Capricorn Dragon Woman

Capricorn-Dragon women are determined and stubborn women. By setting a goal, they will use a variety of methods to achieve it. This they easily can, because in their hands, strength, self-confidence and good mental ability. They know how to calculate all the moves and choose among them the most optimal way. Therefore, at an early age, they appear to be successful and happy people.

These women have a very complex character, not everyone can cope with. They do not know how to listen to others, take their point of view, which often leads to defeats. But even then they do not admit their wrongness, although they are conscious of it in their hearts. Fortunately, they have other qualities that slightly soften their character. This is good nature, courage, caring and devotion.

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Capricorn Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

It’s easy for them to get acquainted with people and attract attention. These are emotional women, who are captivated by feelings. They quickly fall in love, but just as quickly cool down and can switch to other relationships. To prevent these from happening, their elected representatives will have to constantly interest them and maintain interest mixed with respect.

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Capricorn Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

These women are aimed at creating a happy family and will try to make every effort to do so. They are able to earn well and are ready to solve the most difficult issues. But problems in relationships still can not be avoided. And their cause will be their complex and intractable nature. All decisions will be made only on the basis of their opinions, without taking into account the views of others.

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Dragon Capricorn Woman — Career and Finance

To achieve a high position they are helped only by their persistence and hard work. They are used to completely giving themselves to work, doing it very well. This is quickly assessed by the bosses and as a result they can get a good boost. But it’s easier and easier for them to feel in a leadership position or starting their own business. They are good at working with people and coordinating them.

Advice for Capricorn-Dragon Woman

Control over everything is an excellent characteristic of these women, which will have to face their chosen ones. They like to interfere in all matters, to teach others and to demand that they be carried out as they see fit. This is a great obstacle to relations, therefore, at the very beginning of their development, responsibilities should be discussed. You should have a sphere in which you yourself solve all the problems without devoting them to them.

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