Cancer Dragon Woman

Cancer-Dragon women are distinguished by invaluable tenacity and great strength. They are always lucky, and they can achieve their goals without any effort. The only thing that can interfere in the way is excessive temper, impatience and impatience. Therefore, their triumphs are often triumphant victories and quick falls down. But optimism helps them to get back on their feet and start moving forward.

The nature of such women is very complex. These are uncompromising women, who are accustomed to solve all problems rectilinearly. They do not want to obey anyone and change their point of view. However, the creative way of thinking helps them to approach the problem in an unconventional way and give birth to many interesting ideas. And it’s not just dreamers and dreamers, they can also make money from their ideas.

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Cancer Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

In love they are overly emotional, quickly flare up and just as quickly cool down. Generosity, kindness and honesty are the main qualities of these women. They are ready to become everything for their beloved, protecting them from any adversity. But these positive qualities do not always help to establish harmonious relations. They are very quick-tempered and demanding of their partners, and not everyone can endure this.

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Cancer Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

Getting along with these people under one roof is a difficult task. They like to lead, establish their own orders and often do not listen to the opinion of their partners. But if you give them the palm tree, then you can see what kind of good, honest and caring women. They generously share their feelings, are willing to empathize with problems and adjust their relatives to a positive mood.

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Dragon Cancer Woman — Career and Finance

Indomitable energy and perseverance allow Cancer to always achieve their goals. They are most often successful in their careers and can hold high positions. If they like the work, they can demonstrate incredible performance and an unordinary approach to the tasks. However, inability to listen to others and obey orders from the authorities often become the reasons for dismissal.

Advice for Cancer-Dragon Woman

With these Cancer you can learn to find a compromise and even lead them. But this must be done unnoticed for them. Give them the opportunity to feel like a leader and boss in your relationship, but you can quietly direct and push them to certain decisions. So you will never touch their pride and narcissism and can easily establish good relations.

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