Sagittarius Dog Woman

Sagittarius-Dog women have the talent of seduction. Thanks to this quality, they achieve everything in life. In some situations, they can not always take advantage of this quality for their own good. This is due to the fact that they are too addicted themselves. Often they find themselves in the center of alien relationships, which leads them to despair. But in their arsenal there is also such quality, as persistence and purposefulness, therefore they are more often successful, using all means.

By nature, they are calm women who like silence. They can engage in occult sciences, constantly evolving spiritually. They can rebel against the foundations, but it quickly passes. Usually by the age of maturity they say goodbye to this quality, but they become more calculating. If necessary, they can use rebelliousness to achieve their goals. Complex character combined with calculation makes them incomprehensible to others.

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Sagittarius Dog Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

They should look for a life partner. Because of this, they have numerous novels that can be parallel. They are often carried away by themselves, although they are more likely to entice others. They tend to feel high, forcing others to suffer. Causing pain, they do not feel remorse. This attitude makes them somewhat cruel and willful. These qualities do not change in them even with age, as they are often forgotten on the wave of emotions.

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Sagittarius Dog Woman in Family and Marriage

Career for them does not play a big role. Often to achieve a certain position, they use their charm and charisma. As a result, they get what they dreamed of. The financial side of life takes them especially. They want to get maximum comfort and coziness, but they are not always ready to work for this. Even if they get enough money, they will be financially stable, because they do not know how to rationally spend and save money.

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Dog Sagittarius Woman — Career and Finance

In the family they will give more feelings if the partner is not attracted by them. The more they are ignored, the more they love their partner in life. The birth of children makes them kneel down, become their slaves for the rest of their lives. Such disinterested love makes them emotionally more developed and better. But do not completely devote yourself to serving children, as this will negatively affect their lives as a whole.

Advice for Sagittarius-Dog Woman

These women are recommended to give up their power of temptation and seduction to the detriment of other people. You need to become kinder to other people, take them with attention and desire to listen. Real feelings will necessarily be appreciated by the environment, and in return they will receive the same feelings that infect them with strong energy. To life, you need to be softer, give her a leak, and not miss her by the throat. A gentle attitude will give them more privileges and opportunities.

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