflicts. They should be softer and more democratic, so that relations are not spoiled completely.

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Leo Dog Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

All their lives they will try to build relationships as they want. But they are unlikely to succeed, because the strong pressure from their side gives rise to confrontation on the part of the partner. As a result, especially in youth, the relationship will be full of quarrels and conflicts. However, there will be no serious grounds for this. The rigidity of the character does not allow them to accept the partner’s side even if they are right, and the only thing that remains is a break in the union.

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Leo Dog Woman in Family and Marriage

Family relations of these women will differ in complexity and contradictions. If they create a family in adulthood, it will be easier for them to communicate with a partner, since their demands and uncompromising will be used at work. When they receive a responsible leadership position they will be able to leave all negative emotions at work, and only bring home a desire to communicate in a cozy atmosphere. In this case, understanding and love will reign in the family.

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Dog Leo Woman — Career and Finance

Career for them is the only sphere to which they will devote all their time and attention. They have all the necessary traits to achieve good results. However, the lack of flexibility prevents them from doing things, creating insoluble situations. They should become softer to get good results. Financially they are independent and stable, as they are able to invest money and get all opportunities for prosperity.

Advice for Leo-Dog Woman

These women are encouraged to learn to relax. Excessive stress makes their character more rigid and irreconcilable. You should also give yourself the opportunity to satisfy your desires. You can not always be afraid of mistakes, you can make mistakes, as it is an invaluable experience. You can not stop in development, as it is for them the collapse of everything. Set new goals, form the terms for their implementation, and then life will be full and interesting.

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