Leo Dragon Woman

Leo-Dragon women have a rich imagination and pronounced creative abilities. So they are born brilliant ideas, which bring a good profit. To realize the same ideas, they allow purposefulness, confidence and persistence. They rush into the battle without thinking and are often chosen winners. These qualities and allow them to become successful at a very young age.

Together with strong character and purposefulness, they possess simple human qualities. They are women who will not use lies and black methods to achieve their goals. They are kind, attentive to their loved ones and are ready to help any friends. And they have a lot of them — their sociability and cheerful disposition often makes them the soul of any company.

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Leo Dragon Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

These are noble women who can not help but like the opposite half. They are beautifully courted, gallant and ready to help at any moment. This is not only an external representation, but also their internal state. They are deeply devoted to their chosen ones and will not change their choice. There are exceptions, and the reason for this can be a complete disappointment in your partner.

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Leo Dragon Woman in Family and Marriage

From them the ideal head of the family is obtained. They are attentive to everyone, resolve all difficulties and organize a solid financial basis. But to get along with them, their companions will need special patience. Despite the care provided, they often act only in accordance with their desires. They also put forward special requirements for others, which is often difficult to match.

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Dragon Leo Woman — Career and Finance

Most often they look successful people with a good income. They can easily achieve these things if laziness does not prevail against them. Fortunately, it is important that they are thought about by others, so they try to find a better job with a decent salary. They are good at coping with their duties, but they are still given better leadership positions, where they can show all their talents.

Advice for Leo-Dragon Woman

To build a relationship with them is not difficult, just use certain methods. If their elect want to get something, then they need to push them to this decision. This is done very simply — praise them in the presence of friends and tell about the successes. Definitely, they will like it, and in a fit of feelings they can promise you to fulfill the request. And these women do not throw their promises to the wind.

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