Aquarius Dragon Woman

Aquarius-Dragon are strong, successful and energetic women. They are well aware of all their talents and skillfully uses them on others. They succumb to their charm, take their point of view and follow them. Such their sociability helps them to succeed not only in personal relationships, but also at work. Therefore, already at an early age, they can look successful people in all respects.

Along with tough qualities, they are not devoid of human: it is generosity, kindness and generosity. They show them to everyone around them, and especially to close people. They will never be in the clouds, and build castles in the air - they soberly assess the situation. Their only drawback is the lack of measure, when generosity can turn into extravagance, and kindness into naivety.

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Aquarius Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Their beloved is very fortunate — these are very attentive and caring women, for whom relationships mean a lot. They always remain faithful to their loved ones, not building parallel novels. They always have something to talk about, they are interested in all the affairs of their companions and even try to help them. It does not matter if it is material or moral — they will still get it.

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Aquarius Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

Despite the positive image, it is not so easy for these people to live under one roof. Their concern also has the opposite side — they begin to bother, interfere in all matters, not allowing to step. Later, it can bother and annoy partners, which will affect the relationship. But they will not understand the reasons for discontent, let alone the reasons for trying to change themselves. On the contrary, in all the troubles they will blame only partners.

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Dragon Aquarius Woman — Career and Finance

They are born leaders who are easily given any managerial positions. They are able to inspire women, force them to follow themselves and distribute all the responsibilities between them. They can also do a good job, but they will not tolerate permanent decrees from management and control over the process. Therefore, it is difficult for him to work in an office for a simple job.

Advice for Aquarius-Dragon Woman

Building relationships with them, it is necessary to stock up with great patience. Despite their self-confident and independent appearance, they need support and constant attention. If their electors can give it, they will turn into nice and compliant women. Together with this, they will try to solve all important issues, cope with difficulties and protect their beloved from them.

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