Gemini Dragon Woman

Gemini-Dragon women always look good. They are sociable, know how to enter into the trust of people and then manage them. Due to this quality, it is not difficult for them to achieve their goals and achieve their goal. They are not indifferent to fame, they like to be in public and attract enthusiastic glances, but this often causes envy of others, who then begin to build against them various schemes.

In their character leadership qualities are clearly traced. These are self-confident Aries who have their own point of view on any question and situation. At the same time, they do not like to listen to others and make all decisions themselves. They have a huge vital energy that does not allow them to sit in one place for a long time. Therefore, they are constantly in motion towards their goal, which they will surely achieve.

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Gemini Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Emotionality is their main feature in relationships. They will never hide their feelings and immediately tell them all around them. The same will happen when they suddenly cool to their beloved. By making a decision, they will not regret it and are unlikely to change their mind. Despite the apparent callousness, these are very caring and considerate partners. But still they will have to play only according to their rules.

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Gemini Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

They occupy the dominant position in the family. They financially provide it, solve all the difficulties and take maximum care. Together with this they are very demanding of their household members, uncompromising and often hot-tempered. In a fit of anger, they can say a lot of bad and offensive, but after they cool, they will apologize.

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Dragon Gemini Woman — Career and Finance

They skillfully handle finances and often become successful and secured at a young age. They do well in their work, advance through the ranks and build relationships with their superiors. But the best thing for them will be to do their own thing. They are born leaders who will be able to put any business on their feet, manage entire teams and make important decisions.

Advice for Gemini-Dragon Woman

It is quite difficult to establish relations with these Gemini, but it is quite possible. Give them the opportunity to make important decisions for which they will be fully responsible. At the same time, reserve the right to solve household and other issues, where they should not interfere. Dividing responsibilities and leadership in the house, you can get along well together, taking all the shortcomings and dignities of everyone.

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