Aries Dragon Woman

Aries-Dragon women are extremely lucky. To them the finances themselves stretch, they easily lead the necessary acquaintances and overcome all obstacles. To achieve their goals they are helped not only by luck, but also by other clearly expressed qualities: fearlessness, courage, straightforwardness and incredible stubbornness. The only thing that can prevent them on the way is vanity and excessive pride.

These are noble, generous and good-natured women who in everything in their lives strive for harmony. They are very friendly and happy to communicate with a variety of people. They are easy to find a common language with any interlocutor, because they are ready to support the conversation on any topic. They quickly come close to people and are hard betrayed, but never dare to take revenge on their offenders. At the same time they will always be able to stand up for themselves and their loved ones.

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Aries Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

These Aries are very loving and emotional. Their novels often get a rapid development, and under the pressure of feelings they can make an offer after a week of dating. This impetuosity and hasty decisions often creates problems in the relationship, because after a while they can just as quickly cool to their beloved. To prevent this from happening, their partners should constantly support them in the fire.

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Aries Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

Family relationships are very important for them. They will try their best to financially provide their children, parents and spouse. They do not forget about their other duties, than they deserve the title of the ideal spouse. At the same time, they try to avoid unnecessary conflicts, believing that the house is a quiet and peaceful place. Therefore, they will provide a solution to some of their issues to their half, and will not interfere.

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Dragon Aries Woman — Career and Finance

Already by the middle years they are becoming prosperous people with a good income. They perfectly build their careers, advance on it and possess professional knowledge. However, they rarely suffer from stellar illness, and their modesty and self-confidence are highly valued by their superiors. Not bad they build relations with employees, expressing respect and observing the necessary distance.

Advice for Aries-Dragon Woman

Aries-Dragon women are very sensitive to the most important human qualities: honesty, trust and nobility. And if they find in you the opposite qualities, then in the relationship there will be a gap. It is also worth remembering that they can not permanently live on a volcano — they need harmony and tranquility. And their electors must provide this, and then they will remain faithful and faithful companions for the rest of their lives.

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